Guide To The Best Foot Clinics Near Me – Updated 2023

Foot Care near me

Foot problems are no joke. Bunions, ingrown toenails, athlete’s foot, and other issues can seriously disrupt your quality of life, especially if they keep you from walking without pain or even walking at all.

When selecting a podiatrist, you should look for one who has extensive experience, uses the latest technology, and offers personalized care to their patients.

Ontario's Best Has rounded up the best Foot clinics near you.


1. Toronto Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre

2. Downtown Foot Clinic

3. The Foot Clinic

Best Foot Clinic in Ottawa


1. Ottawa Foot Health Centre

2. Parkdale Foot Care and Orthotics

3. Greenberg Podiatry

Best Foot Clinic in Mississauga


1. Complete Family Foot Care & Therapy

2. West Mississauga Foot Clinic

3. Lakeshore Foot Clinic of Mississauga

Best Foot Clinic in Brampton


1. Brampton Foot Clinic

2. Foot Health Clinic

3. Sameer Sekhon DPodM Foot Specialist

Best Foot Clinic in Hamilton


1. Feet In Motion Foot Care & Orthotics

  • Address: 280 Queenston Rd #105, Hamilton, ON L8K 1H1, Canada
  • Website
  • Phone: +19055499974

2. Hamilton Family Foot Care Clinic

  • Address: 595 Upper Wellington St, Hamilton, ON L9A 3P8, Canada
  • Website
  • Phone: +19055759700

3. West Mountain Foot Care Clinic

Best Foot Clinic in London


1. Kyle Foot & Orthotics Clinic

2. Cherryhill Foot Care

  • Address: 101 Cherryhill Blvd #200, London, ON N6H 4S4, Canada
  • Website:  N/A
  • Phone: +15196728872

3. McRae Foot Health Centre

Best Foot Clinic in Markham


1. Mount Joy Foot Clinic & Orthotic Centre

2. Woodbine Foot Clinic

3. MyFoot Rehab

Best Foot Clinic in Vaughan


1. Roberto Clausi Chiropody Family Foot Clinic

2. Bradford Foot Forward Clinic

3. Vellore Village The Health & Wellness Medical Centre Inc.

Best Foot Clinic in Kitchener


1. Podiatric Consultants


3. K-W Foot & Orthotics Clinic

Best Foot Clinic in Windsor


1. Foot Care Institute

2. Gill Family Footcare And Orthotics

3. Ozvald Foot Clinic & Orthotics

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