4 Best Jewelry Stores in Burlington For 2023

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Burlington, renowned for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage, is also home to a glittering array of jewellery stores that cater to connoisseurs of elegance and artistry.

From bespoke creations to timeless classics, these boutiques offer an array of choices that charm residents and visitors alike.

Whether you're searching for a statement piece, a treasured keepsake, or looking to create memories with a bespoke design, Burlington's finest jewellery establishments await your discovery.

Dive into our guide and unveil the city's most shimmering gems.



Stepping into Luxe Jewellery feels akin to discovering a hidden treasure chest, nestled right in the heart of Burlington.

Having launched in August 2015, this locally owned boutique has swiftly risen to prominence, and with valid reason.

Recognized as Burlington's #1 Jewellery Store for two consecutive years by Reader’s Choice, Luxe Jewellery is more than just a store – it's an experience.

Their success can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to quality and exquisite taste.

With an array of handpicked items designed and crafted across North America, Europe, and Asia, each piece of jewellery tells a story.

Whether it's the sparkle of their diamonds or the intricate design of their fashion jewellery, one can sense the meticulous care and expertise behind every item.

Their vast and diverse selection, coupled with competitive prices, makes them a beacon for those seeking both luxury and value.

Moreover, their emphasis on client service is evident. From helping you find the perfect engagement ring to offering services like jewellery cleaning and soldering, Luxe Jewellery ensures that every patron's needs are met with professionalism and warmth.

Table of Specialties:

Category Details
Engagement Jewellery Engagement Rings, Loose Diamonds
Precious Stones Diamonds, Sapphire, Emerald, Gemstones
Jewellery Types Sterling Silver, Classic Gold, Silver, Wedding Brands
Services Ring Sizing, Soldering, Appraisals, Re-Polish/Rhodium Plating, Custom Made Design, Checking & Cleaning
Origins North America, Europe, Asia



In the sparkling landscape of Burlington's jewellery scene, Barry's Jewellers emerges as a luminous beacon of quality, trust, and dedication.

Established over 35 years ago, this esteemed establishment offers more than just jewellery; it provides a legacy, infused with honesty and integrity that's deeply embedded in its roots.

The store's impressive range, featuring Canadian diamonds, Maple Leaf engagement rings, and Swarovski diamonds, speaks volumes about its commitment to both quality and origin.

Lab Grown Diamonds, a sustainable choice, further underscores their dedication to ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility.

Supporting local communities and businesses while ensuring that their offerings are environmentally superior demonstrates a forward-thinking approach that's both commendable and timely.

Yet, what truly sets Barry's Jewellers apart is the personal touch they bring to the retail experience.

They understand the emotional significance behind each purchase, whether it's a symbol of love, a cherished memory, or a mark of achievement.

Their array of services ensures that every piece of jewellery retains its lustre and significance for a lifetime.

Table of Specialties:

Category Details
Jewellery Selection Canadian Diamond Jewellery, Lab Grown Diamonds, Maple Leaf Engagement Rings, Swarovski Diamonds
Services Repairs, Resizing, Set Diamonds, Re-Rhodium Plating, Custom Designs
Buying & Selling Buy Gold, Diamond Trade-In
Assurances Lifetime Engagement Ring Warranty, Returns & Exchanges, Insurance & Financing
Shipping Free on Orders of $100 or More (within Canada)



For more than two decades, Classic Jewellery has gracefully adorned the heart of Burlington, bringing an unmatched allure and finesse to the world of adornments.

With an impeccable 24-year track record, they've solidified their reputation not just as purveyors of unique, designer-quality jewels but also as a beacon of impeccable craftsmanship and customer service.

The exquisite range at Classic Jewellery paints a vivid picture of diversity and elegance.

From the brilliance of diamonds and gemstones to the allure of beautifully crafted watches, their collection is a testament to the timeless charm of jewellery. Yet, it's not just about sales.

Classic Jewellery has intertwined service and restoration into its ethos, ensuring every piece maintains its eternal glow.

Receiving the Burlington Chamber of Commerce 2008 Business Excellence award isn't merely a feather in their cap but a testament to their consistent commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Table of Specialties:

Category Details
Jewellery Selection Chains, Wedding Bands, Pendants, Three Stone Diamond & Solitaire Engagement Rings, Earrings, Necklaces
Gem Services Gem Stone Cutting and Polishing, Prong Re Tipping and Restorations
Restoration & Repairs Ring Sizing, Bead and Pearls Restringing, Laser Welding, Antique and Modern Watch Repairs, Clock Repairs
Craftsmanship Ing Silver and Stones, Machine Engraving
Authenticity & Quality Appraisals

Jockheck Jewellers

Jockheck Jewellers

Nestled in the heart of Burlington, Jockheck Jewellers isn't just another jewellery store; it's an institution.

Offering patrons a serene space where inspiration meets craftsmanship, this studio is where jewellery dreams come to life.

Whether you're dreaming of bespoke pieces or hoping to breathe new life into an heirloom, David Walter Jockheck, the master goldsmith with an illustrious career spanning four decades, is at your service.

As you step into this cozy den of artistry, you're greeted not just with glittering masterpieces but with the aura of a craftsman's sanctum.

It’s rare to find a place where every piece of jewellery is suffused with such passion and dedication.

The designs here effortlessly bridge the gap between the classic and the contemporary.

Utilizing both traditional techniques and modern computer assistance, David ensures that every creation is a testament to the finest craftsmanship in Southern Ontario.

Table of Specialities:

Service Description
Custom Design & Craftsmanship Tailored diamond & coloured stone jewellery in preferred styles & metals
In-house Alterations & Repairs Comprehensive jewellery repair services
Appraisals Expert jewellery evaluations
Ring Services Re-sizing by welding, spacer bar installations for a snug fit, and re-shanking for worn rings
Chain, Bracelet, & Necklace Services Seamless repairs with laser technology
Gem Services Gemstone replacement & re-polishing
Claw & Bezel Maintenance Laser re-tipping without gemstone removal & refurbishing of bezels and channel walls
Insurance Assistance Guidance and support for jewellery insurance claims


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