Discover Burlington’s Top-Rated Cardiologists – Ranked By Patients

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Looking for the top-notch cardiologists in Burlington, ON? You're in luck! We've handpicked the most dedicated, skilled and personable heart doctors right in your neighborhood.

These professionals are backed by years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, providing you the best cardiac care.

Trust us, when it comes to your heart, you'll want these Burlington experts on your team. Let's dive in and meet them!

Best Cardiologists in Burlington

Dr. Brett Jeremy David Stevens

If you're searching for an exceptional cardiologist in Burlington, ON, look no further than Dr. Brett Jeremy David Stevens.

With 29 years of experience and education from top institutions like Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine and the University of Toronto, his credentials speak for themselves.

Dr. Stevens is an expert in treating high cholesterol, atrial fibrillation, heart attacks, and chest pain, also providing top-notch cardiac catheterization services.

You'll find him not only profoundly knowledgeable, but also highly approachable with excellent English communication skills.

His office at 672 Brant Street is conveniently located and well-equipped, ensuring comprehensive care for all cardiac concerns.

Dr. William Simmons

A testament to dedication and expertise, Dr. William Simmons is a leading cardiologist in Burlington, ON with an impressive 34 years of experience.

A University of Toronto alum, his commitment to high-quality, compassionate care sets him apart. Specializing in areas like exercise stress tests, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart diseases, hypertension, and arrhythmia, Dr. Simmons also excels in pacemaker implantation.

He and his supportive staff are always ready to serve Burlington's residents with state-of-the-art services, aiming to provide cost-effective, top-tier cardiac care.

Trust in Dr. Simmons for a heart-health journey that prioritizes your wellbeing and comfort.


Dr. Ian Darcel, a reputed cardiologist in Burlington, is the embodiment of expert cardiac care.

With his medical degree from the University of Toronto, he offers comprehensive care for a range of cardiac conditions. Dr. Darcel specialises in dealing with heart attacks, heart failures, cardiac arrest, arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, unstable angina, and heart block.

What sets him apart is his dedication to providing tailored, flexible care in a relaxed, attentive environment.

When you step into Dr. Darcel's clinic, you're more than a patient—you're a person with unique needs he's committed to understanding and addressing.

In conclusion, Burlington, ON is home to some exceptional cardiologists, each offering top-tier care in their own unique way. Dr. Brett Jeremy David Stevens, Dr. William Simmons, and Dr. Ian Darcel represent the best of what the city has to offer in terms of cardiac care.

With their years of experience, expansive knowledge, and a deep commitment to patient-focused care, you can feel confident entrusting your heart health to these professionals.

Whether it's managing high cholesterol or needing a pacemaker implantation, they've got you covered. Stay heart-healthy, Burlington!


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