7 Best Beaches Restaurants – Rated By Dinners

beaches restaurants

Discover the culinary gems of the Beaches: from cozy cafés to elegant eateries, this vibrant neighborhood offers a diverse dining scene that satisfies every palate.

Dive in to explore the best restaurants that the Beaches has to offer.

Farmacia Juice Bar

Farmacia Juice Bar

Farmacia Juice Bar is making waves in Toronto's juice scene, and rightfully so. Nestled at Queen and Wineva, it's a refreshing burst of color and vibrancy in the Beach.

Former trainer Stefano Sanna, the brain behind this operation, has a simple philosophy - pure, nutrient-rich goodness.

Stepping inside, you're immediately drawn to the juice counter, with its organic produce displayed like a health buff's dream.

Venture further, and a cozy sitting area awaits upstairs, perfect for all ages.

Now, the juicing process here isn't a quick affair. Stefano believes in the art of the freshly pressed, so expect a little wait as every fruit and veggie is treated with care.

And, let's talk water - only living spring water touches these beverages. The difference? Well, taste and see.

The menu's studded with delights. From power-packed elixirs that promise to rejuvenate every inch of you to robust power drinks and creamy smoothies, there's a flavor for every craving.

I dived into the Kale Lime Pie smoothie, where kale's natural bite was tamed by creamy avocado – absolutely delicious.

But the show-stealer? The Heart Beet juice. A gorgeous blend where the earthiness of beets dances with the crispness of apple.

From raw chocolates to collard wraps, there's more than just juices here.

And Stefano? He's a wellspring of knowledge, ready to guide you to your perfect health concoction. Drop by and get juiced – you won't regret it.

The Bulging Burger

The Bulging Burger

The Bulging Burger? Oh man, talk about underrated burger bliss in the city! They’re dishing out hand-formed chuck burgers that give the big names a run for their money.

And if you're feeling a tad indulgent? Dive into a Nutella milkshake. Trust me.

The owner? A complete gem - super friendly, has some great jokes up his sleeve.

My bacon cheeseburger was just the right kind of perfect: fresh, never-frozen patties with spot-on fresh condiments. And those fries? Crisp without being a grease trap.

Can't forget that strawberry-vanilla milkshake – balanced sweetness that hits the spot. The place has a cozy vibe with those tall window seats offering prime people-watching real estate.

And come summer? I've got beachside burger plans! Love, love this joint.



Tiflisi, tucked away in the Beaches, is your portal to the rich flavors of Georgia without the usual city trek.

Owned by the Pkhakadze clan, it's clear they're not newbies. Fun fact: their granddad was the mastermind behind a successful Georgian restaurant chain in Ukraine.

Tamara Pkhakadze and her brother, the dynamic front-of-house duo, are passionate ambassadors for their culture.

With Georgia being a melting pot of Europe and Asia, expect a menu that's like a culinary passport. Fan favorites? The smoky Badrijani (grilled eggplant with a walnut punch) and the drool-worthy Khachapuri (imagine boat-shaped bread overflowing with cheese).

Meat lovers, the Mstvadi is a must-try: spiced, grilled pork skewers served with a tangy adjika sauce.

Oh, and the BBQ plate? Perfectly charred skewers with a side of aromatic potatoes. But the show-stealer might just be their dumplings. Take Tamara's advice: flip it, sip the broth, and devour.

Here's where it gets authentic: they import spices straight from Georgia, tweaking their family recipes to align with Canadian ingredients.

For wine enthusiasts, Tiflisi's got an array of Georgian wines – after all, Georgia is where wine was born!

The vibe inside? Cozy wood-cabin feels with Georgian art sprinkled around and traditional melodies setting the mood. Different from the usual Toronto scene, but in the best way possible.

Slate Restaurant

Slate Restaurant

Slate Restaurant, where Italian comfort meets unexpected delight. We stumbled upon this place after another spot let us down, and wow, what a silver lining!

Thought I wasn't a big pasta fan until I tried theirs - utter perfection. And hey, while the oversized human portraits on the walls might raise an eyebrow, it adds to the quirky charm.

Stellar service, even when they're buzzing. Another visit? Tried their chicken parmigiana, and let me tell you, it had the right amount of zing.

Ended the night with a piece of airy cheesecake and a sinfully good lava cake. Slate’s no longer our Plan B; it's shot right up to top of the list for date nights.

Chowpatty Culture

Chowpatty Culture

Chowpatty Culture is a game-changer for casual Indian grub. From chaats to rolls, their menu ticks all the right boxes.

Their butter chicken? Super flavorful, though I'd love a tad more chicken in there.

But the tandoori chicken? That's a flavor bomb right there. Two visits down, and we're already planning the next. Highly recommend!

J'adore Fine Vietnamese Cuisine

J'adore Fine Vietnamese Cuisine

J'adore Fine Vietnamese Cuisine in the Beaches? Heck yeah! Coming from the legends behind Pho Phuong, they've got this Vietnamese food game down.

Their appetizers? On point. But heads up, if you're eyeing the beef stew bowl, you might find it a bit on the fatty side.

However, I've dropped by for lunch thrice now, and their Pho and Pad Thai are pure gold. Presentation, flavors, portions – they nail it all.

So, if you're in the Beaches and craving some Vietnamese goodness, J'adore's your spot. Don't miss out!

Beaches Brewing

Beaches Brewing

Beaches Brewing? Oh, what a vibe! Nestled in the Beach 'hood, this brewpub's got a pretty rad setup. Split into two levels with an easy ramp connecting them, you can't miss the iconic Leuty lifeguard station replica. The menu? A blend of beach vibes from all over.

I've tried the Warm Tuna Salad – it's solid, though the summer sausage's place in there had me puzzled. If you're a fan of beef tartare, they've got a decent one.

But let me tell ya, their flatbreads are a hit, especially The Chicama with its Peruvian touch. And if you're looking for value? Dive into the Beaches Handmade Chuck Burger. Those fries? Perfection.

As for drinks, their A-Bay Pale Ale's got a refreshing kick. Feeling a bit daring? Try the Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita or the cheekily named Gincident cocktail. Believe me; it's a ride.

Props to Dustin and Carl for this brewpub gem. Plus, there's free WiFi throughout. Great for a chill evening or a weekend catch-up! Cheers! 🍻


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