The Best 4 Modeling Agencies in Toronto 

Modeling Agencies in Toronto

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The modeling world is very special and intriguing to many and there is so much mystery behind how it works exactly. Unless we are in the industry, I guess we will continue to wander, but we can always research the available information they allow us to have access to.

For sure it feels like a secret society that only a few privileged can enter.

Check out our list of the best Modeling agencies in Toronto


Modeling in Toronto - How to Get Started

 To get started, you will need a portfolio. This is simply a collection of pictures of yourself, so your potential clients can see how you look on camera.

Ideally, your portfolio will be images taken by a professional photographer. If you can't afford this, you can ask a friend with a good camera. Have some fun taking pictures. The purpose of the portfolio is so you can show off your look and how well you photograph.

Once you have a collection of images, you can start to look for an agent.  finding the right one for you can be a challenge. Many agencies will ask you to submit your portfolio online and then, if they like what they see, invite you in for a meeting.

You can also search online for open castings. However, having an agent is better as they will know all the open castings and give you access to industry contacts.


Who Can Become A Model?

Most agencies won't accept anyone on their books who are younger than 16 years old. High fashion models need to be at least 5'9" for women and 6" for men. High fashion clients may have requirements about measurements too.

Don't worry if you don't fit the high fashion requirements; there are plenty of other modeling types. Commercial modeling can be very lucrative, as can modeling for print and catalogs.

Other types of modeling include web, television commercials, live product/brand, live showroom, fitness modeling, tattoo modeling, plus size, and glamour modeling.

Once you have an agent, they can help you decide the type of work you will be most suitable for.

The message is, don't be put off if you think you don't fit the standard age or measurement criteria. There is modeling work for a great diversity of people. You also don't need to have lots of experience to become a model. In the age of social media, it is now easier than ever to get noticed if you take outstanding pictures.


Modeling Agencies In Toronto

Now you have decided you are cut out to be a model and have a small portfolio of images, it's time to find an agent. You should keep in mind that a legitimate agent will never ask you for money upfront to sign up with them.

There are many top modeling agencies in Toronto; knowing which is right for you can be challenging. Here's a breakdown of some of the best:

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1. Massardo Model Management

Established in 2017 MMM is based boutique model placement and management firm: scouting, development, placement, and management.
Client Reviews
As someone who has been represented by Massardo Model Management for over 2 years, I can confidently say that 5 stars does not represent the high quality of the agency enough. Christopher Massardo goes above and beyond for every model he represents. From starting out as a new model, to placement overseas, he has your back every step of the way. Chris ensures that all of us get the best opportunities possible, and I am forever grateful that I am represented by the agency!

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2. Femme Fatale Event Staffing & Modelling Agency

We represent the highest caliber of event personnel at corporate events and promotions for the world’s top brands. Based in Toronto, Canada, our award-winning company boasts a roster across North America of highly-trained, reliable, personable, and attractive staff dedicated to ensuring your next event is a more memorable one.

Our roster of promotional models stretches nationwide across Canada and the United States including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and much more.

We feature best-in-class event staff and management which include brand ambassadors and promotional models to dancers and showgirls.

Femme Fatale Media caters to your company’s unique needs and is able to accommodate small private parties to large corporate events without compromising its trademark care and attention to detail.

Client Reviews
I absolutely love working for Femme Fatale! This agency has the most amazing events and opportunities which makes working for them fun and exciting. Femme Fatale has beautiful and intelligent staff, as well as wonderful management who are incredibly helpful and thorough. Management is also super easy to contact and always make sure their staff have all the information necessary to be successful at each event. I am so greatful to be a part of this team!

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3. Campbell Model

Campbell Model Agency was founded by Tomoko Sakata in 2006 in Nagoya City, Japan. In 2019, the agency is proud to open its doors in Toronto, Canada.

Our model agency is respected worldwide as a humble leader in the fashion industry. We are committed to building strong and lasting relationships with both clients and models. We’re incredibly excited to bring our vision to Canada, connect with new talent and forge creative relationships with leading professionals.

Client Reviews

Great selection of models, you will experience the most amazing customer service from Japan. Something north America business got to learn.

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4. Dulcedo

Dulcedo Management represents those special individuals. The ones who have that X factor, that special spark that differentiates “good” from “amazing”. Right from the start, Dulcedo has encouraged out-of-the-box thinking by embracing innovative initiatives.

Always one click away from an opportunity, we used Facebook as our initial mean to hunt for individuals with model potential. Scrolling through friends of friends, we found bright pretty faces with something much more valuable: personalities. In the blink of an eye, we started signing soon-to-be models.

Over time, we transformed into something bigger. We took on makeup extraordinaires, top-pick influencers, major sports figures and many more. We’re basically a big friendly family with highly curated members.


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Client Reviews

Dulcedo has an exclusive list of Influencers and Models and the best roster of Quebec Talent. Always such a pleasure to work with the Dulcedo team. Amelie, Ben, and Ben are so helpful and their talent produce such beautiful content. We have collaborated with Dulcedo on multiple campaigns and the client is always thrilled with the results. Looking forward to working with them again. Highly recommend if you are looking for Influencers and Models!



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