The 4 Best Reviewed Employment Lawyers in Toronto

Employment Lawyers in Toronto

Are you facing problems at work, such as discrimination, harassment, performance issues, termination, or workplace conflict? If you believe your workplace rights have been violated, then an employment layer is what you need.

Check out our comprehensive list of the best employment layers in Toronto.

What does an employment law attorney do? 

As the name suggests, lawyers specializing in labor law deal with labor law issues. They often take care of employee concerns. But there are also large law firms that exclusively represent the interests of employers.

After assessing your unique needs and goals, the layer will research the facts and the law and think carefully and creatively about how to frame and advance your legal claims to achieve the best outcome.

What type of services do employment lawyers provide?

Employment lawyers provide a range of services to employees and employers. some of the services include:

  • Explanation of Rights
  • Compliance
  • Filing of Complaint
  • Litigation
  • negotiation
  • Wage and Hour Lawsuits
  • Employment Discrimination Lawsuits
  • Employment Class Actions
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Third-Party Lawsuits
  • Union Issues
  • Whistleblower violations
  • Workplace retaliation

How Much Does an Employment Lawyer Cost in Toronto?

Although the costs vary from case to case in the employment law context, there are certain charges that apply to a majority of them. The following is a brief look at some of the charges associated with suing your employer:

Hourly Rate

Different employment lawyers have different fees. The average hourly cost for an attorney’s services is $100 to $400 per hour, which varies depending on their location and experience level.

Some Layers can charge as much as $800 per hour. Because of this, it is essential to discuss the hourly rate an attorney charges prior to hiring them for a case.

Flat Rate Fees

Sometimes, you may just want to send a demand letter to your employer, or retain an employment lawyer to negotiate better terms for an employment law settlement.

In that case, you might want to negotiate a Flat Rate deal in advance, so that you know how much it’s going to cost you at the end of the day.

But Flat Rate is only available in certain scenarios and not all employment lawyers accept a flat-rate fee arrangement.

Limited Scope Retainer

In some cases, if an attorney charges an hourly rate, they also charge a retainer fee. A retainer fee is a fee that is paid in advance and is based on the attorney’s hourly rate.

A retainer is similar to a down payment, as future fees and costs are deducted from that amount. Once the amount is used, the hourly rate will apply. In most cases, a retainer fee is non-refundable.

Contingency fees

A contingency fee arrangement is a no-win-no-fee arrangement. This fee arrangement allows clients to pay only if the employment lawyer wins the case.

Payment is made as a percentage of the damages recovered—usually 30 percent to 40 percent plus disbursement depending on the nature of the case, and the level of risk the employment lawyer has to undertake.

Here are the best Employment Lawyers in Toronto


1. Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers

Whitten & Lublin Employment and Labour Lawyers is a nationally recognized team, assisting employees in all aspects of workplace legal disputes. Don’t take a chance with your case.

Consult the law firm with a team of proficient employment and labour law lawyers.

Our nationally recognized team of Toronto employment lawyers are consistently relied on for their advocacy and guidance in
all types of workplace disputes including:

wrongful and constructive dismissals; layoffs; human rights and harassment suits; severance and termination package negotiations; employment contracts; post-employment restrictions and more.

Client Reviews

Daniel Lublin is an exceptional lawyer, who will treat your matter with the utmost care and deliberation. Trust Dan and his team to provide you with peace of mind during what is often a tumultuous time. I encourage everyone to do their homework, and seek trusted advice because "after the fact" is often too late. While many offered free consultations, their advice proved to be incorrect. When it comes to your livelihood, protect your interests! The entire team is terrific. Thank you very much!

Address: 141 Adelaide St W Suite 1100, Toronto, ON M5H 3L5, Canada


Phone: +14166402667


2. Samfiru Tumarkin LLP Employment Lawyers

Our employment lawyers and disability lawyers in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta will enforce your rights.

From severance pay to long-term disability claims, our team will give you the advice you need, and the compensation you deserve.

Our employment law experts are renowned for their skill and expertise in Ontario, BC, and Alberta.

Our disability and personal injury lawyers are known for their advocacy and effectiveness.

Because of these facts, we are frequently called upon by various local media outlets, as well as national publications, for comment on stories in the news.

Client Reviews

A completely positive experience in every facet. Having never gone through a legal proceeding before I had no idea of what to expect.

Under the direction of Mackenzie and her wonderful associate Juliette I was guided, but never pushed through my case and received exactly what I was legally entitled to with minimal stress.

They both kept me fully informed, had exceptional communication and were there for me at every turn with each question I had. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has felt wronged in their workplace.

Simply put, they delivered as advertised and I am extremely grateful for their assistance. Thank you again Mackenzie and Juliette.

Address: 350 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5H 2S6, Canada


Phone: +14168619065


3. Heeney Vokey LLP

Heeney Vokey LLP was founded by Toronto employment lawyers James Heeney and Sarah Vokey.

The firm specializes in all aspects of employment law, focusing on integrity and exceptional legal advice.

We ensure our services are provided in a manner that is cost-effective, timely, and practical. We are proud to say we have achieved long-standing relationships with our clients.

Heeney Vokey LLP provides advice to both employers and employees on all aspects of employment law.

Our clients are primarily located in the Toronto region, however, we provide legal services throughout Ontario and to international clients with Canadian offices.

Aside from providing employment law advice, Heeney Vokey LLP provides third-party workplace investigations and training services.

Client Reviews

Highly highly recommend Heeney Vokey. Worked closely with James Heeney and Jessica Nolan and they provided the exact services I was seeking from legal counsel.
Clear explanation of my initial situation followed by ongoing trusted advice focused on my best interests. Excellent returns! Thanks Jessica and James.

Address: 330 Bay St. #1300, Toronto, ON M5H 2S8, Canada


Phone: +14166465169


4. Sultan Lawyers

Sultan Lawyers is a top-tier employment law firm, focused on all major aspects of workplace relations including workplace immigration law.

We help both employers and employees to plan proactively and mitigate risk, and to resolve disputes where issues escalate to the point where legal intervention is needed.

We bring together big law experience with a small firm approach to client relations. Our team brings years of experience from Bay Street to our boutique practice.

We take pride in our client-focused approach. We do not work on a volume basis and only take on as many files as we can devote our fullest attention to.

Client Reviews

I am so thankful to Kristine Gorman and her colleagues at Sultan Lawyers. They are highly knowledgeable about Employment law, reliable, and can be counted on to provide thorough and compassionate advice.

When Kristine was helping me, she was easy to talk to and helped me to understand my rights. I highly recommend her and the team for your legal needs.

Address: 212 Adelaide St W #300, Toronto, ON M5H 1W7, Canada


Phone: +14162145111



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