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On the hunt for the best dermatologists in Burlington, ON? Look no further! We've got the scoop on the top skin savers in town, each armed with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for helping you achieve your healthiest skin yet.

From treating common skin issues to tackling complex skin conditions, these dermatologists have got you covered.

So, let's wave goodbye to skincare woes and say hello to Burlington's top-notch skin specialists. Ready to dive in? Let's go!

Best Dermatologists in Burlington


Dermatologists in Burlington

Dr. Channy Muhn, a board-certified dermatologist in both Canada and the US, is one of Burlington's top skin experts.

A graduate of McMaster University and McGill University, he's specialized in skin cancer reconstructive and cosmetic dermatologic surgery.

Dr. Muhn has played an influential role in cosmetic dermatology education and has contributed to numerous clinical trials ensuring the safety and effectiveness of cosmetic treatments.

He's also an instructor for industry giants like Allergan, Merz, and Galderma, demonstrating injectable procedures to over 1,000 physicians across North America.

At his practice, Dermetics, Dr. Muhn and his team have treated over 11,000 patients and performed more than 50,000 procedures, offering personalized plans that include non-invasive microtreatments and a unique combination of aesthetic therapies.

Botox, Cosmetic, Juvederm Restylane, Emervel
Sun Damage and Pre-Mature Aging
Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Redness and Rosacea
Facial Veins
Volume Loss
Acne Scars
Brown Spots and Melasma
Unwanted Hair
Excessive Sweating
Chronic Migraine
Undefined Jawline
Double Chin
Laser Treatments
Chemical Peels
Moles, Tags & Cysts


Dermatologists in Burlington

Dr. Nathan Rosen, a distinguished dermatologist certified in both Canada and the US, is a key figure in Burlington's dermatology scene.

He completed his medical education and dermatology residency at McGill University, specializing in Cosmetic Dermatology.

Known for his expertise in injectable treatments, laser procedures, and Mohs skin cancer surgery, Dr. Rosen prioritizes his patients' peace of mind, ensuring optimal, safe, and natural outcomes.

His skills are highly coveted in the aesthetic industry, leading to lecture invitations from companies such as Allergan, Merz, Galderma, Sciton, Cynosure/Palomar, Candela, and Cutera®.

Dr. Rosen creates individualized treatment plans based on his patients' goals, lifestyle, and budget.

He holds memberships in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Ontario Medical Association, Canadian Dermatology Association, and Canadian Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Acleara, Acne Laser Treatments, Extractions
Eye Bags, Juvederm Restylane
Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Chronic Migraine
Veins, Emervel
Volume Loss
Cosmetic, Sun Damage and Pre-Mature Aging
Redness and Rosacea
Botox, Acne, Scars
Double Chin, Brown Spots and Melasma
Excessive Sweating
Unwanted Tattoos & Hair Removal


Dermatologists in Burlington

Dr. Rosilene Lanzini, serving at the Woodview Medical Clinic in Burlington, ON, is a dermatologist par excellence.

After earning her Doctor of Medicine degree from Faculdade Evangelica de Medicina do Parana, she pursued her dermatology residency at Hospital Evangélico de Curitiba.

Her special interests lie in dermatological surgeries, skin cancer, Teledermatology, and image processing.

Dr. Lanzini is also proficient in Mohs surgery, a skill that adds to her impressive credentials.

An active member of the Canadian Dermatology Association, the American Society of Dermatology, and the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, she and her team strive to deliver professional, high-quality medical care to all clients.

Basil Carcinoma, Laser Hair Removal
Anti-Aging Laser Treatment and Botox
Spot Removal, Skin Tightening
Psoriasis, Acute Lupus
Scleroderma, Acne
Fungal Infections

Choosing a dermatologist is a personal and important decision, especially considering the wide array of skin conditions they can help manage and treat.

Dr. Channy Muhn, Dr. Nathan Rosen, and Dr. Rosilene Lanzini are all excellent dermatologists in Burlington, ON, offering a variety of specialized treatments.

Each one brings their unique expertise, commitment to patient care, and a comprehensive approach to skincare.

Whether your needs are medical, surgical, or cosmetic, you can trust that these professionals will provide the highest level of care.

Do keep in mind to consider your personal needs and comfort when choosing a dermatologist. Your skin deserves the best, and these experts in Burlington are ready to help.


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