5 Hamilton Criminal Lawyers That Will Help You With Your Case

Hamilton Criminal Lawyers

If your loved one has been accused of a crime, you may be feeling very worried and confused about what to do next. Being charged with a crime is serious and can result in some very serious consequences if you are convicted.

To help you out we've provided a list of the top Hamilton criminal lawyers to help you with your case.

When it comes to finding the best criminal lawyer for your case, there are a few important things to consider. First and foremost, it’s important to find a lawyer who you can trust.

This means that the lawyer will have an understanding of the law and will be able to represent you ethically and fairly.

Additionally, find a lawyer with experience in your specific legal situation. This will ensure that you receive the best possible legal representation.

Here are a few tips:

  • Check the lawyer’s history. Make sure they’ve been practicing law in Ontario for at least 10 years. This will give you a good idea of their experience and whether they will be able to help with the case.
  • Check their representation rates. Make sure to find out how often they have won cases against the government or other defendants. This will give you an idea of their ability to win on a regular basis.
  • Ask friends and family members if they have any negative experiences with the lawyer. This will help you to form an opinion about them and whether or not they would recommend them to others.

How Much Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Cost in Hamilton?

Criminal defense lawyers in Hamilton can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 an hour on average, but courtroom experience, time practicing, and other factors may affect these costs.

If the price of your criminal lawyer is a concern for you, then contact the law firm you want to work with to get a full understanding of the likely cost of representation of your specific case. No one case costs the same as another.

Best Criminal Lawyers in Hamilton


1. Jag Virk Criminal Lawyers Hamilton

Address: 1 Hunter St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 3W8, Canada

Website: https://jagvirklawyers.com

Phone: +18885248475

5/5 Rating !!!

Client Review

Fabulous Lawyer, Truly ! Tells you how it is from the beginning and isn't one to waste your time or money. Reaches out ONLY when absolutely necessary and tell you from the get go this is only to save you your money. Put your trust and faith into the hands of Jag he is incredible. Being falsely accused of something is no joke and because of Jag it all got cleared up and we can move forward in our future. Thank you Jag !! Your are an incredible lawyer and an even better HUMAN!!! God Bless!

2. Hepburn Criminal Law

Address: 20 Hughson St S Unit 614, Hamilton, ON L8N 2A1, Canada

Website: https://criminaldefencelawyerontario.com/

Phone: +19058695488

4.9/5 Rating !!!

Client Review

My overall experience with Hepburn law was really great. I was feeling quite defeated before I went in for my first initial meeting with Sabrin. She was very welcoming and upbeat. Her positive mindset and professionalism had me walking out of that meeting feeling more hopeful and rest assured that I was in good hands. Kaley and Sabrin always kept on top of things and they were very quick to respond back. Their fees were extremely reasonable and flexible with payment options. I highly recommend them and if I could I would add a few extra stars their review page.

3. East Law

Address: 8 Main St E Suite 201, Hamilton, ON L8N 1E8, Canada

Website: http://www.eastlaw.ca/

Phone: +18887197687

4.9/5 Rating !!!

Client Review

John East was the best decision I've ever made. He was always responsive and honest, kept us informed at all stages, and was very supportive of my teenage son (who unfortunately made a bad decision). John worked hard to research and bring forth good arguments for our case. I feel like he gave 100%. We had a favourable outcome. I couldn't be happier with the service provided by John. From the bottom of my heart... Thank you John!

4. Jaime L Stephenson & Associate

Address: 172 Main St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 1G9, Canada

Phone: +19055408525

4.8/5 Rating !!!

Client Review

Jamie came recommended by a few of her previous clients and she has been very professional and surpasses all expectations. I highly recommend Jamie Stephenson and Associates and encourage those in need of a Excellent Criminal lawyer to choose Jamie's law firm as your top choice! You will not be disappointed in your dealings with her or her associates.

5. Eliany Advocates

Address: 128 Hughson St. N, Hamilton, ON L8R 1G6, Canada

Website: http://elianylaw.ca/

Phone: +14163152244

5/5 Rating !!!

Client Review

If I could have given a 6 star I would. Genevieve is honestly the BEST. Very knowledgeable and always prepared for anything. Made me feel so comfortable and never talked down to me - explained all details of everything in my case. She also is patient and kind answering ALL my questions (had more than a lot) and never makes you feel unimportant or that she is busy which she is always busy. I honestly cannot Thank Her enough - I owe my freedom to her. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TEAM! Shout out to EMILY (her assistant) - that girl is on the ball always too. A+++

Is a Criminal Defencs Attorney Better Than a Public Defender?

Hiring a defense attorney will provide you with the best available defenses against current or pending charges.

Legal fees are not the only cost you should consider when hiring a criminal lawyer, as there is also a serious human cost to consider.

If you are convicted of a crime, then you will need an attorney on your side to fight for you and provide you with clear, concise defense.

While it is possible to work with a public defender, it is likely not your best option. The benefits of working with a public defender, aside from the cost savings, is that they tend to have experience with a wide range of crimes and a good report with the prosecutors and judges.

However, that’s not always the case, and you don’t get to choose your public defender. The one who gets your case could be brand new, have hundreds of other cases, or simply have no experience in the type of crime you are charged with.

Keep in mind, too, that even the best public defender is a government employee. While they are there to give you the best possible defense, it is the best defense they are capable of and not the best defense available.

That brings us to the end of our list of the best Criminal Lawyers in Hamilton.

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