Top 10 Arabic Restaurants in Mississauga for a Culinary Journey

arabic restaurants

As an avid fan of Arabic cuisine, I was on a mission to find the best spots for shawarma, falafel, and all those mouth-watering Middle Eastern dishes right here in Mississauga.

I decided to embark on an exciting culinary adventure, trying out a variety of dishes, and immersing myself in the delightful flavors and aromas of Arabic cuisine.

So, join me as I take you on a tour through the best Arabic restaurants in Mississauga and share my experiences at each spot. Let's dive in!

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Best Arabic Restaurants in Mississauga

arabic restaurants

Osmow's - Heartland Town Centre

I recently dropped by Osmow's in Heartland Town Centre and was thrilled with their fantastic menu! They have a vast selection of shawarma wraps, platters, and salads.

I went for their signature Chicken on the Stix platter, which was served with rice, garlic sauce, and salad.

The chicken was perfectly cooked, and the flavors were out of this world! I highly recommend Osmow's if you're craving a delicious Arabic meal.

Paramount Fine Foods - Multiple Locations

Paramount Fine Foods is always a go-to spot when I'm in the mood for fresh, authentic Arabic cuisine. I stopped by their Erin Mills location, and it didn't disappoint.

Their mixed grill platter and manakeesh were outstanding! The ambiance and service were top-notch, making it an ideal spot for dining with family or friends.

arabic restaurants

Al-Omda Lounge - Erin Mills

Al-Omda Lounge in Erin Mills is a fantastic spot to indulge in some flavorful Arabic dishes. The atmosphere is cozy, making it perfect for a relaxing dinner.

I ordered their Mixed Grill, which came with a generous portion of well-seasoned meats, grilled veggies, and fresh pita bread.

To top it off, their Baklava was simply divine! Don't miss out on this gem!

Reyan Restaurant - Central Mississauga

Reyan Restaurant in Central Mississauga is an excellent spot for some authentic Arabic cuisine.

I was impressed by the variety of dishes on their menu. I tried their Mansaf, which was served with tender lamb and flavorful rice, and it was a delightful meal.

The service was friendly, and I left feeling like I discovered a fantastic new eatery.

arabic restaurants

Watan Kabob - Eglinton Ave West

I visited Watan Kabob on Eglinton Ave West, and it was an amazing experience. I ordered their Chicken Kabob plate, which was juicy, tender, and full of flavor.

The plate also came with a side of delicious Afghan rice and a fresh salad. The restaurant's interior was comfortable, and the service was attentive.

I'll definitely be returning to Watan Kabob soon.

Lazeez Shawarma - Multiple Locations

Lazeez Shawarma, with multiple locations across Mississauga, is always a reliable spot for a quick and tasty Arabic meal.

I stopped by their Winston Churchill location and grabbed a Beef Shawarma Wrap that was loaded with perfectly seasoned beef, fresh veggies, and tasty garlic sauce.

The wrap was generously portioned and satisfying. Highly recommend Lazeez Shawarma for a quick bite!

arabic restaurants

Roman Zaman - Dixie Rd

Roman Zaman on Dixie Rd is a must-visit for Arabic food lovers. The moment I walked in, I was greeted by the beautiful decor and warm atmosphere.

I ordered their Mezze Platter, which included a variety of delicious appetizers such as hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, and falafel. Everything was fresh, flavorful, and perfect for sharing.

Al'Forno Zabihah - Central Parkway West

Located on Central Parkway West, Al'Forno Zabihah offers an extensive menu of mouthwatering Middle Eastern dishes, as well as Italian-inspired fare. Their fusion of flavors is truly a unique experience for the taste buds.

When I visited, I was instantly impressed by the warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff were friendly and eager to recommend dishes that showcase the best of their culinary creations.

I couldn't resist trying their signature dish, the Al'Forno Zabihah Mixed Grill, which includes a variety of juicy, perfectly seasoned meats like shawarma, kebabs, and lamb chops.

The accompanying garlic sauce added the perfect touch, and I found myself savoring every last bite.

Al'Forno Zabihah is a must-visit for anyone craving delicious Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine in Mississauga. Their innovative menu and friendly atmosphere will leave you wanting to come back

arabic restaurants

Shawarma Royale - Southdown Rd

Shawarma Royale on Southdown Rd is a fantastic spot for Arabic cuisine lovers.

I popped in and ordered their Shawarma Poutine, which was a unique twist on a Canadian classic, featuring fries topped with shawarma meat, cheese, and garlic sauce.

The combination was incredibly satisfying and packed with flavor.

A must-try dish for any foodie!

Tarboosh Lebanese Kitchen - Rathburn Rd East

I stumbled upon Tarboosh Lebanese Kitchen on Rathburn Rd East and couldn't resist trying their Lebanese dishes.

I opted for their Chicken Shawarma Platter, which included tender, juicy chicken with perfectly seasoned rice, salad, and a side of hummus.

The staff was friendly, and the atmosphere was cozy and inviting. Don't miss out on this great spot!

arabic restaurants

Best Arabic Restaurants in Mississauga

Restaurant Type of Cuisine Price Range Rating
1. Osmow's Arabic $$ 4.5
2. Paramount Fine Foods Arabic $$ 4.4
3. Al-Omda Lounge Arabic $$ 4.3
4. Reyan Restaurant Arabic $$ 4.6
5. Watan Kabob Arabic $$ 4.5
6. Lazeez Shawarma Arabic $ 4.2
7. Roman Zaman Arabic $$ 4.5
8. Al'Forno Zabihah Arabic $$ 4.3
9. Habibi Shawarma Arabic $ 4.4
10. Tarboosh Restaurant Arabic $$ 4.2

After exploring the vibrant Arabic culinary scene in Mississauga, I'm thrilled to have discovered such a diverse range of restaurants offering authentic and delicious dishes.

Each place has its own unique atmosphere and specialties, but they all share a common passion for delivering outstanding food and service.

It's been an absolute pleasure to dive into this world of spices, flavors, and textures, and I hope my reviews have inspired you to try some of these amazing spots for yourself.

Whether you're a fan of traditional Middle Eastern classics or you're just in the mood for a new and exciting food experience, Mississauga's Arabic restaurants have something for everyone.

With such a rich variety of dishes to explore, I'm already excited about my next culinary adventure in this city. So, happy eating and enjoy your journey through the world of Arabic cuisine in Mississauga!


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