Discover the Best Fish and Chips in Niagara Falls – A Foodie’s Guide

fish and chips niagara falls

Welcome to the wonderful world of fish and chips in Niagara Falls! The iconic dish is a staple in many cultures, and Niagara Falls is no exception.

Here, you'll find an abundance of top-notch fish and chip joints, serving up juicy, crispy pieces of fish and golden fries.

Whether you're a local or a tourist, you're in for a treat. Dive in to discover the best places to enjoy this classic dish in Niagara Falls, with a little bit of history and a lot of deliciousness along the way.

Halibut House Fish & Chips

Halibut House is a must-visit for seafood lovers in Niagara Falls! This easygoing local chain serves up some of the freshest and most delicious fish and chips in town.

What sets Halibut House apart from the rest is their commitment to using only quality ingredients.

They source local Ontario potatoes for their fries and use only wild and sustainably caught, chemical-free fish. Their menu is concise and offers a variety of options without being overly complicated.

The portions are generous and offer great value for the price. The service is efficient and friendly, making it a great option whether you're looking to dine in or take out.

I've had the pleasure of trying both, and I can attest that the food is consistently fresh, hot, and delicious. I've tried a variety of dishes and haven't been disappointed yet.

Overall, I would highly recommend Halibut House for anyone in the mood for a classic and delicious seafood feast. I will definitely be returning soon!

Chip n Charlie's Eatery & Bar


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Chip n Charlie's Eatery & Bar is the perfect spot for a casual night out with friends or family. With live music and outdoor seating, it's a straightforward hangout that offers more than just typical bar food.

The beer battered fish and chips are amazing, and the homemade coleslaw is a must-try.

The home-cut fries are a great addition to the fish and chips, making the meal even more enjoyable.

The relaxed atmosphere at Chip n Charlie's is perfect for a stress-free evening, and the reasonable prices make it a great value. The service is always friendly and welcoming, with a smile to match.

Whether you're looking for a bite to eat and a drink or a fun night out with friends, Chip n Charlie's has you covered. The live music adds to the overall experience, making it a great place to hang out and have a good time.

Niagara Fish N' Burger is a hidden gem in Niagara Falls! I was extremely impressed with this restaurant and can't recommend it enough.

The food is sourced locally, and the packaging is recyclable, making it a great choice for those who care about the environment.

The portion sizes are generous, and the prices are better than fast food restaurants, which is always a plus.

The fish and chips are especially delicious and feature a light, crispy batter that's sure to satisfy. The portions are generous and offer great value for the price.

The restaurant has a great atmosphere, making it a great option for a casual lunch or dinner. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and they always go the extra mile to make sure customers are happy.

If you're looking for a delicious fish and chips experience in Niagara Falls, look no further than Niagara Fish N' Burger.

With locally sourced food, recyclable packaging, and great prices, it's a must-visit for any seafood lover. Highly recommended!

Niagara Lakeport Fish & Chips is a must-visit for any seafood lover! The variety of fish and seafood options is sure to please everyone, and the serving size is above expectations for the price.

This little restaurant is known for its seafood and is famous for its English style fish and chips.

There's a wide selection of fish to choose from, including Pollock, halibut, haddock, and cod. With daily specials, there's always something new and exciting to try.

The taste was amazing, and everything was served fresh, with a light and flaky batter that was simply delicious.

The portions were large, with plenty of chips and coleslaw to go around. The coleslaw was incredibly tasty, with a great flavor that complimented the fish and chips perfectly.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was also great, with a welcoming and friendly vibe.

If you're in Niagara Falls and looking for a great place to enjoy some delicious fish and chips, be sure to visit Niagara Lakeport Fish & Chips.

With its large portions, great taste, and friendly service, it's a must-visit for anyone who loves seafood!


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