Top 5 Gluten Free Restaurants in Hamilton (Reviewed By a Local)

Gluten Free Restaurants in Hamilton

Whether you’re searching for a healthy dinner spot or that perfect celiac friendly donut, Hamilton’s gluten-free options will impress you.

Note that these aren’t “gluten-free places.” These are places where you can eat gluten-free.

As in, restaurants that just so happen to have food that works for people avoiding gluten. So if cross-contamination is a problem, some of these places may not be for you.

The Best Gluten Free Restaurants in Hamilton

I’ve been meaning to check out this place for awhile and finally made it last week.

Completely vegan and gluten free, this place does it all: brunch, lunch, desserts!

The atmosphere is so welcoming and the staff are super friendly! I couldn’t decide between the burgers or the fry plate, so I opted for both - perfect if you’re hungry haha!

Fresh burgers, homemade fries and portabella mushrooms sandwiched between lovely seitan bread buns.

Can’t wait to try the whole menu!

Address: 211 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4B6, Canada


Phone:  +19055276657

Recently my boy became dairy intolerant and I realized that we would have to start making most of our treats from scratch.

This gave me the opportunity to try out fairly frosted as a non allergenic option for us.

They’re delicious little cupcakes that are made with all natural ingredients, no added sugar or preservatives, and completely gluten free!

Address: 811 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8M 1B1, Canada


Phone:  +12892377038

When you want a delicious and healthy lunch without sacrificing your dining experience, this place is it! Their sandwiches, bowls, and salads are all perfect for any occasion.

Tables can sometimes be hard to come by during a lunch rush but it’s understandable (and worth the wait) because this place is so great!

Address: 202 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4B4, Canada


Phone:  +12893892466

HAMBRGR King is one of my favorite burger places in Hamilton. Their two-page menu had a variety of burgers, including vegetarian and gluten free, chicken, dressed fries, poutine, salads, and snacks.

They also have a variety of beers and Caesars to choose from.

Address: 49 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1A2, Canada


Phone: +12893891212

The Burnt Tongue is my absolute favorite spot for a delicious and energizing lunch in Hamilton.

The menu is ever changing so you never get the same thing twice! Lots of options for vegans, vegetarians, dairy-free and gluten-free folks as well.

Address: 182 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4B3, Canada


Phone: +12893891156


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