Burlington’s Best Vegan Restaurants: Healthy and Tasty Options for Every Occasion


In the mood for some seriously tasty plant-based eats ?

As a local foodie blogger and vegan enthusiast, I've tried just about every vegan restaurant in town and I'm here to share my top picks with you.

From savory burgers to delicious salads, Burlington has a ton of delicious options to choose from. So grab a fork and let's chow down on the best vegan eats in town.



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Loondocks is a vegan spot that really stands out among the rest. Not only do they offer a separate menu for vegetarians, but they also have a wide range of options for vegans as well. The restaurant itself is great, with indoor seating, patio seating on the ground floor, and even a rooftop patio.

During our visit, we started off with the bell pepper flatbread and halibut cakes as starters, both of which were delicious.

For the main course, we opted for the craft veggie burger and vegan croquettes, and both of these dishes were equally impressive. To finish off the meal, we ordered the creme brulee for dessert and it was absolutely divine.

One of the things that really stood out to us was the presentation and service at Loondocks. Everything was clearly labeled and fresh, and all of the dishes were served at the same time and hot.

The servers seemed to instinctively know when to check on us, so we never had to call them over. My husband loved the craft draft Canadian beers, and I really appreciated the wine selection and the suggested pairings from Brittany.

Overall, we had a fantastic experience at Loondocks and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for delicious vegan and vegetarian options.

Lettuce Love is a vegan, gluten-free restaurant in Burlington that takes a farm-to-table approach to its meals, juice bar, and raw desserts. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and serves outstanding food at reasonable prices.

We had a fantastic patio lunch with our family at Lettuce Love and were blown away by the balance of flavor and spices in all of the dishes.

We started off with some delicious fries avocado and nachos as starters, and then moved on to the burrito bowl, home-made burger, and Om burger for our main courses. Each dish was amazing and we never felt like any of them were just "good" - they were all truly exceptional.

One thing to note is that Lettuce Love can be a bit pricier than some other restaurants in the area, but it's worth it for the high-quality, flavorful vegan food.

The staff were also excellent, making our experience at Lettuce Love even more enjoyable. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a delicious and healthy vegan meal in Burlington.

Bliss Kitchen

Bliss Kitchen is an amazing vegan spot that we were lucky to stumble upon. They have a large selection of really healthy food options, which can be difficult to find, and everything we had was beyond delicious - from the dinner to the desserts to the latte. The staff was very friendly and the cozy setting was perfect for dine-in or take-out.

We were especially impressed by the dessert and sweets options at Bliss Kitchen. The apple pie milkshake and other desserts were vegan, but you would never guess it - they were hearty and delicious, and we didn't feel awful after indulging.

The staff was also super helpful and knowledgeable, which was especially useful for those of us who are new to veganism and had some questions.

A must Try for any vegan lover!


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