The 4 Best Jewelry Stores in Kitchener For 2023

Jewelry Stores in Kitchener

Kitchener boasts an array of distinguished jewelry stores, each offering a unique blend of timeless designs, expert craftsmanship, and unparalleled quality.

Whether you're seeking heirloom pieces, contemporary designs, or custom creations, Kitchener's jewelers stand ready to adorn you with their finest.

Dive into our curated guide and discover the city's luminous gems.

Best Jewelry Stores in Kitchener



With more than 35 years serving the Waterloo Region, John Anthony Jewellers exudes excellence and dedication in the realm of fine jewelry.

Their commitment to high-quality pieces and intrinsic value is unparalleled, and they shine especially bright with their bespoke design services tailored uniquely to each individual.

Below is a snapshot of what they specialize in:

Specialty Details
Estate Jewellery Timeless pieces from bygone eras.
Custom Designs Personalized designs for unique heirlooms.
Rings For every occasion and commitment.
Earrings Designs that complement every face shape.
Bracelets From simple bands to intricate designs.
Pendants Crafted to perfection for necklaces.
Charms Personal touches for bracelets and necklaces.
Necklaces From chokers to opera lengths.
Chains Different lengths and designs.
Pins Add a touch of elegance to any attire.



Founded in 2007 in Kitchener, ON, BC Gems & Jewellery has firmly established its legacy in the realm of elegant craftsmanship and jewelry design.

They've become synonymous with exquisite custom creations that are as unique as the occasions they celebrate.

Their commitment goes beyond just providing sparkling pieces; they employ modern CAD design techniques to visualize bespoke masterpieces, ensuring every piece is a reflection of personal taste and sentiment.

The complementary annual cleaning and inspection service is a testament to their dedication to the longevity of their creations.

Whether it's jewelry or eyeglasses, their expertise ensures an impeccable finish every time.

Specialty Description
Mounting Stone Replacements Expertly replacing and setting stones.
White Gold Diamond Fashion Ring Elegant designs for the modern aesthetic.
Polishing Ensuring each piece sparkles like new.
Necklaces Designs that drape elegantly around the neck.
2 and 3 Stone Rings Rings that tell a story with every stone.
Cleaning Maintenance to keep your jewelry shining.
Pendants Beautifully crafted pieces to complement necklaces.
Watches Timepieces that exude luxury and precision.
Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstone Stones that captivate with their beauty.
Bracelets From bangles to chains, styles for every wrist.
Custom Made Jewellery Personalized designs tailored for the individual.
Ring Sizing Perfectly adjusting rings for a comfortable fit.
Engraving Personal touches to make each piece unique.
Bands A range of designs for every occasion.
Re-Tipping Claws Expert maintenance to keep stones securely in place.
Clasp Replacement Ensuring each piece is secure and wearable.



Situated in the vibrant city of Kitchener, Arman's Jewellers stands as a hallmark of exquisite jewelry craftsmanship.

This family-owned jewel holds decades of goldsmithing expertise, weaving a rich tapestry of quality, elegance, and personal touch.

With a selection that ranges from classic brooches to contemporary fine Italian gold pieces, Arman's Jewellers embodies the spirit of both tradition and innovation.

The unique experience of interacting directly with seasoned goldsmiths ensures that patrons receive more than just a piece of jewelry; they become part of Arman's storied legacy.

Each item in the collection is more than a mere accessory; it's a narrative of love, artistry, and dedication.

Specialty Description
Battery and Shank Replacement Comprehensive watch maintenance and services.
Pendants Artfully crafted pieces, ideal for every occasion.
Fine Italian Gold Imported gold collections showcasing Italian craftsmanship.
Platinum and Silver Jewellery Classic and contemporary designs in precious metals.
Brooches Timeless adornments, perfect for adding elegance.
Wedding Bands Bands symbolizing love, in various designs and finishes.
Ring Sizing Ensuring the perfect fit for every finger.
Pearl A range of elegant pearl jewelry pieces.
Necklaces Designs that captivate, from chokers to long chains.
Earrings Styles ranging from studs to dangle earrings.
Gemstones Precious stones in various cuts and colors.
Engraving Personalized messages and designs on jewelry.
Jewellery Redesign Transforming old jewelry into modern masterpieces.
Bracelets From charm bracelets to bangles, for every wrist.
Prong Re-Tipping Ensuring stones remain secure in their settings.
Diamonds From solitaires to intricate designs, in various cuts and sizes.
Appraisals Detailed evaluations for insurance or personal knowledge.
Precious or Semi-Precious Gems An expansive range of stones for every piece.
Watches Timepieces that blend functionality with style.

MT Jewellers & Goldsmiths LTD

MT Jewellers & Goldsmiths LTD

Deeply rooted in Canadian jewelry craftsmanship since 1985, MT Jewellers & Goldsmiths LTD. has established its legacy as a trusted family-owned venture in Kitchener Waterloo.

With a heritage boasting over a century's worth of combined experience across myriad facets of the industry, from wholesale to meticulous repair services, this establishment is a beacon of expertise and trustworthiness.

The heartbeat of MT Jewellers & Goldsmiths LTD. lies in its remarkable team - a congregation of proficient goldsmiths, astute gemologists, and adept horologists.

Unlike the transactional approach often experienced in franchised establishments, MT Jewellers offers a distinctively intimate, personalized touch.

This, coupled with their unwavering commitment to on-site repairs, ensures every cherished item remains within their trusted care, never being outsourced.

Speed, precision, and utmost security - with all items being insured and securely stored - underpin their local acclaim as the fastest jewelry repair service.

Specialty Description
Goldsmithing Expert in-house team adept at crafting and repairing items.
Gemology Professionals skilled in assessing and understanding gemstones.
Horology Mastery over timepieces and related repairs.
On-Site Repairs Comprehensive repair services without outsourcing.
Security & Assurance Insured items, safely stored within premises.
Personalized Experience Tailored services offering an intimate customer journey.
Chain Repair Specialized in-house service for both silver and gold chains.


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