Top Rated Pet Grooming Services in Burlington

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In the picturesque city of Burlington, there is an impressive selection of professional pet grooming services catering to both dogs and cats.

From tranquil spa-like salons offering top-tier grooming, to the convenience of mobile services that come directly to your home, pet owners have a plethora of options to choose from.

These grooming establishments combine expertise, patience, and genuine love for animals to provide your pet with a comfortable and enjoyable experience, enhancing their health and well-being.

Best Pet Grooming in Burlington

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Pets N Groom is a cherished, family-owned business that has been offering professional pet grooming services in Burlington for over two decades.

Eda Arafat, the owner, brings 30 years of hands-on experience, significantly influencing their high standard of service.

Known for their expertise in grooming dogs, cats, and birds, they've built a reputation for quality care at affordable rates.

Emphasizing sustainability, they exclusively use Envirogroom Shampoos, which are environmentally friendly and free from harsh chemicals.

The team's commitment to a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere sets them apart, making every grooming session enjoyable for your pet.


Service Description
Ear Cleaning Gentle cleansing of pet's ears
Teeth Brushing Dental hygiene for pets
Nail Trim Maintaining pet's claws
Excessive De-Matting Removing severe tangles
De-Skunking Removing skunk odor
Flea Bath Flea elimination treatment
Bird Wings/Nails/Beak Bird-specific grooming
Hand Scissor/Strip Specialty grooming techniques
Bath, Brush Basic grooming services
Medicated Therapeutic treatments
Cat Grooming Shave Feline-specific grooming
Brush Out Thorough brushing
Face Trim Facial grooming
Self-Wash Services Do-it-yourself wash stations
Paw Trim Paw-specific grooming
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Stephanie's Pet Grooming is a well-established pet grooming salon in Burlington that takes pet care to the next level.

The salon, owned by Stephanie Joelson, specializes in full grooming services for both dogs and cats.

With a focus on custom grooms, breed-specific treatments, and thorough brush-outs, Stephanie's Pet Grooming ensures a tailored experience for your furry friend.

Their modern facility, equipped with the latest in grooming technology, sets them apart.

The salon's unique design centers on pet comfort and safety, reflecting their commitment to providing not just a grooming service, but a delightful experience for pets and owners alike.


Service Description
Ear Cleaning Gentle cleaning of pet's ears
Drying Thorough drying after bathing
Bathing Comprehensive bathing service
Cat Bathing Feline-specific bathing service
Ears, Nails and Clipping All-around grooming
Flea Treatments Effective flea elimination
Shaving Hair removal for comfort and style
Lion Cut Specialized cat haircut
De-Skunking Elimination of skunk odor
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Goochie Poochie Grooming stands as a leading pet grooming salon in Burlington, offering a comprehensive range of professional dog grooming services.

Owned and operated by Melissa, a skilled and certified groomer, the salon specializes in tending to pets with special needs.

The Goochie Poochie experience aims to alleviate stress commonly associated with grooming sessions, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed environment for your dog.

Their commitment to using environmentally friendly soaps and conditioners underlines their approach to ensuring a clean, shiny coat for your pet.

Their appointment scheduling includes ample time to discuss your pet's specific needs, emphasizing their personalized approach to service.


Service Description
Bath & Brush Gentle Brushing Out Comprehensive bath and brushing
Ears Cleaning/Plucking Ear maintenance
De-Shedding Shedding control
Nails Cutting/Grinding Trim Nail maintenance
Expressing Anal Glands Additional pet comfort
Perfuming Leaving your pet smelling great
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In conclusion, Burlington offers a diverse range of pet grooming options that guarantee top-tier care for your beloved pets.

Whether you're looking for specialized grooming services, a family-friendly atmosphere, or a salon that caters to pets with special needs, Burlington has it all.

These pet grooming businesses go the extra mile to ensure your pet's grooming experience is not only beneficial for their health and well-being but also a pleasurable experience.

They are dedicated to providing your pet with the attention and care they deserve, ensuring they look their best and feel great.

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