The Best 7 Bakeries in Burlington That Belong On Every Bucket List

Best Bakeries in

It seems like every time you turn on the TV there is a new baking show featuring more and more creative desserts. We are definitely no longer limited to apple pie and chocolate chip cookies (not that there’s anything wrong with those!).

This trend towards exciting baked goods has definitely come to Burlington. Whether you’re craving a classic pastry or a funky-themed cupcake, these bakeries are sure to deliver.

Cakes Sweets is absolutely amazing! I tried their lemon raspberry cupcakes and they were seriously the best I've ever had. Their whipped custard cream filling just takes them to another level of deliciousness. And with so many other flavors to choose from, it's hard to decide which one to try next.

It's not just the cakes and treats that make this bakery a standout . The customer service is top notch and they really seem to care about their customers satisfaction. Laura and her staff know what makes customers happy.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes is our go-to place for some seriously delicious cakes. My husband can't get enough of the soft, fluffy texture of the cakes here, and we've lost count of how many times we've visited.

The staff are always so hospitable and are great at helping us pick out our favorite bundt cakes or bundtlets.

I have to say, my personal favorite is the chocolate chip flavor, but my husband loves the vanilla. No matter what flavor you choose, you won't be disappointed. Do yourself a favor and visit Nothing Bundt Cakes - you won't regret it!

Marco's Bakery

Marco's is a cozy little bakery with lots of delicious baked goods to choose from. I tried a few and they were all amazing. Prices are also extremely reasonable, which is always a plus.

You can tell that everything is made with care and fresh ingredients, and it really shows in the taste.
Their baklava with extra walnuts was to die for, I've also tried their pastry and börek.

I would highly recommend this bakery to anyone and I plan to return in the future. Please support our local businesses during these difficult times, and give Marco's a visit.

COBS is a fantastic bakery that serves up delicious, wholesome baked goods. The atmosphere reminds me of an old-fashioned bakery, and the staff is always friendly and polite.

The lemon blueberry and berry with white chocolate scones are particularly tasty - they're soft, flavorful, and not too heavy.

Although COBS is a chain, the quality of their baked goods is top-notch and I'd happily welcome them to my neighborhood. If you haven't visited COBS yet, make sure to stop by - it's the best bread shop in town and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful.

They also always have samples out, which is a great way to try a variety of their products. Just be warned, the bread here is so good that it might lead to a few extra pounds around your waistline...haha. Overall, I absolutely love COBS and highly recommend it!

British Pride Bakery is an absolute gem in Burlington. They offer a variety of British retail groceries, including teas, chocolate, and other English cooking items. The selection of shelf goods and pantry items is always impressive and the prices are very competitive.

But the real standout at this bakery are the baked goods. We have never been disappointed with anything we've purchased here. Some of our favorites include the cranberry scones, cheese and onion pasty, chocolate block, and the mince round pie. Everything is always delicious and fresh.

The staff at British Pride Bakery are also a delight - always lovely and helpful. We've never had any issues with them and are always happy to support this local business. If you're looking for some delicious baked goods or British pantry items, give British Pride Bakery a try - you won't be disappointed!

My friend highly recommended Laila's, so I decided to try their cheesecakes for my brother's birthday. I ended up getting four different flavors and they all looked and sounded delicious.

My brother chose the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor and ended up eating the whole thing - it was that good! I've also tried the chocolate hazelnut and salted caramel flavors and they were both amazing, not too sweet and just the right amount of indulgence.

I really like the individual jars too - they're perfect for sharing, giving as gifts, and they can be reused. All in all, I highly recommend Laila's for their delicious cheesecakes. They're definitely worth trying!

The Brick is a top-notch bakery located in North Burlington. They offer everything from freshly made pizza dough to fresh baked breads, pastries, and pies.

The smell of fresh bread and cured deli meats was in the air when we opened the car door. Fantastic spot to get some fresh bread, pastas and baked goods.

I've tried a variety of items from The Brick and everything has been high quality. I opted for the nitrate free deli ham which was divine . I highly recommend this bakery for all your baking needs!


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