The Best 4 Security Companies in Toronto

Security Companies in Toronto

Security Companies provide more services than you might imagine. From screening out wedding crashers at your outdoor reception to preventing theft at your small business, trained security professionals provide safety and support in a variety of settings.

In addition to peace of mind, security guards provide trained responses and solutions in the case of a crime or dangerous incident.

To help you choose, understand what you’re paying for, and determine what level of protection you need, here's a guide to the best security companies in Toronto

How Much Do Security Companies Cost in Toronto?

Typically, security companies in Toronto charge based on the hourly rate of the personnel dispatched to a site or event. In the case of vehicle patrols — such as patrols for event parking lots or housing communities — there may be additional fees to account for fuel and business overhead.

Rates vary based on whether the security guards are armed, how risky the particular job is, and what type of field experience the security guard has.

Here are just a few of the services a security provider can offer:

  • Theft prevention (from both shoplifters and employees) in your small business
  • Crowd control for large events such as festivals or concerts
  • A physical presence to deter crime at social or business gatherings
  • Ongoing security presence at an apartment building or paid parking lot
  • Evening escort for guests or employees walking to cars
  • Adherence to venue regulations if alcohol is being served
  • Personal protection in times of business or personal need
  • Executive protection for a company

The average hourly rate for security in Toronto is $15-$30 per hour, but costs can be much higher based on a variety of factors.

Security Companies

Here are the best Security Companies in Toronto

1. Defron Security Services

Defron Security Services is the premier facility and event security provider in the Greater Toronto Area.

Defron has been the go-to service provider for commercial and residential security personnel, they aslo provide event and entertainment security to major festivals,  film sets, and entertainment venues in The Greater Toronto Region.

Services Provided:

  • Event Security
  • Concierge Personnel
  • Guest Services Agents
  • Facility Security
  • Executive/VIP Protection
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Surveillance Operators
  •  Loss Prevention

Client Reviews

We can't thank Defron enough for all the hard work, honesty and genuineness of all the security guards. They are always so professional and provides over the top service for our events. May you continue to nurture your security guards so they may pass on the excellency on their work. Thank you from each and everyone of us who have been extra safe during the whole duration of the program because of the best service being provided for by your security guards.
Address: 250 Yonge St Eaton Centre Towers Unit 2201, 22nd floor, Toronto, ON M5G 1B1, Canada
Phone : +18888176407



Security Companies

2. Lima Security Services

Lima Security Services is built upon providing quality Security Guard Service and Distinctive Security Solutions.

Their guards are trained in the knowledge of the Criminal Code, Trespass to Property Act, Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, and much more.

Services Provided:

  • Mobile Security Response
  • Concierge Services
  • Corporate Security
  • Commercial Security
  • Industrial Security
  • InstitutionalSecurity
  • Special Event Security Services

Client Reviews

Had them secure my home during the summer time while I was away for work. They kept me updated on a daily basis with professional emails and reports of anything out of the normal in the area of the house. Their fees were low considering the great work thy provided. Will hire them again during the winter time.
Address: 140 The Esplanade unit #418, Toronto, ON M5A 4P5, Canada
Phone : +14168335462
Security Companies

3. Lima Security Services

Vest Security Services (Inc) is a security agency established in 2020 by a team of professionals from various law enforcement backgrounds with over two decades of experience in the field.

Vest Security Services offers you comprehensive Guard Solutions with professional skills and expertise to meet your needs.

Services Provided:


Client Reviews

Very impressed with the promptness and quality of the service provided by Vest. I was looking for security services for an event that I was hosting and Yasser was very responsive and even courteous to arrange a resource for us in short notice. Overall, really happy with this establishment.
Address: 18 King St E Suite 1400, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, Canada
Phone : +18886811987
Security Companies

4. Lima Security Services

Torcon Security Services Inc. offers a variety of security options for your business or property.

They offer high-class services ranging from armed patrol to mobile patrol among others. Their workforce consists of experienced guards with a strong set of customer service and security management skills.

Services Provided:


Client Reviews

I have hired many different security companies over the years for my building but none have come close to the level of customer service and quality of service that Torcon provides. All the guards have been great and the management is always quick to assist.
Address: 2357 Finch Ave W Unit 217, Toronto, ON M9M 2W8, Canada
Phone : +14168446466
Security Companies

Benefits of Hiring Security in Toronto

Besides providing adequate protection you need, here are the different advantages of employing a personal security guard.

  • Detering Unlawful Individuals – Having a professional security guard around your facility significantly mitigates several risks, including vandalism, robberies, and assaults.
  • Providing a Sense of Better Security – These professionals also provide facilities with a sense of safety to owners, employees, and clients, allowing staff to perform better and customers to keep coming back.
  • Keeping Properties Under Stringent Surveillance – Part of their responsibilities is patrolling your property, monitoring security cameras, responding to alarms, and operating security gates to keep your property safe.

Whether you’re running a business or an executive that requires protection, having security guards can ensure your safety and security, allowing you to continue life without worry.


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