6 Best Hair Salons in Hamilton You Must Try 2023

hair salons in hamilton

Hamilton, Ontario, is not just rich in culture and history but also home to top-tier hair salons.

With a blend of modern techniques and traditional charm, these salons offer transformative hair experiences.

From bold colors to classic trims, Hamilton's expert stylists deliver unmatched craftsmanship. Let's uncover the best hair havens in the city.

Best Hair Salons in Hamilton

Salon DiSalvo Hair & Spa

Salon DiSalvo Hair & Spa

In the heart of Hamilton, Joseph DiSalvo's salon stands as a beacon for hair excellence.

With over three decades in the hair industry, Joseph has not only mastered the art of hairstyling but has also ventured into international terrains for learning cutting-edge styles.

Not just Joseph, his entire team embodies professionalism, constantly updating their skills to offer clients the freshest and finest in hair aesthetics and therapeutic treatments.

Every visit commences with a consultation, ensuring tailored experiences for each patron. Regular clients, like one who's been loyal for a decade, can't stop raving about Anthony's impeccable cuts and European-standard blowouts.

But it's not just about skills; the warmth and kindness extended by the DiSalvo family and their proficient staff, including the highly praised colorist Angela, make every appointment memorable.

Walking out, customers always carry a smile, testament to the salon's unmatched service.



Nestled in the Crown Point neighbourhood near King & Ottawa St. in Hamilton, Ontario, stands The Corner Room - a boutique hair salon that promises an amalgamation of top-tier hairstyling without the hefty price tag.

Since its establishment in 2017, this salon has swiftly gained accolades, even bagging the Platinum in the Reader’s Choice award within just a year, as the best salon in Hamilton.

This reputation isn't without reason; they offer a plethora of services, including professional hair colouring, cutting, and styling, all carried out by sought-after stylists.

One such stylist, Jo, has been particularly praised by a patron for her thoughtfulness and dedication.

Not only did she meticulously understand the customer's hair needs and aspirations, but she also provided guidance, ensuring satisfaction.

The salon's ambiance complements its service, with its cozy and pristine environment.

Clearly, The Corner Room has not only met but exceeded customer expectations, turning first-time visitors into eager returnees.

Silvana's Hair, Esthetics & Spa

Silvana's Hair, Esthetics & Spa

Silvana's Hair Salon, an esteemed establishment gracing West Hamilton for over half a century, embodies more than just the craft of hairdressing; it stands as a beacon of sustainable and compassionate beauty practices in the Westdale Village region.

With an ardent commitment to the environment, they champion cruelty-free and plant-based products, ensuring a harmonious experience for their patrons.

Their community-centric ethos is evident, be it through community service, fundraising, or simply sharing their skills.

The salon's stellar team boasts a wealth of experience, with Silvana and her daughters creating an ambience reminiscent of familial warmth.

What sets them apart is their "Vision Crafting", a holistic approach to curating tailored designs in hair and makeup.

The salon's services are impressively diverse, from specialized colour corrections to therapeutic facials and meticulous manicures.

A patron's glowing commendation paints a vivid picture: From therapeutic scalp massages by Samantha, an expert in her craft, to the transformative cuts that uplift one's spirit, every touchpoint at Silvana’s seems to be marked with precision and dedication.

There's a genuine authenticity and a lack of ostentation in their approach, as the stylists prioritize skill and integrity over all else.

Simply put, Silvana's is not just a salon; it's an experience, one that many, including their loyal clientele, would wholeheartedly endorse.

Odyssey Hair Salon & Spa

Odyssey Hair Salon & Spa

Odyssey Hair Salon & Spa, nestled in Hamilton, stands as a beacon of sustainable beauty, aligning itself with Aveda's natural ethos.

By championing Aveda products, they seamlessly weave the essence of pure flowers and plants into their services, echoing the brand's commitment to environmental responsibility and wellness.

Each visit to Odyssey promises more than just a service; it's an immersive experience of rejuvenation, where modern techniques harmonize with nature's best.

This salon goes beyond conventional beauty standards, offering a holistic approach where the environment, well-being, and beauty intertwine.

Their unwavering dedication to continuous training ensures guests leave with contemporary and stylish results.

A notable touch is Aveda's eco-conscious practices, emphasizing their shared belief in a greener planet.

A patron's testimony speaks volumes: from therapeutic massages to transformative hair sessions, Odyssey's meticulous attention to detail ensures every guest departs with renewed confidence.

Synergy Salon

Synergy Salon

Synergy Salon, established in 2016 by Sherri Campbell, seamlessly merges high-quality service, top-tier products, and a congenial ambiance.

This isn't just a place for beauty treatments; it's a haven where every client is enveloped in positivity and creative zest, ensuring they exit not just satisfied, but invigorated and inspired.

Catering to a broad demographic, from different age groups to diverse cultures, Synergy possesses a unique charm that appeals to the refined tastes of its clientele.

Their considerate touch extends to complimentary beverages, ensuring clients feel pampered even as they wait, and the addition of free WiFi is a thoughtful nod to modern conveniences.

The salon's competitive edge is crystallized in its Total Care Packages, offering an immersive, yet affordable beauty experience.

Sherri's unparalleled expertise has garnered unwavering trust from clients, making her the go-to hair magician for many.

With its impeccable environment and expert team, Synergy Salon stands as a hallmark of excellence in the beauty sphere.

Levels Hair Salon

Levels Hair Salon

Levels Salon in Hamilton sets the gold standard for hair care, exuding both excellence in service and a warm, inviting ambiance.

The consistent acclaim for Sargon and his ensemble, especially Catherine, is a testament to their exceptional skills and genuine dedication to clientele satisfaction.

Catherine, with her 13-year loyal clientele base, has not only solidified her reputation as a top stylist but has also built lasting relationships with her patrons.

From precision cuts that mirror inspiration photos to helping clients choose the perfect hair hue, Catherine's expertise shines through every interaction.

The salon's pristine environment, coupled with delightful fragrances from quality products, makes each visit a sensory delight.

What adds to the charm is the attention to comfort; from enjoying a hot beverage to the salon's chic decor, every detail is curated for a premium experience.

Whether it's transformative cuts, vibrant colors, or effortless styles, Levels promises – and delivers – unparalleled hair magic every time.


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