The Best 6 Bakeries in Guelph That Belong On Every Bucket List | 2023

Best Bakeries in

We’re all for healthy living and making good choices with our diets. We’re also big supporters of the “treat yourself” mentality. It’s called balance. And when the mood strikes for indulging in baked goods, who are we to deny it?

The next time you find yourself craving a sweet, freshly baked treat, head on over to these delicious bakeries in Guelph you should have tried by now.

Bakeries in Guelph

1) Eric the Baker

2) COBS Bread Bakery

3) Wellington Cakes

4) Polestar Hearth

5) With the Grain Bakery


  • Ashleigh Bandimere

    Ashleigh Bandimere is a Freelance Foodie & Travel Writer who loves all things travel! She takes advantage of every opportunity to get away, Ashleigh is always ready for her next adventure.

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