Keep an eye on things! New ideas for old windows

New ideas for old windows

For environmental and cost reasons, you replaced the wooden lattice windows with new triple-glazed windows. Exemplary! But now you're left with the old windows, which are of course far too good to just be thrown out with the general waste.

There are countless ways to give the pretty lattice windows a new lease of life with creative ideas. Whether as wall decorations for real or imaginary walls, as partition walls, as building material for light-filled rooms or even entire houses - I am enthusiastic, inspired and enchanted by the nostalgic charm that the old windows exude in their new surroundings.

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1. Romantic garden pavilion

Admittedly, you need a lot of old windows for this pavilion. But you can enjoy nature all year round in a winter garden. The construction requires a supporting framework; then the identical windows attached to it visually merge into a continuous glass surface.

Amy Isbon_Moore

2. Recycled greenhouse

Since thermal insulation is less important in greenhouses, historic, single-glazed windows are also ideal for building one - the American Amy Moore showed how to do it with 26 old oak windows.
First, put the various wooden windows together wall by wall so that they form a flush surface. Then screw the windows together to a previously erected stable wooden frame. The construction is easier with windows of the same size, but you can achieve more interesting effects with different formats.

3. Airy room divider

The glass wall made of several equally sized lattice windows gives this open living area more structure. Thanks to the transparency, the room retains its optical size and remains flooded with light.

Within a large room, it would also be conceivable to construct a new "glass room" made of recycled windows. In open-plan offices, for example, an acoustically shielded telephone or conference room can be created. No matter what purpose you are building your glass house for - a room made of recycled glass windows always looks artistic, individual and creative!

Monica Ewing

4. Window pictures

Are you looking for ideas for just one single lattice window? How about using it as a picture frame?

Distribute smaller photos, works of art or objects across the individual fields - or place a large-format picture behind the lattice window. The grid of the lattices creates a completely new and unique work of art in any case.

Becky Cunningham Home

5. Nostalgic decoration

An antique wooden window is simply great as a non-purposeful decoration. Whether with or without glass panes, you can create a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere.

Van-Martin Rowe

6. Enchanted garden wall

A garden wall covered in vines, interrupted by old, white glass windows through which you can no longer see anything: such an installation gives your garden a fairytale, even enchanted atmosphere. A bit like "Alice in Wonderland"...

Shannon Ggem Design

7. Surreal optics

The artist René Magritte often used a window motif in his surreal scenes. Follow his example: simply frame the air with the window - and turn nature into a picture. The seemingly free-floating window frame could just as well have been built into an imaginary wall.

You can make yourself comfortable in an armchair underneath and give in to your own imagination with a smile.

8. Sitting in a glass house

Last but not least, an inspiring and romantic story: On their first date in a café, the artist couple Lilah Orwitz and Nick Olson drew their dream on a napkin: They wanted to create a place where you can see the sunset every day; a house made entirely of discarded windows. After some time, the romantic idea became reality in West Virginia. The two of them, without any help or much prior knowledge, built their dream house within six months. They never miss the sunset.


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