The 3 Best Nail salons in Burlington For 2023

nail salons

Discover the top nail salons in Burlington, where expertise meets innovation, and every manicure or pedicure promises a touch of luxury.

Here's a curated list of establishments that have set benchmarks in quality, hygiene, and creativity.

Best Nail Salons in Burlington


nail salons

Nail Experts & Spa in Burlington is a hallmark of unparalleled nail care and spa services.

Their dedication to quality is evident in their expansive range of offerings, delivered by certified professionals.

The salon takes pride in presenting a rich palette of services that extend beyond the conventional, ensuring that every client receives the bespoke care they deserve.

From impeccable nail designs to rejuvenating spa treatments, they have mastered the art of combining luxury with expertise.

The array of nail colors and designs available caters to diverse tastes, from those seeking understated elegance to those yearning for glamorous opulence.

The added offerings of body treatments like waxing, sugaring, and eyelash extensions accentuate their versatility and commitment to holistic beauty.

Nail Experts & Spa provides a sanctuary where the synergy of beauty and relaxation is celebrated.

NAIL EXPERTS & SPA Specialty Table:

Service Category Specific Offerings
Manicure Shellac, Regular, Deluxe
Polish Change Toes
Nail Treatment Paraffin for Hands/ Feet, Shellac Removal
Artificial Nails Acrylic, Powder Gel, Biogel Full Set/Refill, Shellac Colour, French
Nail Designs Chrome, Nail Design
Spa Services Waxing, Eyelash Extension, Massage


nail salons

Nails for You in Burlington has cemented its reputation as a leading nail salon, a haven where expertise meets luxury.

Recognized for their bespoke services, they have masterfully blended the world of intricate nail art with relaxation, providing clients with an experience that is as rejuvenating as it is beautifying.

A meticulously curated palette of color gels ensures that each nail art vision is transformed into reality, reflecting the latest in trend and sophistication.

The salon's emphasis on using premium products while maintaining an impeccable standard of hygiene demonstrates their commitment to ensuring clients' well-being and satisfaction.

Moreover, the wide-ranging services don't just cater to nails but extend to the realms of waxing, providing a holistic beauty experience.

The salon's ethos revolves around quality, affordability, and an unparalleled client experience, solidifying its status as the go-to destination for those in search of nail perfection in Burlington.

NAILS FOR YOU Specialty Table:

Service Category Specific Offerings
NAIL CARE Bio Gel, U.V Gel, Acrylic, Dipping Gel, Special Shapes (Almond, Coffin, Stiletto, Extra-Long), Nail Set Take Off, Shellac Removal, Nail Trim, Manicures & Pedicures (Spa, Shellac, Regular, French Style), Designs
WAXING Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Chin, Sideburn, Full Face, Under Arms, Arms (Full & Half), Legs (Full, Half & with Bikini)


nail salons

Princess Nails and Spa in Burlington offers a harmonious blend of nail care luxury and comprehensive beauty services.

From intricate nail designs to rejuvenating facials, their menu is replete with options designed for the modern individual.

Their team of nail experts, skilled in the art and science of nail care, work with a dynamic palette of shades and the best in quality materials.

This ensures that every manicure or pedicure is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

A unique feature of this salon is the provision of a separate spa area, tailored to accommodate special occasions such as bridal events or corporate retreats, marking them as a venue not just for individual pampering but also collective indulgence.

The establishment's readiness to welcome walk-ins is indicative of their customer-centric approach, ensuring beauty and relaxation are always within reach for the Burlington community.

PRINCESS NAILS Specialty Table:

Service Category Specific Offerings
NAIL ENHANCEMENTS Acrylic, Powder Gel, Bio Gel, Dipping, Refill (Acrylic, Powder Gel, Bio Gel), Manicures & Pedicures, Paraffin Dip, Nail Polishes, Nail Repair, Nail Maintenance, Shellac Services
WAXING Eyebrow (Regular & Shaping), Upper Lip, Chin, Side Burn, Full Face, Under Arm, Arm (Full, Half & Specifics: Hands or Feet), Body (Chest, Back, Abdomen), Leg (Full, Upper & Lower), Bikini Regions (Bikini Line & Brazilian)


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