The 4 Best Naturopaths in Toronto

Naturopaths in Toronto

In some ways,Toronto has become the place for alternative health. It's now totally normal for generations-old Chinese medicine practices to share clients with new studios presenting ancient wellness modalities in chic, modern settings.

While it would be impossible to list every great space in the city dedicated to holistic health, I've selected some of the most comprehensive and well-respected spots in town.

These destinations don't just offer a single specialty, but multiple treatments, practices, practitioners, and even ethos under one roof.

What is a Naturopath?

Naturopath physicians learn the basic sciences of conventional doctors, along with alternative medicine that is characterized as natural and holistic.

Their therapies and treatments include herbal medicine and homeopathy. To become a naturopath, they must have first aid certification, hold a Bachelor of Health Science, or a Degree in Herbal Medicine.

What does a naturopath do?

Naturopaths are qualified to perform various assessments on their patients, which includes ordering diagnostic tests like bloodwork and X-rays.

They can provide diet therapy guidance and also develop treatment plans when working with patients with chronic health conditions. In some states, they’re also capable of performing minor surgeries.


How Much Does a Naturopath Cost in Toronto?

The average naturopath cost in Toronto includes the price of the consultation only. Herbal medication purchased through your naturopath will usually be an additional fee.

The cost of naturopathy treatment with an initial consultation can range from $80 to $230, which is typically 90 minutes long.

The appointment includes a thorough evaluation and questionnaire of the patient’s medical history and current health condition.

The standard cost of medications is $40 to $70 per week and $80 to $100 each week for those who suffer from more complicated health conditions or issues.

Factors Impacting the Cost of a Naturopath

Consultation – Patients must first pay for naturopathic consultation fees when visiting a naturopath for the first time. The appointment lasts an average of 90 minutes and ranges from $70 to $380.

Tests – The tests ordered by a naturopath can contribute to how much you pay the naturopath cost per visit. Any assessments or evaluations they perform will also increase the price. A naturopath blood test cost is one of the most expensive tests performed, which can check for vitamin deficiencies or hormone imbalances.

Medications – Herbal or prescription medications provided by the professional will also contribute to the naturopath fees over time. It’s important to discuss what they recommend before you agree to pay for the supplements or medications.


Here are the best Naturopaths in Toronto

1. Dr. James Yoon, Naturopathic Doctor

Work with the best naturopathic doctors in Toronto to look at your health with a whole-body approach. We will recommend lifestyle, diet, and supplements that are based on your unique health history, lab testing, and current symptoms.

This way, you can get back to feeling like yourself even if you forgot what that even feels like!

Client Reviews

Dr. Yoon has been phenomenal in helping me with my mental and physical health issues. He is very thorough with his diagnosis and pays great attention and care into his consultation.

He identified patterns and issues that I would’ve never thought were related to my ailments and helped me eliminate them effectively. I’d certainly be going back to him for any future health and wellness needs.


Address: 39 Lower Simcoe St, Toronto, ON M5J 3A6, Canada


Phone: +14165040628


2. Insynco Naturopathic

With Insynco, your journey to health isn’t limited to one doctor, one opinion.

Our naturopathic doctors collaborate and combine their valuable knowledge, training, and unique skills to further enhance the care you receive

Since 2015, we’ve personally helped well over 2,300 clients, from all walks of life — from everyday people to Olympic athletes, TV stars and fortune 500 executives in Toronto. Now it’s your turn!


Client Reviews

I highly recommend Dr.Richardson. Before meeting Dr.Richardson my health was not so great. I went to my family doctor and couple of trips to the hospital and still couldn’t figure out what was going on.I needed desperate help and met with Dr.Richardson.
She is the most kind and caring doctor, not only she listen but also tries to get to know you as well.
I am definitely really close to 100% thank you Dr.Richardson for saving me, you are amazing!


Address: 30A Hazelton Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 2E2, Canada


Phone: +16474903236


3. Dr. Marnie Luck, ND

Dr. Marnie's goal is to understand you in the context of your life, and have a special interest in designing custom health solutions for women, as well as those experiencing digestive issues and pursuing weight management.

She prides herself on being attentive and inquisitive so that I can piece together the many facets of my patients’ concerns. A large part of my practice is education – making sure that people understand why their health concerns are happening, what we’re doing to address them, and how those solutions work.

Client Reviews

Dr. Marnie always offers a meaningful conversation about my health. I enjoy leaving each appointment feeling as though I am actively taking responsibility for my body.

Dr. Marnie has helped me with a range of issues - some more dire, and others less pressing; regardless, she offers the appropriate treatment and attention for every item on my list.

Her naturopathic advice is the type of expertise you can't find through online research, and her level of care surpasses that of my general practitioner. Thank you so much Marnie!


Address: 800 Bathurst St suite 301, Toronto, ON M5R 3M8, Canada


Phone: +14165273036


4. Dr. Makoto Trotter ND

Dr. Makoto offers full assessments using a holistic approach. Essentially, this means connecting the dots between your symptoms and their underlying causes.

The wellness team offers a wide variety of alternative medicine treatments – such as acupuncture, nutrition & lifestyle counseling, massage, psychotherapy, herbal medicines, and other wellness services – to give you a well-rounded whole-person approach to your health & well-being.

You don’t have to be in Toronto, Ontario to access their services. They offer Telehealth consultations over the phone or via video chat for patients who are long-distance, during bad weather, or for those who face mobility challenges.

Client Reviews

Dr. Trotter is one of the most well-informed and caring doctors that I have ever met and had the pleasure of working with. He’s very attentive and present when speaking with me about my ongoing health concerns.
He is great at communicating what could be very complicated medical formulations to his patients in a way that they feel comfortable and understand their processes and what is needed in order to get to a place of resolution.
I would recommend him highly to anybody who is interested in working with a naturopathic doctor.

Address: 88 Eglinton Ave W Suite #101, Toronto, ON M4R 1A2, Canada


Phone: +14164810222

Naturopaths in Toronto FAQs

OHIP does not cover the cost of naturopath services in Canada. Some private insurances may cover naturopath fees. The services are not included due to a lack of evidence proving their effectiveness and contrasts with beliefs in scientific medicine.

Individuals should consider visiting a naturopath when conventional medicine has not worked to treat specific illnesses or ailments. The treatment methods can offer relief for chronic conditions without as many side effects.

It’s also ideal for those who want to work with a doctor that will treat their entire health instead of just the illness. The naturopathic doctor cost can also be significantly lower than visiting a doctor that practices conventional medicine for those who are paying out-of-pocket.

Becoming a naturopath is possible by getting a qualification with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, Advanced Diploma in Applied Science, or Masters in Herbal Medicine.


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