4 Best Waxing Salons in Kitchener For 2023

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Discover the top waxing salons in Kitchener, known for their expertise, hygiene, and exceptional customer service.

Whether you're a first-timer or a regular, these salons promise a smooth and comfortable experience every time.

Best Waxing Salons in Kitchener

Sugar Sugar by Laura

Sugar Sugar by Laura

Sugar Sugar by Laura is a revelation in the world of hair removal in Kitchener.

Taking inspiration from an age-old Egyptian technique, they specialize in sugaring, a natural method that's kind to all skin types.

The simplicity and efficacy of their sugar paste, which boasts a mere three ingredients, speaks to their commitment to purity and authenticity.

Not only is the procedure effective, but it's also rooted in history, being one of the most enduring methods since Ancient Egypt.

Stepping into the salon, clients can expect to be enveloped in an ambiance of warmth and kindness.

The staff, described by many as exceptionally sweet, are thorough professionals.

They not only excel in their sugaring skills but also go the extra mile to ensure that every client feels at ease.

First-timers, particularly, have raved about how comforting their experiences have been, setting any nerves at ease.

Notably, clients can't stop gushing about the excellent brow treatments, with many expressing immense satisfaction at the outcome.

A testament to their consistent excellence is the number of patrons who pledge their return, vouching for repeat visits in the future. Furthermore, the meticulous attention to cleanliness and promptness only amplifies their commitment to superior service.

In a nutshell, Sugar Sugar by Laura is a sanctuary for those seeking effective, natural hair removal with an added touch of historical elegance.

The rave reviews only solidify their reputation as one of Kitchener's top destinations for sugaring treatments.

Ooh La La Waxing

Ooh La La Waxing

In the heart of Kitchener's Forest Heights subdivision lies OOH LA LA, an intimate home-based waxing salon that stands as a testament to professional body waxing and impeccable service.

As one ventures into the world of body waxing, they often seek an environment that assures both expertise and tranquility; OOH LA LA provides just that.

The atmosphere of the salon immediately wraps clients in a cocoon of relaxation and comfort.

Every service is executed in a private room, ensuring that patrons are given the undivided attention and care they deserve.

The emphasis on a personal and sanitary experience is palpable, and the salon's commitment to offering these services at competitive rates makes it even more appealing.

For those navigating the often tedious task of shaving and tweezing, the salon offers a respite with its range of body waxing services.

The promise? Weeks of silky smooth skin. And when you think of waxing in Kitchener, the name "OOH LA LA" naturally resonates, thanks to its growing reputation.

Perhaps the most compelling endorsement of the salon comes from the numerous positive testimonials.

Sandra, in particular, has garnered immense praise for her expertise and comforting demeanor.

First-timers and seasoned clients alike laud her professionalism and ability to make them feel at ease during sessions.

The repeated sentiment is clear: once you've experienced Sandra's service, there's no looking elsewhere.

Sugar Savvy Body Sugaring

Sugar Savvy Body Sugaring

Kitchener's Belmont Village area proudly hosts a gem of a beauty sanctuary: Sugar Savvy, the brainchild of Emilie Scissons.

Emilie's vision, realized in 2016, emerged from a personal need—a gentle hair removal method for sensitive skin.

Unlike most, she didn't stop at finding the perfect solution for herself; she turned it into an avenue to service her community.

Emilie's venture into sugaring wasn't just serendipitous; it was fueled by meticulous research.

Recognizing the drawbacks of conventional hair removal techniques on sensitive skin, sugaring emerged as the ideal answer.

This ancient, less abrasive method isn't just an offering at Sugar Savvy; it's an art form.

As a certified Sugarist, Emilie has painstakingly honed her craft, and the results? Clients leave with smoother skin and far less post-treatment irritation.

However, Sugar Savvy isn't merely about hair removal. Their menu of services, meticulously curated, ranges from St.Tropez organic custom airbrushed spray tans to eyelash extensions and lifts.

This holistic approach ensures that patrons have access to a broad spectrum of beauty treatments, all under one roof.

Quality, for Emilie and her team, isn't an optional trait—it's a defining one. Only the crème de la crème of products touch the skin of Sugar Savvy's clientele. Coupled with an ambiance that exudes tranquility and cleanliness, every session here becomes a holistic experience.

But the heart of Sugar Savvy, undeniably, is its people. Testimonials are rife with praise for Emilie and her staff.

Their flexibility, warmth, and genuine commitment to ensuring an excellent customer experience set them apart.

From accommodating unforeseen scheduling changes to minimizing discomfort during treatments, the team's client-centric approach shines brightly.

Sugaring by Gabe

Sugaring by Gabe

When it comes to sugaring in Kitchener, Gabe's name resonates with unparalleled credibility and unwavering trust.

With countless clients singing praises, it's evident that "Sugaring by Gabe" isn't just another beauty service; it's an experience.

Several aspects stand out prominently in every testimonial about Gabe. First and foremost is her exemplary skill in sugaring.

Seasoned clients, some of whom have been loyal for several years, swear by the thoroughness and efficiency of Gabe's technique.

It's an art she's mastered, ensuring every client leaves her space feeling refreshed, smooth, and satisfied.

Moreover, Gabe's proficiency doesn't come at the cost of comfort; clients unanimously agree on the painless, almost pleasurable experience under her expert hands.

Yet, Gabe's prowess doesn't stop at her sugaring technique. The ambiance she's crafted in her workspace gets equal adulation.

Cleanliness and hygiene, paramount in beauty treatments, are evidently Gabe's top priorities.

Clients walk into a pristine space, further amplifying their sense of comfort and trust in Gabe's services.

However, the true charm of "Sugaring by Gabe" is Gabe herself. Described as 'one of the kindest, most wonderful humans', she brings warmth and a personal touch to a treatment that's inherently intimate.

She ensures every client feels completely at ease, often transforming sessions into lively, laughter-filled interactions.

Furthermore, Gabe's commitment to her clients goes beyond the sugaring table. Her responsiveness to messages, flexibility in scheduling, and highly competitive pricing stand as a testament to her customer-centric approach.


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