The 3 Best Jewelry Stores in London For 2023

Jewelry Stores in London

Discover the brilliance and artistry of London, ON's finest jewellers.

From timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces, here's a curated list of the best jewelry stores that the London has to offer.

Best Jewelry Stores in London



In the heart of London, Ontario... Nash Jewellers stands as a paragon of timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship.

With its rich legacy dating back to 1918, this 4th generation family-operated establishment exudes a unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary luxury.

Recognized as an Official Rolex and Tudor Retailer, Nash Jewellers guarantees not just authentic, high-end pieces, but also a bespoke buying experience.

Their team, comprising skilled jewelers, ensures adherence to ethical standards, gemological expertise, and consumer interests.

From classic diamonds to fashionable accessories, every piece is a testament to their commitment to quality and style.

Their dedicated alterations and repair services further underscore their proficiency in the realm of jewelry.

A visit to their showroom is not just about purchasing an item; it’s about embarking on a memorable journey of finesse and splendor.

Nash's Specialty Table:

Item Category Specialties
Jewelry Diamonds, Rings, Bangle, Pins, Pendants, Necklace, Bridal Set, Pearl Collection, Earrings, Wedding Bands, Brooches
Watches Official Rolex, Official Tudor
Accessories Cuff Links, Fashion Accessories, Corporate Gift, Executive
Services Jewellery Repair, Alterations, Engagement Ring Presentation
Metals Gold, Tungsten, Titanium, Palladium, Platinum
Gifts Birks Snowflake Bracelet, Gifts



Diamond & Gold Treasures is more than just a jewelry store—it’s a testament to the myriad dimensions of the jewelry business.

With a diverse experience ranging from jewelry manufacturing and wholesaling to maintaining their own retail presence, this establishment has carved its unique niche in the market.

Their extensive engagement in flea markets across Toronto and participation in special events showcases their comprehensive grasp of the industry's heartbeat.

However, the cornerstone of Diamond & Gold Treasures lies in their passion for personal customer interactions.

Their ability to offer high-quality jewelry pieces at competitive prices without compromising on service or quality is remarkable.

This isn't just a place to buy jewelry; it's an experience where relationships are nurtured, knowledge is imparted, and genuine care for the customer is exhibited.

For those who value both the beauty of the jewelry and the sentiment behind it, Diamond & Gold Treasures is a must-visit.

DIAMOND & GOLD Specialty Table:

Item Category Specialties
Rings Ladies' Rings, Men's Rings, Wedding & Engagement Rings
Earrings Earrings, Diamond Earrings
Neckwear Pendants, Chains
Wristwear Bracelets
Collections Silver Collection
Unique Offerings Special Items



Gordons Gold Jewellers of London, ON, is not just another jewelry store—it’s an institution of excellence.

A beacon of distinction in the jewelry realm, its reputation is solidified by its notable membership with the prestigious American Gem Society, an accolade only few can boast, and being the pioneering Canadian entity to join this exclusive circle of elite jewelers speaks volumes about its illustrious standing.

Stepping into Gordons Gold is an exploration of craftsmanship, with a plethora of precious gemstones and a mastery of hand-engraving on display.

The on-site goldsmith workshop ensures that every intricate detail is catered for, be it a new piece or a repair service.

Coupled with the aesthetically pleasing showroom, the ambiance is crafted to evoke warmth, trust, and unforgettable experiences.

As for their collections, the extensive range sourced from internationally renowned brands offers a melange of choices, cementing their commitment to cater to a diverse clientele.

For those seeking unparalleled quality, service, and selection, Gordons Gold Jewellers is a definitive destination.

GORDONS Specialty Table:

Item Category Specialties
Rings Rings, Engagement Rings, Wedding Band
Earrings Earrings
Neckwear Necklaces and Pendants
Wristwear Bracelets
For Men Mens
Timepieces Watches
Services & Others Pearl Restringing, Bridal & Anniversary


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