Top Rated Jewelry Stores in Burlington

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Burlington, a vibrant city known for its dynamic lifestyle, also boasts a thriving jewelry scene.

Here, local jewelers have artfully balanced tradition and innovation to create a diverse array of exceptional pieces.

Whether it's your quest for the perfect engagement ring, a unique statement piece, or the desire to own ethically sourced jewelry, Burlington's jewelers provide a rich selection of beautiful items.

Let's explore some of the city's best jewelry stores that are not only keeping the craftsmanship alive but also exceeding customer expectations.

Jewelry Stores Burlington

jewelry stores


Luxe Jewellery is a boutique store in Burlington that has garnered an esteemed reputation since opening its doors in August 2015.

Specializing in engagement rings, gold, diamonds, and fashion jewellery, they have already been voted the #1 Jewellery Store in Burlington in 2016 and 2017 by Reader’s Choice.

Their commitment to quality is impressive; each piece of jewellery is hand-picked and rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality, ensuring customers always receive the best value.

Their stunning selection of items, designed and made in North America, Europe, and Asia, is continuously updated, promising an ever-fresh array of options to choose from.

In addition to their exceptional product selection, Luxe Jewellery distinguishes itself through stellar service and competitive prices. Whether you're looking for classic gold and wedding brands, diamonds and gemstones, or custom made designs, Luxe Jewellery offers a remarkable shopping experience.

Specialty Offered Services
Engagement Rings Custom Design & Sizing
Sapphire Sale
Soldering Jewellery Repair
Appraisals Jewellery Appraisal
Custom Made Design Custom Jewellery Design
Ring Sizing Ring Adjustment Service
Loose Diamonds Sale
Checking and Cleaning Jewellery Cleaning Service
Sterling Silver Sale
Gold, and Silver Jewellery Sale & Custom Design
Re-Polish or Rhodium Plating Jewellery Repair
Emerald Sale
Classic Gold and Wedding Brands Sale
Diamonds & Gemstones Sale
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Barry's Jewellers is a renowned store in Burlington with an extensive selection of Canadian diamond jewellery, Lab Grown Diamonds, Maple Leaf engagement rings, Swarovski diamonds, and more. With over 35 years in the jewellery retail business, Barry's Jewellers have upheld their commitment to honesty, integrity, and providing expert service to their clients, fostering a truly personal shopping experience.

They take great pride in their ethically produced diamonds and gold, sourced from Canada, which not only ensures superior environmental standards but also supports local communities and businesses. Additionally, their purchase process is designed to be as simple and rewarding as possible, backed by a lifetime warranty on their engagement rings.

Barry's Jewellers also offer free shipping on orders of $100 or more within Canada, further demonstrating their dedication to customer satisfaction. Whether you're buying or selling, looking to resize, repair, or even custom design your jewellery, Barry's Jewellers is an excellent choice.

Specialty Offered Services
Repairs Jewellery Repair Service
Resizing Ring Adjustment Service
Custom Designs Custom Jewellery Design
Buy Gold Gold Buying Service
Set Diamonds Diamond Setting Service
Re-Rhodium Plating Jewellery Repair
Diamond Trade-In Diamond Exchange Service
Lifetime Engagement Ring Warranty Warranty Service
Returns & Exchanges Hassle-free Returns & Exchanges
Insurance & Financing Flexible Payment & Insurance Options
jewelry stores


Classic Jewellery, located conveniently in Burlington, has been a trusted name in the jewellery business for over 24 years.

Known for their unique selection of designer fine jewellery, diamonds, gemstones, and watches, they have garnered a well-earned reputation for their superior products.

Their offerings extend beyond sales to include jewellery repairs, restoration, design and restyling, bead and pearls restringing, and even antique and modern watch repairs and restorations.

The store's commitment to excellence was recognized in 2008 when they received the Burlington Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award.

They continuously strive to push the envelope with innovative diamond jewellery designs, balancing high-quality craftsmanship with exceptional customer service.

Whether you're searching for chains, wedding bands, pendants, or require specific services like gemstone cutting and polishing, ring sizing, prong re-tipping and restoration, or laser welding, Classic Jewellery has you covered.

Specialty Offered Services
Chains, Wedding Bands, Pendants Sale
Gem Stone Cutting and Polishing Gemstone Services
Three Stone Diamond and Solitaire Engagement Rings Sale & Custom Design
Earrings, Necklaces Sale
Ring Sizing Ring Adjustment Service
Prong Re Tipping and Restorations Jewellery Repair
Ing Silver and Stones Sale
Laser Welding Jewellery Repair
Pearls and Beads Restringing Jewellery Repair
Machine Engraving Engraving Service
Appraisals Jewellery Appraisal
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Best Jewellery in Burlington

From providing exquisite pieces to exceptional customer service, Burlington's jewelry stores indeed have something special for everyone.

Whether it's engagement rings, gold pieces, diamonds, or personalized designs, these establishments have showcased their dedication and commitment to their craft.

They are not just stores; they are destinations where customers are guided and cared for in their quest for the perfect piece.

With ethical sourcing, local production, and a wide array of offerings, they continue to be Burlington's sparkling gems in the industry.

jewelry stores


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