Find Your New Favorite Bubble Tea Spot in Burlington: Our Top Recommendations

bubble tea burlington

If you're a fan of this refreshing Taiwanese drink, you're in luck because Burlington has some amazing options to choose from.

From fruity flavors to creamy milk teas, there's something for everyone when it comes to bubble tea. So grab a straw and let's check out the top spots for bubble tea in Burlington.

I Heart Boba

I Heart Boba

I heart Boba is a top-rated bubble tea spot for a reason , their boba is out of this world! The variety of flavors is impressive and the price point is great.

I tried the green apple flavor and it was super refreshing. All of the teas are authentic and delicious, but my all-time favorite is the thai milk tea. It's hard to replicate at home, but the orange color is always stunning.

I'm thrilled that a second location has opened and they serve coffee now too.  It was a bit busy when I arrived, but the staff were so kind and worked hard to keep up with all the orders.

I highly recommend checking out I heart Boba - it's worth the wait in line!

Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea on Fairview St

I'm glad to see more milk tea places popping up in Burlington and I heart Boba is definitely one of the best.

The prices at this milk tea spot are standard for most places and there are quite a few options that come with toppings included.

The staff were super friendly and the selection of teas was great. You can order each tea in regular or large size, with regular being $6 and large being $6.8 - a very reasonable price in my opinion.

On my visit, I tried the milk king and cheese foam rose oolong tea and was blown away by both.

I will definitely be back to try more of their delicious drinks.


  • Ashleigh Bandimere

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