The 3 Best Nail salons in St. Catharines For 2023

nail salons in St. Catharines

St. Catharines boasts an impressive selection of nail salons, each offering a unique blend of expertise, ambiance, and innovation.

From classic manicures to avant-garde nail artistry, the city's salons cater to every aesthetic whim and need.

For those in search of the best nail experiences in St. Catharines, the options are both diverse and exceptional.

Whether you're seeking a quick polish change or an indulgent spa day, the city's top nail salons promise impeccable service and unparalleled results.

Here's an introduction to some of the finest nail establishments in St. Catharines.

Best Nail Salons in St. Catharines


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Dive into the luxury and elegance that is Star Nails, situated in the heart of St. Catharines.

This upscale nail salon offers more than just nail treatments; it's an experience of exceptional nail artistry delivered by a team of seasoned professionals.

Renowned for its vast spectrum of gel and traditional nail polish shades, Star Nails guarantees a color to resonate with every mood and occasion.

The salon stands distinguished not only for its expert nail services but also for its unwavering commitment to safety and hygiene.

Adhering to rigorous sanitization protocols, the salon assures a pristine and worry-free environment.

This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every client walks away with not just beautiful nails but also peace of mind.

Their unwavering commitment to quality is further emphasized by their choice of the industry's premium brands, ensuring every nail treatment is a testament to luxury and perfection.

STAR NAILS Specialty:

Service Description
Dipping Nails A modern nail enhancement technique
Polish Change Refresh your nail's color
Acrylic Nails Durable nail extensions
Solar Nails Lustrous, resilient nails
Pedicure & Manicure For well-groomed, beautiful hands and feet
Nail Extension Add length and beauty to your natural nails
Nail Repair For chipped, cracked or damaged nails
Acrylic Tips Add-on for extended nail length
Gel, Pink and White Filling A classic choice for nail enhancement
Gel & French Gel Manicure Shine with a lasting finish
Gel & Minx Pedicure Luxury treatments for your feet
Long Nails For those seeking an elongated look
Polish & Gel Polish Change Quick and beautiful refreshments
Nails Soak Off Safe removal of nail extensions


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Elevate your self-care regimen at Helen Nails & Spa, where every service is a journey towards tranquility and renewed confidence.

Nestled in a serene enclave, this spa offers a perfect blend of modern luxury and traditional comfort.

With an impressive roster of skilled professionals at the helm, every nail treatment is delivered with unparalleled precision and artistry.

From classic elegance to avant-garde designs, there's a manicure or pedicure for every mood and occasion.

But Helen Nails & Spa doesn’t stop at nails; they offer a holistic pampering experience, ensuring every visit is a rejuvenating retreat from the daily grind.

Dive into this oasis and emerge with not just beautiful nails but a renewed spirit.

HELEN NAILS & SPA Specialty:

Service Description
Manicure & Pedicure Classic treatments for hands and feet
Hand & Toe Polish Change Quick color refresh for hands or feet
Shellac Removal & Reapplication Complete care for shellac-treated nails
Artificial Nail & Dip Powder Removal Safe and gentle removal techniques
Nail Art Design & French Tips Custom designs and classic French elegance
Chrome & Cat Eye Modern finishes for a unique look
Swarovski Pixels & 3D Flower Luxury embellishments for stand-out nails
Extra Length & Repair Enhancements and fixes for your nails
Kid's Services Special treatments for the little ones
Waxing Smooth and clean skin for a refreshed feeling


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For over two decades, MiMi Nails has firmly established itself as a hallmark of nail and aesthetic excellence in St. Catharines.

Since its inception in 1999, this acclaimed salon has consistently delivered unparalleled services, solidifying its reputation as a trusted beauty destination.

Their talented team of aesthetic technicians, each boasting over a decade of expertise, ensures that every client walks away feeling their very best, be it a man or woman.

Constantly evolving with the dynamic landscape of nail artistry, MiMi Nails ensures its clientele remains on the cutting edge of style.

Their commitment to hygiene and safety is evident in their meticulous sanitation processes, giving patrons peace of mind during each visit.

Whether you're looking for classic treatments or avant-garde nail designs, MiMi Nails promises a premium experience that never compromises on quality.

MIMI NAILS Specialty:

Service Description
Manicure & Pedicure Expert care and polish for hands and feet
Solar, Acrylic, Gel & UV Nails Diverse nail enhancement techniques
Polish Change Refreshing existing color or opting for a new one
Acrylic Toenails Advanced toenail enhancements
Eyelash Extensions & Tinting Enhance the beauty of your eyes
Kids Spa Dedicated services for younger patrons
Nail Design & Airbrush Nails Custom designs and airbrush techniques for standout nails
Nail Repair & Shellac Take Off Fixes and safe removal of nail treatments
Shellac Polish Long-lasting, high-gloss polish
Waxing Silky-smooth skin through efficient hair removal
Curling & Full Deep Cleaning Comprehensive care for beautiful, healthy lashes
Eyelash Extensions Add volume and length for a captivating gaze


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