The 4 Best Hair Salons in Oakville For 2023

Hair Salons in Oakville

Nestled in the heart of Southern Ontario, Oakville is not just a town rich in history and culture, but also a hub of beauty and elegance.

Its bustling streets are graced with some of the finest hair salons in the region.

From modern aesthetics to classic charm, Oakville's salons offer a medley of hair experiences designed to pamper and perfect.

Whether you're looking for a transformative cut, a color refresh, or an intricate style for a special occasion, Oakville's hair sanctuaries have it all.

Dive into our curated list of the best hair salons in Oakville, and let your hair journey begin.

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Nestled in the heart of downtown Oakville is the acclaimed Matthew Jonathan Salon, a beacon of hairstyling and colouring excellence.

For over a quarter of a century, Matthew, the mastermind behind this salon, has been sculpting and colouring tresses with unparalleled finesse.

Recognized for his expertise in a plethora of colour trends, he has notably perfected the Balayage, Colour Melt, Babylights, and Ombre techniques, establishing his salon as the go-to destination for those in pursuit of vibrant and transformative hair makeovers.

Matthew's commitment to excellence extends beyond his personal craft.

As a mentor, he has nurtured a team of stylists, instilling in them the same passion and precision that has defined his illustrious career.

The combined prowess of Matthew and his dedicated team has placed the salon in the limelight, bagging them numerous accolades.

Clients at Matthew Jonathan Salon are not just offered a service; they're provided an experience.

Beginning with a complimentary consultation, each patron is given a tailored treatment plan by a seasoned hairstylist and colourist, ensuring that each hair journey aligns with the client's vision.

Specialty Services Offered By Matthew's Salon :

Service Category Specific Services Offered
Haircuts & Styling Ladies Haircut, Blow Dry, Shampoo, Styling
Coloring Sombre, Solid Colour, Root Colouring, Ombre
Highlighting Balayage, Hi-Lights, Lowlights, Partial and Full Highlights, Full and Half Head Foils
Treatments Olaplex, Pro-Fibre Treatment, Keratin Hair Treatment
Straightening & Perms Smoothing, Str



In the bustling corner of Third Line and Dundas lies a modern hair sanctuary: Mynt Hair Studio.

Embodying contemporary hair artistry, Mynt's legacy in Oakville, Ontario, is synonymous with precision, innovation, and luxe treatments.

With a team of seasoned professionals who not only stay abreast of the latest trends but also prioritize the health and integrity of each client's hair, Mynt has successfully carved a niche for itself as Oakville's quintessential hair destination.

Every service at Mynt is a testament to their commitment to unmatched excellence.

From the first interaction, their dedication shines through, offering complimentary consultations to ascertain client needs and tailor services accordingly.

This personalized approach is complemented by an arsenal of premium hair products and tools, ensuring hair health isn't compromised for style.

The plethora of services offered caters to diverse hair needs and desires.

Whether you're seeking a transformative colour or a therapeutic hair treatment, Mynt's portfolio promises results that are both aesthetic and lasting.

Specialty Services Offered at Mynt Hair Studio:

Service Category Specific Services Offered
Haircuts & Styling Women's and Men's Haircut, Blow-Dry, Up Styles, Formal Styling, Curls
Coloring & Highlights Colouring, Hi-Lights, Partial and Full Highlights, Balayage, Sombre, Ombre, Toners, Corrective Color
Treatments & Texturizing Retexturizing, Perm, Smoothing Services, Hair Extensions, Deep Conditioning, Hair & Olaplex Treatments
Perms Standard and Specialized Perms



Tucked away in Oakville, Ontario, Char Le Blanc Salon is a destination where creativity meets exceptional hair care.

It stands out not just as a professional hair salon, but as an oasis of luxury and serenity.

With a talented ensemble of top-tier hair designers, Char Le Blanc Salon promises not just an appointment, but an experience.

The salon's dedication to the craft is evident in their choice of premium products.

Leveraging the superior quality of brands such as L’oreal Professional, Pureology Haircare, and Kerastase, the team ensures each client leaves with hair that looks and feels its best.

One of Char Le Blanc's unique offerings is its commitment to elevate special occasions.

Their specialized services for VIP Bachelorette and Bridal parties make milestone moments even more memorable.

But what truly sets Char Le Blanc apart is its nod to modern comforts.

The salon features state-of-the-art amenities such as laptop computers and iPads at various stations, ensuring clients remain entertained and engaged during their visit.

Complimentary beverages, makeup touch-ups, and bespoke product recommendations further amplify the luxurious atmosphere.

Specialty Services Offered at Char Le Blanc Salon:

Service Category Specific Services Offered
Coloring & Touch-Ups Root Colour, Touch Up, Toner, Highlights
Highlights & Balayage Half Head Highlights and Balayage, Full Head Highlights
Treatments & Texturizing Kerastase Caviar, Hair and Keratin Straightening Treatment, Perm, Spiral Perm
Styling & Extensions Blow-Out, Hair Extension
Haircuts Children's Haircut, Men's Haircut & Women's Cut

The Onyx Salon Collective Oakville

The Onyx Salon Collective Oakville

At the heart of Oakville lies a gem of a salon: The Onyx Salon Collective.

Beyond just hairstyling, The Onyx stands as a testament to the dedication, passion, and vision of Amanda, its owner and guiding force.

With a career that spans over two decades, Amanda isn't just a hairstylist; she's an industry stalwart.

Her journey, accentuated by owning and successfully running her own business for over a decade, is truly remarkable.

Amanda's leadership style is defined by her dual commitment to mentorship and environmental stewardship.

She has trained under the tutelage of industry giants such as Allilon, Sassoon, Davines, and L’Oreal professional.

This rich tapestry of experiences has honed her skills, making her an expert in precision haircutting, educating, and above all, exemplary customer service.

However, what sets Amanda apart is her broader vision for the salon industry. With a focus on mentorship, she’s committed to guiding new entrants and salon business owners alike.

Her desire to foster artistic, safe spaces for creativity and growth shines through. Her business model, built on inclusivity and systematic approaches, allows salon owners to foster genuine connections that truly matter.

Clients echo these sentiments, painting a picture of a salon that feels less like a business and more like home.

The staff is lauded for their warmth, treating clients as if they're family. Particularly noteworthy is Sheri, a stylist who has garnered rave reviews for her attentive and transformative hair services.

From consultations to the final touch-ups, Sheri ensures each client leaves feeling rejuvenated and valued.


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