Discover the Best Fish & Chips in Burlington: Our Top Picks


Are you in the mood for some classic fish and chips? Look no further than Burlington, because this town has some amazing options for this British favorite.

As a local foodie blogger, I've had the chance to try out many of these spots, and I'm excited to share my top picks with you.

From crispy, battered cod to creamy, tangy tartar sauce, Burlington has it all when it comes to fish and chips. So grab a newspaper cone and let's dive into the best fish and chips in town.

Thistle Fish & Chips


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Thistle is hands down one of the best Fish & Chips restaurants still in operation. The staff are always friendly and provide excellent service.

The fish is perfectly battered and fried, and the chips are always done to perfection. It's no wonder that Thistle is a favorite for fish and chips lovers.

The notes on the take out bags are a sweet touch, and it's clear that the staff take pride in their work.

A must try if your craving some fish & chips!

Halibut 'N' Malt Fish & Chips

I had a great experience at Halibut & malt! their dining area was spotless and the interior ambiance and décor was spot-on with the seafood theme.

I tried their famous Halibut and chips, which were flaky, crispy, and delicious - definitely a must-try. I also tried the special on Haddock with onion rings, which were also a winner. The garlic bread with cheese and battered mushrooms for apps were also tasty.

The fish portions are on the thinner side, but they are large. The hand-cut fries are also excellent.

This is a family-owned and run business, and it shows in the fresh, delicious food and the warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Luk’s Diner

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Luck's Diner is a small restaurant with a lot of regulars and a friendly atmosphere. The waitress and cook knew everybody that came in and were very polite and patient.

The menu had a lot of options, and I only tried the fish and chips, which were absolutely delicious. The fish was cooked perfectly and the portion was huge.

The owners, Mariana and Luk, are doing a great job with the food and service. The fresh fish, chips, and cabbage soup were all loved.

It's clear that Luck's Diner is a popular spot and will continue to be supported during these tough times.


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