The 4 Best Reviewed Window Replacement Service in Toronto

Window Replacement Service in Toronto

If the windows in your home aren’t opening and closing like they used to or if they’re letting in the cold air, it may be time for replacement windows.

Knowing the overall cost of window replacement and the best to do it can help keep you within the project’s budget and avoid any surprise costs down the road.

Check out our guide to the best window replacement companies in Toronto.

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost in Toronto?

As with any home improvement project, the cost of installing windows depends on two major things: materials and labor. Some installation companies charge labor fees by the hour, others by the window.

Window Cost in Toronto Estimator
Average Cost $600
Lowest Cost $150
Highest Cost $1,200

Replacement Costs by Window Type

  • Single Hung: Single-hung windows usually cost between $100 to $400
  • Double Hung: A double-hung window typically runs anywhere from $150 to $650.
  • Sliding: Sliding windows can run from $150 to $800 depending on construction material.
  • Picture window: A Picture window can run from $350 to $800.
  • Casement window: Casement windows cost $250-$700 to replace.
  • Bay window: Bay window prices range from $1,000-$3,800.
Window Replacement

Here are the best Window Replacement Services in Toronto

1. Top Auto Glass

Top Auto Glass is a locally owned and operated auto glass repair company that was founded in 1992.

For over 30 years, Top Auto Glass has been responsible for performing thousands of automotive glass installations in the Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

Client Reviews

If you want a fast and helpful service for your windshield, this is the place to be! Our appointment was for 10am and he came 945am and finished the job at 10.25am.. This father and son duo is really the best! Thank you so much!

Address: 103 Salem Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3C2, Canada


Phone: +14169531280

Window Replacement

2. Toronto Doors and Windows Company

With over 15 years of experience in the doors and windows business, Toronto Doors and Windows is one of the best suppliers and installers of high-quality doors and windows for your home or business in Toronto.

From energy-efficient vinyl windows to decorative, durable fiberglass doors, Toronto Doors and Windows has an extensive selection of styles and services to cater to any need.

Client Reviews

We are so incredibly happy with our new doors and window from Toronto Doors and Windows. From first contact to installation completion, the professionalism, communication and service was exemplary.

Randy was very helpful in selecting the doors and window, and kept us informed on the status of our doors and window after ordering.

Kyle and his team completed the installation and were approachable, professional and meticulous. Arash made sure that we were happy with everything after the installation. We will be using them again to do the rest of our windows.

If you are looking for new doors and windows, I highly recommend Toronto Doors and Windows!

Address: 158 Marion St #301, Toronto, ON M6R 1E8, Canada


Phone: +16479323667

Window Replacement

3. Downtown Toronto Windows & Doors

Client Reviews

A month ago, I renovated my bedroom. I thought of replacing my old windows, so I promptly looked for a reliable window installer that could help me. I was thankful because I came across this service company.
I read their reviews, and they were all impressive! I called and hired them to install my new bedroom windows, and they didn’t disappoint! I got an appointment with them quickly, and they came right on time. I was pleased with their work because my new windows look sturdy! So glad I found them!


Address: 500 King St W #84, Toronto, ON M5V 1L9, Canada

Phone: +14167452847

Window Replacement

4. Queen Windows & Doors

Client Reviews

We’re pretty impressed with the service we received from these door installers when we chose them to install doors in our new home. Aside from their budget-friendly rates, we loved how responsive they were. All our new doors were perfectly installed. Kudos to this great company!

Address: 1473 Queen St W #88, Toronto, ON M6R 1A1, Canada

Phone: +14168480395

Window Replacement

Best Window Replacement Service in Toronto FAQs

Windows that are more than 20 years old should be completely replaced. This usually affects windows from before 1995. As an alternative, it is often possible to replace the seals and fittings or replace the glass.

Installing a window is an operation that is not very complicated, but requires a lot of meticulousness, precision, and patience. But if you're more of a handyman, you can do it yourself.  

Knowledge of insulation will be necessary in order to avoid heat loss and save energy. 

Yes, in principle this is possible with most windows. If a pane breaks, you just put in a new pane and don't replace the entire window.


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