The 3 Best Nail salons in Oakville For 2023

nail salons in oakville

In the picturesque town of Oakville, renowned for its scenic lakeshore and vibrant arts culture, nail salons have carved a niche of their own.

With a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, these salons stand as epitomes of excellence, offering residents a gamut of exceptional nail services.

Let's dive into the best nail salons that Oakville has to offer.

Best Nail Salons in Oakville


nail salons

Pedi N Nails Oakville emerges as a beacon of excellence in the nail salon industry, setting a high standard with its blend of top-quality products and impeccable techniques.

Nestled in the heart of Oakville, this salon offers a broad spectrum of services, cementing its reputation as a one-stop destination for those seeking holistic pampering.

The ambiance resonates with tranquility and care, and every client is treated as a valued guest by their accomplished team.

Prioritizing health and safety, they maintain commendable sanitation practices, making it an oasis of hygiene.

Their commitment to continuous learning ensures they remain updated with the latest trends and styles.

What stands out is their attention to every minute detail, be it ensuring the absolute cleanliness of their tools or the liner protection in their pedicure stations.

Pedi N Nails Oakville's unwavering dedication to service quality, combined with a penchant for innovation, makes them a highly recommended choice for nail enthusiasts.

N NailsĀ  Specialties:

Service Description
Nail Services
Manicure Basic nail grooming and polish application
Pedicure Deep foot cleaning and nail grooming
Artificial Nails Adds length and design to natural nails
Acrylic, UV Gel, Bio-Gel Nail strengthening and extensions
Acrylic Color Vibrant color applications for acrylics
Dipping Powder Stronger, lightweight nail enhancements
Design & Treatment
Nails Art Design Artistic nail designs
Shellac Remove Gentle removal of gel polish
Paraffin Treatment Deep moisturizing treatment for hands or feet
Hydrating Mask Moisturizing treatment for radiant skin
Spa Manicure & Deluxe Pedicure Extended pampering with added services
Crome/ Foil Finish/Rhinestone Design Specialty nail finishes
Hair Removal
Waxing Efficient removal of unwanted hair
Regular Nail Polish Traditional polish application
Gel Polish Longer-lasting polish with a glossy finish
Hands/ Feet Colour Color application for either hands or feet


nail salons

Sweetie Nails & Spa, with its two prominent locations in the picturesque city of Oakville, Ontario, stands as an emblem of excellence in nail care and spa services.

Beyond the chic and inviting ambiance of their salons, they have firmly anchored their reputation on the pillars of quality, safety, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

The level of proficiency their licensed experts demonstrate is noteworthy, seamlessly blending state-of-the-art techniques with high-end products.

Their dedication to sanitation is commendable, offering a sanctuary of health and beauty where clients can recline with absolute peace of mind.

The staff, characterized by their professionalism and passion, aim to curate bespoke nail experiences that captivate and delight.

Their establishment on Lakeshore Road West serves as another testament to their commitment to reaching and serving their cherished clientele.

Whether you're a regular or a walk-in, Sweetie Nails & Spa promises an experience that will beckon you to return.

SWEETIE NAILS & SPA Specialties:

Service Description
Nail Care
Refill Bio-Gel Refilling of bio-gel nails
Ombre French Gradient French nail design
Shellac Manicure/Pedicure Extended-wear nail design with UV-cured polish
Bio-Gel Overlay & Full Set Strengthening and lengthening nails with bio-gel
Nail Fix Repairs for damaged nails
Bio-Gel Removal Safe and efficient removal of bio-gel extensions
Shellac Polish Change Switch up your shellac color
Polish Change Hands/Feet Freshen up with a new polish color for hands or feet
Nail Art Creative designs to adorn your nails
Take Off Shellac Gentle removal of shellac polish
Tropical & Jelly Pedicure Special pedicure treatments with unique ingredients
Paraffin Deep moisturizing treatment for soft and silky skin
Facial & Lashes
Deep Cleansing Facial Comprehensive facial for clear, rejuvenated skin
Eyelash Extension Enhance the length and volume of your natural lashes
Waxing Hair removal service for a smooth finish


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Nail Boutique & Spa elegantly captures the essence of contemporary nail and spa experiences.

This salon, nestled in the heart of the city, serves as a testament to upscale nail services without the upscale price tag.

Their primary focus on maintaining the zenith of perfection resonates with their dedication to continually mastering advanced techniques and ensuring every client feels treasured.

From the luxurious tranquility of facial treatments to the finesse of Bio Sculpture gels, the salon promises a retreat that harmoniously combines aesthetics with relaxation.

The passionate and experienced professionals at Nail Boutique & Spa guarantee an experience imbued with refinement, ensuring each client leaves invigorated, satisfied, and exuding confidence.

Their expansive menu of services is designed to cater to the unique style and preferences of every client, allowing for a tailored and unforgettable salon experience.

NAIL BOUTIQUE & SPA Specialties:

Service Description
Nail Care
Regular Manicure/Pedicure Standard nail care and polish application
French Manicure/Pedicure Classic white-tipped nail design
Shellac Manicure/Pedicure Long-lasting, UV-cured polish application
Hand/Toe Polish Change Quick refresh of nail color
Shellac Removal Safe and gentle removal of shellac polish
Nail Art Design Custom nail artistry for a unique touch
Add Paraffin Moisturizing treatment for soft hands and feet
Full Colour Overlay Solid color application over the entire nail
Full Set & French Complete set of artificial nails with the option of French design
Bio-Gel Refills Maintenance for Bio Sculpture gel extensions
Chrome Application Metallic, mirror-like finish on nails
Face & Lashes
Eyelash Extensions Enhancing lashes for length and volume
Waxing Hair removal service for various parts of the body


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