Top Rated Locksmiths in Burlington


Navigating through the sea of locksmith services in Burlington can feel overwhelming.

But rest assured, the city hosts a variety of professional locksmiths renowned for their exceptional expertise and service quality.

From emergencies to routine maintenance, they have you covered.

This article highlights some of the top locksmith businesses in Burlington, outlining their services, specialties, and what sets them apart.

Explore the best options to find the perfect fit for your security needs.

Best Locksmiths in Burlington



Treco Locksmith & Security is a reputable, full-service locksmith company in Burlington, dedicated to meeting commercial and residential needs.

Specializing in security management for various property sizes, their team of experts provides round-the-clock emergency services for various scenarios, including home, business, and vehicle lockouts.

Apart from traditional locksmith services, they offer a broad spectrum of sophisticated solutions, from servicing and installing automatic door operators to hardware for commercial doors and frames, panic bars, and fire door.

They also work with advanced security elements such as electronic keypad locks, high-security hardware, and smart home devices.

Their commitment to customer security doesn't stop at their commercial offerings. They provide high-quality residential solutions and customise their services to meet your home security needs.

Treco Locksmith & Security is truly a one-stop shop for all locksmith needs. With their 24-hour emergency service, you can feel safe and secure around the clock.

Specialty Offered Services
Ignition Repairs Automotive Services
Electronic Keypad Locks Advanced Security Solutions
High Security and Hardware Enhanced Lock Systems
Mail Box and Internal Secondary Mail and Internal Locks
Smart Home Devices Home Security Solutions
Door Closers and Self-Closing Hinges Door Accessories
Tool Box, Cabinet and Desk Locks & Keys Specialized Lock Services


Alpha Locksmith of Burlington is a trusted name in locksmith services in Burlington, Ontario.

As a Canadian-owned and operated company, they are known for their affordable, professional, mobile lock, safe, and door services. Their skilled locksmiths provide a wide range of services and products, meeting diverse access and security needs.

Whether it's emergency door and trunk openings, lockout and rekeying services, or more complex services like high-security systems, card access, or safe cracking, they've got you covered.

Notably, they offer free emergency door openings for pets and infants, highlighting their commitment to community safety.

Alpha Locksmith of Burlington takes pride in their work, and it shows in their three-month guarantee on all parts and labour, which provides customers with peace of mind.

For your emergency locksmith services, Alpha Locksmith of Burlington is a reliable choice.

Specialty Offered Services
Emergency Door and Trunk Openings Emergency Services
Lockout, Rekeying Key & Lock Services
Repairs, Deadbolt Installation Door Security
Mail Box, Electronic, Keyless Entry, Push Button Lock Specialized Lock Systems
Entrance Gripset, Panic Bars, Trims, Door Closers Door Hardware
Handicap Doors Specialized Door Services
Stuck Key Extractions Emergency Services
High-Security, Card Access Advanced Security Systems
Safe Cracking, Combination Change Safe Services
Geared Hinges, Extraction Door Hardware
Glove Box Opening, Vending Machines & File Cabinets Locks Specialized Lock Services


Diligent Locksmith in Burlington is a reliable locksmith mobile company that operates seven days a week.

With over seven years of professional experience, they are licensed and insured, providing comprehensive services to meet the needs of all Burlington residents.

Whether it's a residential or commercial locksmith job, the company's highly trained experts guarantee top-quality service.

They exhibit professionalism and expertise regardless of the car's make and model, ensuring that each job is carried out with utmost care and precision, preventing any damage during the process.

One unique feature of Diligent Locksmith is their home invasion prevention services, where they work to enhance the security of your home.

Additionally, they offer emergency locksmith services, demonstrating their commitment to addressing all your lock-related concerns promptly.

Specialty Offered Services
Safes Safe Installation and Repairs
Car Key Replacement Automotive Services
Door Rekey Residential Services
Residential and Commercial Lock Change Commercial Services
Eviction Locksmith Specialized Lock Services
House Lockouts Emergency Services
Home Invasion Prevention & Installation Home Security Solutions

Navigating through the locksmith market in Burlington doesn't have to be daunting. We've examined some of the city's most reputable locksmiths - Alpha Locksmith, Treco Locksmith & Security, and Diligent Locksmith.

Each offers a unique blend of expertise, experience, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

From emergency lockouts to advanced security installations, these businesses stand ready to ensure your safety and security needs are met efficiently.

Choose wisely, and your peace of mind will be just a phone call away.



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