Top 7 Korean Restaurants in Mississauga You Can’t Miss!

korean food

Ah, Korean cuisine – it's the perfect blend of spicy, sweet, and savory flavors that always leaves you craving more!

From crispy fried chicken to comforting bowls of bibimbap, there's just something so satisfying about this diverse and flavorful fare.

I recently embarked on a culinary journey through Mississauga to discover the best Korean restaurants in town.

So, grab your chopsticks and join me as we explore the sizzling hotspots serving up some seriously scrumptious Korean dishes in the heart of Mississauga.

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Best Korean Restaurant in Mississauga

korean food

Chingu BBQ House Website

Location: 1185 Dundas St E, Mississauga

Chingu BBQ House is an authentic Korean BBQ spot where you get to cook your own meat at your table.

The marinated meats were tender, flavorful, and cooked to perfection with their provided grill.

The must-try items include their spicy pork belly, LA-style short ribs, and the addictive kimchi fried rice.

The banchan, or Korean side dishes, were varied and delicious, making the whole experience even better. The ambiance was lively, and the service was friendly and attentive.

Seoul House BBQ Website

Location: 1310 Dundas St E, Mississauga

Seoul House BBQ offers an extensive menu of Korean dishes in addition to their BBQ options.

The quality of the meat was impressive, and the staff helped us cook it just right. Their seafood pancake, japchae, and the spicy soft tofu soup were all standouts.

The restaurant had a cozy atmosphere with traditional Korean decor, making it a great spot for a family dinner or a casual night out.

Bapbo Korean Restaurant Website

Location: 1675 The Chase, Mississauga

Bapbo Korean Restaurant serves up authentic traditional Korean cuisine in a warm and inviting setting.

Their bibimbap was a colorful, hearty dish that hit all the right notes with its flavorful and well-seasoned ingredients.

The dolsot bibimbap, served in a hot stone bowl, was particularly satisfying. The Korean fried chicken was crispy and coated in a finger-licking sauce that had the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

korean food

The Manna Korean Cuisine Website

Location: 142 Dundas St W, Mississauga

The Manna Korean Cuisine offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere along with a diverse menu that caters to a variety of tastes.

Their bulgogi and galbi dishes were tender and packed with flavor, while their seafood sundubu jjigae (soft tofu stew) was rich and comforting.

The banchan selection was diverse and added a great contrast to the main dishes. This is a great spot to catch up with friends or have a low-key date night.

Man Doo Hyang Website

Location: 6981 Millcreek Dr, Mississauga

Man Doo Hyang is a cozy little spot specializing in Korean dumplings (mandu). The homemade dumplings were plump and filled with a delicious mix of meat and vegetables.

The steamed and pan-fried versions were equally satisfying. Don't miss their kimchi mandu, which offered a nice spicy kick.

Besides dumplings, their noodle soups and rice dishes were also worth trying.

Masijta Grill Website

Location: 5100 Erin Mills Pkwy, Mississauga

Masijta Grill, located inside the Erin Mills Town Centre, is a hidden gem for Korean BBQ lovers.

The quality of the meats was top-notch, and the marinades were delectable. Their spicy pork and marinated short ribs were especially memorable.

The side dishes were plentiful and delicious, while the service was friendly and efficient. This place is perfect for a quick shopping break or a casual lunch.

korean food

Ido Sushi & Grill Website

Location: 1107 Lorne Park Rd, Mississauga

Ido Sushi & Grill combines the best of Korean BBQ and Japanese cuisine in one location.

Their Korean BBQ dishes were top-notch, with the marinated short ribs and spicy pork being particularly tender and flavorful.

The sushi was fresh, and the rolls were creative and delicious, with the Dragon Roll and the Ido Special Roll being definite standouts.

Their bibimbap and spicy seafood soup were also great choices. The staff were friendly and attentive, making the whole experience enjoyable.

HanCook Korean Restaurant Website

Location: 6400 Millcreek Dr #1, Mississauga

HanCook Korean Restaurant offers a modern and sleek atmosphere along with a wide variety of authentic Korean dishes.

Their seafood pancake was crispy on the outside and packed with tasty ingredients, while their dolsot bibimbap was served sizzling hot and deliciously seasoned.

The Korean fried chicken was perfectly crispy and coated in a sweet and spicy sauce that left us craving more.

The service was prompt, and the staff were knowledgeable about the menu.

Soo Dam Korean Kitchen Website

Location: 1165 Oxford St, Mississauga

Soo Dam Korean Kitchen is a cozy spot serving up delicious Korean comfort food.

The menu featured a wide range of traditional Korean dishes, including bibimbap, stews, and stir-fries.

The spicy pork bulgogi was tender and flavorful, and the seafood soondubu jjigae was packed with fresh ingredients and had just the right amount of heat.

The friendly service and relaxed atmosphere made for a memorable dining experience.

Best Korean Restaurants in Mississauga

korean food
Restaurant Cuisine Type Price Range Rating
Chingu BBQ House Korean BBQ $$ 4.3
Seoul House BBQ Korean BBQ $$ 4.2
Bapbo Korean Restaurant Traditional $$ 4.1
The Manna Korean Cuisine Traditional $$ 4.3
Man Doo Hyang Korean Dumplings $ 4.0
Masijta Grill Korean BBQ $$ 4.5
Ido Sushi & Grill Korean BBQ, Sushi $$ 4.0
Poyoty Pocha Korean Street Food $$ 4.4

In conclusion, my gastronomic adventure through Mississauga's Korean food scene has left me with a newfound appreciation for this diverse and delicious cuisine.

The city truly offers an incredible array of Korean dishes that cater to a variety of palates and preferences.

From the sizzle of tabletop grills at Korean BBQ joints to the comforting warmth of soups and stews, Mississauga's Korean restaurants are a must-visit for anyone craving authentic, mouthwatering flavors.

If you're a fellow foodie who's passionate about exploring new culinary delights, you can't go wrong with any of these fantastic spots. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!


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