List of Burlington Food Banks For Those in Need

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In Burlington, food banks have long stood as pillars of compassion and support, offering vital assistance to residents in times of need.

Serving as community lifelines, these organizations provide not only essential food items but also a sense of hope and connection.

With a rich history of community collaboration, Burlington's food banks demonstrate the city's commitment to ensuring no resident goes hungry, fostering a spirit of unity and shared responsibility.

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Burlington Food Bank

Burlington Food Bank, situated at 1A – 1254 Plains Road East, has been a beacon of hope for the Burlington community since 1991.

As a long-standing institution, they have shown an unwavering commitment to assisting those in need.

Their hours of operation, which include both morning and evening times on Thursdays, are testament to their dedication and aim to be accessible to all.

It's impressive to see a food bank provide not just sustenance, but also essential hygiene products, emphasizing their comprehensive approach to community welfare.

Additionally, their support for new parents, by offering necessary baby items, reflects their understanding of diverse needs within the community.

It's crucial to have some documentation when you visit, but this small step ensures that they can serve the residents of Burlington effectively.

The warmth of their volunteers and staff, combined with their systematic approach, makes Burlington Food Bank a commendable pillar in the community.

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Food for Life Burlington

Established in 1995, Food for Life Burlington stands as a testament to community-driven efforts focused on making a meaningful difference.

Their ethos and operation beautifully blend the past with the present, embodying their original core values while adapting to the current times.

With a lean yet dedicated team of only 22 full-time staff members, it's nothing short of remarkable how they effectively marshal the energy and commitment of approximately 400 volunteers to drive their mission forward.

Their foundation, based on grassroots beginnings, showcases the power of collective spirit, proving that a tight-knit community can create profound change.

More than just a food redistribution organization, Food for Life's unique strength lies in its collaborations, pulling support from individuals, corporate partners, and foundations in the Halton region.

It is an exemplary model of how unity, dedication, and community collaboration can amplify impact.

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Food for Life Burlington Locations

St. Luke’s Anglican
  • 1382 Ontario St. (Brant and Lakeshore)​
  • 905-634-1826​
  • Tuesday – 9:45 am – 11am ​
Mountainside Market 
  • 2258 Mountainside Drive (Mountainside, between Brant and Guelph Line)
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 11am – 3pm  Appointments Required

Closed between 12:30-1:30 PM 

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 3 – 6pm WALK IN – No Appointments Required
Grace United Church (Tansley)​
  • 2111 Walkers Line (Walkers & Upper Middle)
    Market-style program, please bring grocery bags
  • Friday – 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Compassion Society
  • 1881 Fairview Street Units 4 & 5 Burlington
  • 905-592-3722
  • Monday/Friday 12 – 3:30pm Wednesday 4pm – 7pm
Burlington Public Library – Aldershot Branch
  • 550 Plains Rd E, Burlington
    GOOD food bags available when the library is open
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