7 Best Restaurants in Corso Italia – Rated By Dinners

Restaurants in Corso Italia

Dive into the vibrant culinary scene of Corso Italia, Toronto, where tradition meets modernity.

From authentic Italian trattorias to contemporary cafes, here are the top eateries that make Corso Italia a gastronomic hotspot in the city.

Restaurants in Corso Italia

Sunnyside Grill Corso Italia

Sunnyside Grill Corso Italia

Sunnyside Grill in Corso Italia has quickly become my go-to spot when the brunch cravings hit on a random weekday.

It's spacious and bright, with a modern twist on the classic diner vibe—think exposed brick meets greasy spoon authenticity.

I love that they champion the 'every day is brunch day' mantra, perfect for those with unconventional work hours.

On my recent visit, I delved into the Poached Eggs Florentine. While the eggs were slightly firmer than I'd like, the generous portion and tasty hollandaise made up for it.

My partner's pancakes were hearty and hit the spot.

However, a heads up for fruit lovers—the side fruit cup mainly features honeydew, cantaloupe, and pineapple, regardless of the season.

But hey, the bottomless coffee (which our server, Ivy, kept generously refilling) made everything better.

In essence, if you're after a no-nonsense, hearty brunch, Sunnyside Grill delivers.

It's the kind of place that understands you might want bacon and eggs without the long Sunday brunch lines.

And a shoutout to their team—friendly, attentive, and always welcoming. I've already got it on my list for future brunch escapes!



"Agio, tucked away on St. Clair in the buzzing Corsa Italia, is a hidden gem that's authentically Italian, with a twist.

Owned by a charismatic South Korean chef who mastered his craft in Torino, this cozy spot instantly transports you to a rustic trattoria in Italy.

From the moment fresh bread and oil hit the table, to the impeccable spaghetti Bolognese and the delightful penne with shrimp arrabiata, everything screams authenticity.

And don't even get me started on the fried cauliflower appetizer with pesto and mayo sauce – it's a game-changer! If you're seeking unique, delicious, and genuine Italian cuisine with a touch of something special, Agio is your spot.

Stellar food, fantastic service, and that laid-back Italian ambiance – it's the whole package.

El Sazon Mexicano

El Sazon Mexicano

El Sazon Mexicano is where the authenticity of Mexican cuisine meets the charm of a bakery.

Split into two distinct sections, the front offers a sunlit dining experience while the back houses an array of traditional Mexican sweet delights.

While their carnitas tacos boast the traditional flavors of Michoacan with slow-cooked and fried pork, it's puzzling that such a genuine eatery opts out of house tortillas, which could elevate the flavor profile.

Their tortas, though, are a game-changer, with the soft telera bread encapsulating fillings, like pan-fried steak and a medley of toppings, creating a delightful textural experience.

The stews, particularly the asado de boda, showcase tender pork in a rich guajillo sauce.

On the sweeter end, their unique sweet empanadas filled with strawberry are a must-try.

The in-house horchata is the perfect refreshing touch, reminiscent of liquid rice pudding.

To round off the experience, the ambiance feels genuinely Mexican with flags, lights, and even retro Shakira videos playing.

If you're looking to dive deep into authentic Mexican cuisine while also indulging in sweet baked treats, this is your spot!

Santo Pecado

Santo Pecado

Santo Pecado, which translates to "holy sin" in Spanish, is truly a culinary gem in St. Clair West.

Born from the passion and chemistry of duo Paola Solorzano and Adriana Pelayo, the eatery was birthed from their catering venture and now stands as a testament to authentic Mexican flavors.

Whether it's their double-layered tacos made with homemade corn tortillas infused with annatto seeds or their vibrantly colored empanadas that pay homage to the Mexican flag, every bite is a delightful journey to the streets of Mexico.

The baja fish taco, with its crispy beer-battered fish draped in homemade habanero mayo, is an all-time crowd-pleaser.

If tacos aren't your jam, the taco bowl bursts with freshness and a harmonious blend of flavors.

But don't rush out without trying the unique tamales, especially the amaranth and chia dark chocolate brownie, or the decadent flans crafted by Pelayo.

And, for those who wish to recreate the magic at home, their range of homemade salsas, inspired by the seven deadly sins, is a must-try.

In a nutshell, Santo Pecado is the go-to for anyone yearning for genuine Mexican flavors with a side of sweet indulgence.

Marcello's Pizzeria

Marcello's Pizzeria

Marcello's Pizzeria in Corso Italia is the real deal when it comes to satisfying your pizza and pasta cravings. With over 20 pizza options, not to mention the pasta, sandwiches, and salads, there's something for everyone.

Stopped by on a Saturday and the place was buzzing, yet we easily snagged a table. The service? Impeccable!

Our waiter was a gem, making sure our orders were spot on. From the mussels and calamari to the mouthwatering vodka pasta, everything was fresh, fast, and oh-so-flavorful.

And don't even get me started on the desserts. Can't wait to return and maybe even dive into their catering menu.

If you're after a hearty meal and top-tier service, Marcello's is where it's at!

Pizza e Pazzi

Pizza e Pazzi

Recently swung by Pizza e Pazzi, a newbie at St. Clair and Dufferin, and let me tell you, it's a game changer! Proudly flaunting their Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana certification, this spot takes their Neapolitan pizza seriously.

From the Nonna hustling in the back to the D.O.P. certified ingredients, there's no cutting corners here.

The star? That handcrafted oven in their open kitchen. While they've got the usual pasta and salads, trust me, it's all about the pizza.

To kick things off, our chatty waiter gave us some Calabrese Bread with antipasto goodies. Don't miss out on their fried risotto balls either; cheese lovers, you're in for a treat.

Now, the pizzas - WOW! My Pizza Napoletana, loaded with anchovies and olives, was a flavour explosion.

My partner's Pizza Diavola had the perfect spicy salami kick. And that crust? Might just be up there with the best in the city. Chewy, wood-fired perfection.

Capped off our meal with strawberry canolis. Not mind-blowing, but a solid finish.

If you're around St. Clair, craving some authentic pizza vibes, make a pit stop at Pizza e Pazzi.

But heads up: don't come hunting for a Hawaiian pizza here.

Rio 40 Restaurant

Rio 40 Restaurant

A Brazilian gem that's been jazzing up the scene since 2004. The place is a nod to Brazil’s vibrant culture, right from its name to the striking black-and-white snaps of iconic spots like Christ the Redeemer.

You've gotta dive into those teardrop-shaped croquettes - crispy outside, creamy catupiry cheese & chicken inside.

Oh, and if you're into sharing (or even if you're not), the pan-fried sausage and onions with garlic toast is where it's at. Super Brazilian, super yum!

Now, if you’re up for a meaty adventure, the espetada de picanha com linguica is a killer choice.

Think skewers loaded with sausage, steak, peppers, and onions, served with some classic Brazilian sides like rice, farofa, and beans.

Pro-tip: Mix 'em up and thank me later! Also, don’t miss drizzling that vibrant vinaigrette on your meat. Game-changer.

Dessert? That condensed milk caramel pudding is pure love. Silky, rich, and oh-so-satisfying.

Drink-wise, their caipirinhas are the real deal. Classic or fruity, they’re strong but uber refreshing.

And if you're feeling fancy, try the batida - it's a coconutty, creamy delight.

First time trying Brazilian? Or a seasoned connoisseur? Either way, Rio 40's a winner.

My squad and I feasted on everything from fried cassava to grilled sirloin and wrapped it up with a delish creme brulee.

Service? Top-tier. Food? Stellar. So, if you're in the mood for some authentic Brazilian vibes, Rio 40's the ticket


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