4 Best Hair Salons in Kitchener For 2023

Hair Salons in Kitchener

In the heart of Kitchener, a bustling hub of beauty and style emerges, boasting some of the most sought-after hair salons in the region.

From contemporary cuts to classic styles, these establishments offer unmatched expertise and personalized service.

Each salon brings its own unique flair, ensuring that every client, whether local or just visiting, finds the perfect stylist to transform their vision into reality.

Dive in to explore Kitchener's elite destinations for all your haircare needs.

Best Hair Salons in Kitchener



Situated in the heart of Kitchener, Bamboo Salon exemplifies the perfect blend of innovation, tradition, and modernity.

This salon not only radiates a serene ambiance that ensures relaxation but also boasts a repertoire of impeccable services that cater to all hair desires and needs.

Its dual provision, extending from contemporary hair treatments to traditional barber services, makes it a go-to for everyone in the community.

The brain behind this commendable venture is Tiffany Smith, whose unparalleled dedication and fervor for the craft shine through every interaction.

Her vision doesn’t just stop at providing remarkable services; she also cultivates a learning environment, consistently nurturing her team to reach greater heights.

This undying passion for mentorship translates into a squad of adept stylists, ready to weave magic with their scissors and brushes.

Whether you're aiming for a complete transformation or a subtle change, Bamboo Salon promises an experience that encapsulates expertise, artistry, and precision.

Their comprehensive menu ensures that no look remains out of reach, and their tiered pricing model accommodates various budgets, proving that luxury is accessible to all.

Bamboo Salon Services:

Category Services
Cuts & Trims Child's, Women's, Men's Cut, Bang Trim
Colouring Full Colour, Partial/Full Highlights, Balayage, Ombré, Babylights, 2 Colours, Toner, Sombre, Colour Melts, Root Smudges
Styling Blowdry, Blowout w/ Colour Service, Updo, Half-up
Special Treatments Olaplex, Mommy Makeover
Barber Services Creative cuts, Fades, Razor shaves



Nestled in the heart of Kitchener, Clique Organic Salons is the epitome of chic sophistication, exuding a European charm in a modern setting.

As the name suggests, this establishment champions the cause of organic hair care, a refreshing departure from the traditional.

From the minute you step in, it's evident that the salon prioritizes both aesthetics and the health of your hair.

What sets Clique Organic Salons apart is its impeccable team of stylists. Each stylist is not only well-versed in contemporary techniques but is also deeply committed to crafting styles that resonate with your personality.

Initiating the journey with a comprehensive consultation ensures that your vision aligns seamlessly with their expertise.

Further elevating the salon's commitment to excellence is its use of organic and natural products.

The choice of colors, which are rich in organic ingredients and minimal in synthetics, underscores the salon's dedication to ensuring the vibrancy and health of your hair.

Their curling, smoothing, and other treatments embody the same ethos: offering stellar results without compromising hair health.

With a spectrum of services that cater to both daily and special occasions, Clique Organic Salons stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the Kitchener hair scene.

Entrusting your hair to their care guarantees not just a transformative experience but also the peace of mind that your hair's health is paramount.

Clique Organic Salons Services:

Category Services
Colouring Hair Colour, Touch Up Colour, Semi-Permanent, Full Colour, Toner and Blow Out, Balayage, Partial and Full Highlight
Haircuts & Styling Haircut and Signature Style, Men’s Haircut + Style, Blow Out, Blow Dry Class, Special Occasion Styling
Treatments Essential Treatment, Organic Perms, Keratin De-Frizzing Treatment



Established in 1989, Teknik Salon & Spa has gracefully matured into one of Kitchener's most prestigious hair and beauty destinations.

With a rich history that spans over three decades, the salon's reputation stands firmly on the pillars of expertise, commitment, and an unparalleled customer experience.

A remarkable trio - Domenic, Joe, and Vince, helms the salon, bringing with them a staggering collective experience of over 90 years.

This leadership, coupled with a robust Skills Development Program, ensures that every member of their 15-strong professional team delivers top-tier service.

Teknik Salon goes beyond just haircuts. They dive deep into understanding your unique style and personality, guiding you through a transformation that resonates with your individuality.

Their colour experts stand out, aiding in choosing the shades that complement you best. If hair extensions are on your mind, rest assured you'll be walking out with only the finest quality.

But what truly sets Teknik Salon & Spa apart is the sensory experience they offer.

A refreshing cappuccino to begin your appointment, a therapeutic scalp massage to prime you for your haircut – it's these little touches that make each visit a delightful escape.

The vast array of services caters to diverse needs, from the basic to the elaborate, ensuring that Teknik Salon & Spa remains your one-stop destination for all things beauty.

Teknik Salon & Spa Services:

Service Category Services
Haircuts & Styling Women's, Men's and Children's Haircut, Styling, Shampoo, Blow-Dry, Updo, Spiral Ringlets, Bridal Party Hair
Colouring & Extensions Ombre, Balayage, Fusion and Bonded Extensions, Colouring, Hi-Lights, Lowlights, Colour Re-Touch, Full and Half Head Foils, Partial Highlights
Texture & Treatment Perms, Curl Relaxer
Beauty & Spa Pedicures, Manicures, Waxing, Eye Lash Extensions

Romeo Aveda Salon Kitchener

Romeo Aveda Salon Kitchener

Romeo Salon Spa stands as a beacon of luxury, elegance, and a holistic approach to beauty, championing the Aveda Concept.

Their commitment to the Aveda philosophy is evident in every service they provide, from hair to skin care, ensuring the use of naturally sourced, eco-friendly products that not only beautify but also nurture.

Customers frequenting Romeo Salon Spa often leave with a feeling of rejuvenation. One patron shared her delightful experience of a simple hair wash and straightening, highlighting the meticulous care that Nico gave to her tresses.

However, she noted that the cost felt a tad steep for the services availed. Nonetheless, the salon's ambiance, particularly the cleanliness of amenities such as the washrooms and the comfort of the waiting room, did not go unnoticed.

Another recent transplant to Kitchener expressed her sheer joy at discovering Romeo Salon Spa.

Nicholas, her stylist, became an instant favorite. She praised his deep knowledge of hair care, his invaluable product recommendations, and his patient, consultative approach to hairstyling.

The products, while on the pricier side, showed positive results for her hair loss concerns. With such an experience, she eagerly looks forward to being a regular at Romeo Salon Spa.

The expertise of Romeo Salon Spa's professionals isn't just limited to regular hair care. Chantelle, another stylist, received high praise for her exceptional balayage skills.

A client with long, dark sandy blonde hair wanted a natural, sun-kissed look reminiscent of summer camp days.

Chantelle's magic transformed her hair, giving it the desired depth and dimension, cementing Romeo Salon Spa as her preferred choice.


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