The 3 Best Nail salons in Guelph For 2023

nail salons in Guelph

Searching for the perfect nail salon experience in Guelph? The city boasts a range of top-notch nail salons that prioritize quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction.

Whether you're seeking intricate nail art, a classic manicure, or soothing spa treatments, Guelph's nail salon scene has something for everyone.

Best Nail Salons in Guelph


nail salons

LUX Nail Spa, situated in the vibrant city of Guelph, presents itself as a sanctuary for nail and waxing aficionados.

Owned and operated by local connoisseurs of beauty, this salon is renowned for its unmatched range of services.

Every visit promises an immersion into a world of relaxation, underscored by their team's dedication to warmth and expertise.

The abundance of nail color choices is a testament to their commitment to variety and quality. More than just a nail salon, LUX Nail Spa prioritizes a tranquil environment, handpicking only the finest products to be featured in their treatments.

Their use of natural products not only champions an eco-friendly approach but also ensures a gentle and comforting experience for the clients.

Driven by a passion for client satisfaction, they persistently aim to exceed expectations, making LUX Nail Spa a distinguished destination for those seeking a blend of luxury and care.

LUX Nail Spa Specialty:

Service Description
Acrylic Full set and fills
Gel and Bio-Gel Full set and fills
Express Manicure/Pedicure
Deluxe Manicure/Pedicure
Polish Change Available for both hands and feet
Nail Art and Design
Cut Down
Take Off
Paraffin Wax
Artificial Nails
Long Nails
Shellac Removal


nail salons

Hanna's Nail Bar is an epitome of aesthetic allure in the realm of beauty care.

Situated at the city's pulse, this salon is revered for delivering a blend of artistic mastery and unwavering dedication to nail wellness.

Clients are welcomed into a sanctuary helmed by adroit technicians, well-versed in sculpting masterpieces on nails and revitalizing hands and feet.

The spectrum of their services doesn't end with nails; it spans to encompass holistic beauty treatments like waxing and facials.

The salon's distinction lies in their pursuit of excellence, showcased in their curated range of premium products and an ethos centered on client contentment.

As a mainstay in the beauty community, Hanna's Nail Bar is a testament to transformative indulgence.

Hanna's Nail Bar Specialty:

Service Description
Bio Gel Full set and refill
Solar Clear Pink Full set and refill
UV Gel Full set and refill
Acrylic Full set and refill
Dipping Powder
Special Shaping/Long Nail
Ombre/ French
Multiple Colours
Manicure Regular and Shellac versions available
Pedicure Regular and Shellac versions available
Take Off Shellac, Dipping, Fake Nail
Polish Change Hand/Feet
Nail Art/Fix
Shellac Change Hand
Paraffin Wax Available for both hand or feet


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Mickey Nails Spa stands as a pinnacle in the realm of nail artistry. Offering a tranquil escape, this sanctuary is devoted to uplifting your nail aesthetics to new heights of luxury.

The passionate team, with their array of services ranging from essential nail care to skin pampering treatments like facials and waxing, is resolute in ensuring that every client's visit transcends the ordinary.

Their arsenal of top-grade products and advanced techniques promise excellence in results.

Nestled in sumptuous surroundings, the salon's manifold services are tailor-made for those in pursuit of holistic indulgence.

Furthermore, their gift certificate offerings epitomize the spirit of sharing the joy of relaxation and beauty with dear ones.

Mickey Nails Spa Specialty:

Service Description
Acrylic Full set and refill
Nail Shaping
UV Gel Full set and refill
Solar Full set and refill
Pink and White Powder Dip
Nail Take Off
Manicure Regular and Shellac versions available
Nail Polish Change


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