Bowling in Hamilton – Best Locations For 2023


Looking for the best bowling experience in Hamilton, ON, Canada?

Dive into our curated list, where we spotlight the top alleys offering not just lanes, but a rich blend of history, community involvement, and exceptional service. Let's roll!

Splitsville Hamilton

Splitsville Entertainment in Hamilton is a delightful fusion of nostalgic charm and contemporary fun, bringing the golden days of bowling back to life! This isn't just your regular bowling alley – it’s an epicenter of entertainment, ideal for all age groups.

The passion Splitsville has for 10-pin bowling is evident the moment you step through their doors. The ambiance is vibrant, encouraging you to let loose and dive into the fun.

Their strategic locations across Canada prove their commitment to bringing top-notch bowling experiences to communities.

For those looking to host events, the private and VIP spaces are perfect, exuding an exclusive feel. Kids' birthday parties? Check.


Corporate get-togethers? Double-check. The allure doesn’t end at bowling; the in-house full-service restaurants offer a tantalizing array of food and drinks, ensuring you're well-fueled throughout your games.

For those seeking a competitive edge, the established leagues are a fantastic way to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

And if you're into gaming, their diverse range of video games, both modern and retro, are bound to captivate you.

The redemption games are the cherry on top, making your time at Splitsville not just fun, but also rewarding.

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Skyway Bowl

From the moment we stepped into Skyway Bowl, it was evident that this wasn’t just another ordinary bowling alley.

It radiates an inviting atmosphere where cleanliness clearly takes precedence.

The music, with its well-chosen tracks, played at just the right volume to set the mood without overwhelming conversation.

What truly enhances the experience here is the impeccable functionality of the place – no malfunctioning lanes or broken equipment.

Instead, everything runs smoothly, providing real value for money.

Our bowling night was sheer fun, and the consensus was unanimous: we'll definitely be back.


The food here was a delightful surprise. Not only is it reasonably priced, but also scrumptiously good – a special mention to the boneless wings which were an instant hit with our group.

And for those who appreciate a drink with their game, the full bar is a significant perk.

It's not often you find a bowling alley that understands the perfect balance between recreational sport and a relaxed evening out.

It’s worth noting the diverse crowd Skyway attracts; from casual players to professionals, everyone seems to find their groove here.

As a PBA member, I’ve had the privilege of bowling in alleys worldwide, and Skyway easily holds its ground among the best.

The staff deserves a shoutout for their politeness and prompt service, making sure every guest feels valued.

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Mountain Lanes

Mountain Lanes isn’t just a bowling alley; it’s a piece of Hamilton’s history and a testament to community engagement. Standing tall since 1947 at the intersection of Concession Street and Upper Wentworth, it carries a legacy that few establishments can match.

The fact that it has witnessed and welcomed generations is a story in itself. It's heartwarming to see grandparents, who once played here as children, bringing their grandchildren to relive those cherished moments.

Their longstanding membership with the Bowling Proprietors Association of Canada (B.P.A.C.) ensures that they maintain a high standard, catering to both casual bowlers and those who relish competitive tournaments.

But Mountain Lanes’ identity extends far beyond the alleys and pins.


Perhaps the most commendable aspect is their commitment to community service.

Their support for the Special Olympics, hosting a hundred athletes weekly, speaks volumes about their dedication.

The substantial funds they've raised for the Kids Help Phone and their notable contributions to Neighbor to Neighbor through their annual Christmas food drives show they truly care.

Their involvement with the Concession Street family and sponsorship of various children's sports teams further establishes their deep roots within the community.

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