The 7 Best Restaurants in Brockton Village – Rated By Dinners

Restaurants in Brockton Village

Dive into Brockton Village's vibrant culinary scene, where a blend of time-honored eateries and innovative newcomers serve up flavors from around the world.

Whether you're craving gourmet tacos, artisanal pastries, or authentic ethnic dishes, Brockton Village boasts the best in the city.

Here's our curated list of top restaurants you shouldn't miss in this eclectic neighborhood.

Restaurants in Brockton Village

Ten Restaurant

Ten Restaurant

Ten Restaurant is an intimate culinary journey, dishing out a 10-course tasting menu to a snug group of just 10 diners.

Nestled in a revamped 1,200-square-foot space, the vibe is upscale yet cozy. With a menu that evolves nightly, it's all about spontaneous, seasonal creations.

From Sri Lankan strawberry grouper with a Thai twist to buttery roasted pumpkin and earthy mushroom white bean dishes, each plate is a delightful surprise.

And that date and thyme ice cream? An inspired closer. Led by Chef Julian Bentivegna and with wines handpicked by Sommelier Jen Hunter, it's an experience worth every bite.

Slowsouth Pizza

Slowsouth Pizza

Nestled in Brockton Village, Slowsouth Pizza brings a slice of authentic Italy right to our doorstep.

With Giuseppe Bruzzese, a true-blue Italian pizza maestro, and his partner Enrica Zamboni running the show, the pizzeria boasts a dedication to craftsmanship – taking 72 hours just to prep the dough, which, by the way, is made fresh daily with a simple five-ingredient recipe.

The joint's got both American and traditional Italian pie flavors, so whether you're in for a veggie lover, pepperoni, or a classic Margherita, they've got you covered.

Oh, and their Sicilian Arancini? Crunchy on the outside, melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella on the inside – perfection.

Also, their wood-fired Salsiccia & Rapini pizza is a taste revelation. Sitting at their streetside table, enjoying some quality pizza, and watching the world go by on Dundas Street West? Count me in for a return visit!

Le Baratin

Le Baratin

Stepping into Le Baratin feels like a laid-back European escape without the plane ticket.

Formerly the Bivy cafe, the place has metamorphosed into a cozy French bistro.

Pascal Vernhes has smartly teamed up with ex-Le Paradis chef, Jean Regis Raynaud, and together they're debunking the myth that French dining is all about being posh.

Nope, it's all about hearty classics, soul-soothing flavors, and a touch of joie de vivre.

Their tarte Provencale is a must-try — a deep torte that's a beautiful marriage of tomatoes and chevre. The beet salad is a refreshing plate, with a twist of cumin dressing adding that extra oomph.

If you're feeling carnivorous, the five-hour braised lamb shank is your go-to. It's a testament to the art of slow cooking, where the meat just surrenders to the lightest touch.

Now, the ratatouille? It's a deceptively simple dish that overdelivers on flavor.

Wrapping up with the tarte tatin for dessert is a brilliant idea. This upside-down apple tart's caramel goodness makes sharing tough.

And if you're a coffee aficionado, their espresso game is strong, thanks to the Social Coffee beans.

Bottom line? Le Baratin isn't about fanfare; it's about stellar French food, a comforting vibe, and reminding us why we fell in love with bistros in the first place.

Grab a croissant early in the day or a plate of steak frites later - this place knows how to serve up charm round the clock.

Sakai Bar

Sakai Bar

If you've been itching for a deeper dive into the world of sake and crave some authentic Japanese fare—minus the ubiquitous sushi—Sakai Bar is your spot.

Nestled in Toronto, this snug 22-seater is a refreshing addition to the city's culinary scene, helmed by the ever-passionate Stuart Sakai.

With his rich legacy from Black Hoof and his certified sake prowess, Stuart is the go-to guide for all things sake.

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned sipper, there's something here to tickle your palate, from the delicate aromatic varieties to the robust umami-packed ones.

Stuart's personal touch shines through, be it in guiding you through the intricate sake list or offering you a hand-picked cup from his eclectic collection to warm your chosen sake.

As for the food, it's all about heartwarming dishes that evoke the essence of Japanese countryside kitchens.

Dive into the diverse pickles—especially the unique nukazuke—or savor the delicate duck breast steamed in dashi, nestled atop juicy spinach. Pair it with Sakai's homestyle rice bowl for a fulfilling experience.

In essence, Sakai Bar is a gem that beckons with its ambient intimacy, detailed sake list, and homestyle Japanese dishes that ooze warmth.

If you fancy a laid-back evening of refined food and drink, just slide those doors open and settle in. You won't regret it.

Takht-e Tavoos

Takht-e Tavoos

Dufferin Grove's culinary scene is poppin' lately, and Takht-e Tavoos is the latest gem to shimmer on College West.

Brought to you by the same folks behind Pomegranate and Sheherzade, this spot is just oozing with Persian vibes.

The name itself means "Peacock Throne," and boy, does the decor live up to it! Imagine the flashiest peacock and its vibrant colors - yup, that's the palette of Tavoos.

From a breathtaking mural of Iran-native cedars to the cozy "takht" rug seating areas, this place is an Instagram dream.

Now, let's talk grub. Currently, they're all about that brunch life. My pick? The spinach narguesi: eggs on a bed of sautéed spinach with some creamy feta, olives, and spiced potatoes. Oh, and the chai? Brewed to perfection in their snazzy samovar, it's some of the best around.

But, here's the thing - even if you're just coming for snacks, the starters are an explosion of flavors.

Take the zeitoon parvadeh for example; a mouthwatering mix of green olives, walnuts, and pomegranate molasses. Pair that with their airy flatbread, and you've got a perfect park snack.

For the daring, there's the kalleh pacheh stew. Think sheep tongue and hooves, spiced up and cooked down to a rich broth.

It's an acquired taste, but trust me, it’s worth the adventure. The tongue? Tender and packed with flavor, reminding me a bit of oxtail stew.

And shoutout to their fantastic staff who're both friendly and know their stuff.

My trip was made even more memorable when two Iranian visitors gave Toronto its very own Persian nickname, "Tehran-to." Pretty catchy, huh? So, if you're in the mood for a deep dive into Persian cuisine in a chic setting, Tavoos is where it's at.



Stepping into Viaggio is like hopping on a chill road trip through Italy's diverse culinary landscape.

After waving goodbye to The Commodore, Jon and Jason set their GPS straight to Italy, and the results? Bellissimo!

First, let's talk ambiance. Imagine a Brazilian steakhouse got a chic Italian makeover. Yep, that’s Viaggio. Minimal tweaks, sleek lighting, and the bar? Still as inviting as ever.

Now, to the menu: Imagine diving into delicate venison carpaccio, jazzed up with gorgonzola cream and crispy sunchokes. Or picture a blood orange and fennel salad - a delightful dance of bittersweet goodness, with a rustic chickpea twist and the cheeky addition of piave vecchio cheese.

And if you’re craving pasta (who isn’t?), their snow crab tagliatelle is legit a dream. But if seafood’s your jam, don't miss the pan-seared trout.

It rests on a bed inspired by the Friuli region - think smoky pancetta, sauerkraut, and potato.

And let’s not even get started on their tiramisu pancakes - it’s like breakfast and dessert had a baby.

Thirsty? Viaggio’s got your back. Whether you’re about the booze or just seeking a solid mocktail, there's something for everyone.

The Hip to Be Square brings herby vibes while the 365 Spritz promises year-round refreshment.

So, if you're up for an Italian escapade without the jet lag, buckle up and head to Viaggio. Buon viaggio, pals!

Pinata Tacos

Pinata Tacos

Looking for a new taco spot since our old haunt closed its doors? We stumbled upon Piñata Tacos and boy, did it hit the spot! 🌮 This place is basically a party for your taste buds.

Imagine sipping margaritas from pineapples in a room that pops with vibrant colors and cool neon signs.

Their taco game is seriously strong. From the rich birria to the zesty Baja shrimp, and oh, that melt-in-your-mouth cochinita pibil. But the real MVP? The gobernador taco.

Picture juicy shrimp hugged by gooey melted cheese. Absolute magic. And if tacos ain’t enough, dive into their super cheesy Mexican soup and cool down with some classic horchata.

The vibes are chill, the tunes are upbeat but not too loud, and the crew? Super friendly and in sync.

Plus, they're open late, so those midnight taco cravings? Consider them sorted. Drop by Piñata Tacos and join the fiesta – trust me, you're in for a treat!


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