Discover the Top 5 Sushi Spots in Burlington for Fresh, Delicious, and Authentic Japanese Cuisine

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If you're a fan of fresh, delicious sushi, Burlington has some amazing options for you to choose from.

As a local foodie blogger, I've had the chance to try out many of the sushi restaurants in town, and I'm excited to share my top picks with you.

From traditional rolls to creative fusion dishes, Burlington has it all when it comes to sushi. So grab a pair of chopsticks and let's dive into the best sushi in Burlington.

Mikado Japanese Restaurant

I recently had a late lunch at Mikado and it was a great experience! The staff were all very friendly and welcoming, and the restaurant itself was charming and had a cozy atmosphere. The location is also great, as it's in the heart of downtown Burlington.

The food was absolutely delicious! The sushi rice was cooked perfectly and the fish was so fresh. The tempura was also extremely well done - it was crispy and the veggies were crunchy and well cooked.

We also really appreciated that the food was reasonably priced. It's definitely a great place to visit if you're a sushi lover but don't want to spend a lot of money on a restaurant meal.

Chef Martin’s Sushi House

Chef Martin's Sushi House

Chef Martin's is one of the best sushi joints in town, hands down. The sushi is absolutely perfect, with the perfect balance of meat, rice, and veggies in every roll. I especially loved the crab lovers and spicy salmon rolls.

Not only is the sushi excellent, but the staff at Chef Martin's are also super friendly and punctual. They make sure to give great service and ensure that every customer has a great experience.

This is an amazing sushi house that has just gained a loyal customer.

  • Address: 361 Brant St, Burlington, ON L7R 2E7, Canada
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:  +19056336872
  • Working Hours: 11:30AM–10PM

Crisp Here

Crisp Here

I recently dined at Crisp Here, a small sushi restaurant located off Fairview near the Burlington Mall. The location was a little hard to spot from the street, as the signage wasn't very clear, but once we found it, we were pleasantly surprised.

The service at Crisp Here was excellent. The staff were very attentive and professional, and our orders were taken and served promptly. We started off with some delicious appetizers - the miso soup, seaweed salad, and edamame, and we also tried the tempura shrimp, which was fried to perfection and not at all greasy. It came with a flavorful sauce that really elevated the dish.

For our main courses, we ordered the Rainbow roll, Crispy Crunch roll, and Salmon Poke bowl. The fish was absolutely phenomenal - very fresh and of high quality. The portion sizes were medium to large, which was nice, and the rice was cooked perfectly and not at all dry.

I would definitely recommend Crisp Here to anyone looking for a delicious bite to eat with friends or for a nice date. It's definitely one of the best sushi joints in Burlington and a hidden gem that's worth seeking out.

  • Address: 710 Cumberland Ave, Burlington, ON L7N 3M9, Canada
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:  +19055822426
  • Working Hours: 12–3PM, 5–7:30PM

Hoseki Sushi

Hoseki Sushi

Another great sushi gem , Hoseki offers an amazing omakase sushi experience, where the chef has complete control over the food selection based on seasonal fish.

The chef was very informative, giving us insights on the various fish and making outstanding recommendations. If you're a sushi lover, omakase is a must at Hoseki.

The service was great, and it was nice chatting with the chef about the different types of fish they offer. Next time, I think I'll do the omakase and let the chef do his thing. If you like authentic sushi, this is definitely the place to be. I'm wishing this restaurant lots of success!

I'm so glad I found this hidden gem in my neighborhood.

  • Address: 491 Appleby Line C4, Burlington, ON L7L 2Y1, Canada
  • Website:
  • Phone Number:  +19056811616
  • Working Hours: 11:30AM–2:30PM, 4–9PM

Doma Sushi

Doma Sushi

Doma is a gem of a sushi restaurant that is a must-try for all sushi lovers. I highly recommend calling ahead for a reservation, as there are probably less than 10 tables in the restaurant. The atmosphere is great for a casual date or a get-together with friends.

The service at Doma was fantastic - quick, friendly, thorough, and attentive. We ordered the crab salad, which had a really tasty dressing, and the salmon sushi pizza, which was delicious.

The shrimp tempura was fried to perfection, with a light and flaky batter, and the volcano and lobster rolls were delectable. The sweet and spicy sauce was especially good. The fish was very fresh and of great quality, and the presentation was beautiful.

Doma is definitely a must try.

  • Address: Canada, Ontario, Burlington, Dundas St
  • Website
  • Phone Number:  +19053360511
  • Working Hours:  12–9PM


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