4 Best Waxing Salons in London,ON For 2023

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For those seeking a sleek and smooth transformation, London, Ontario boasts some of the finest waxing salons in the region.

Let's dive into the top establishments that have garnered rave reviews for their impeccable services and unmatched professionalism.

Best Waxing Salons in London,ON

Queen Of The Nile

Queen Of The Nile

Queen Of The Nile brings the ancient art of body sugaring to the heart of London, Ontario.

The salon stands as a testament to time-tested methods, offering an all-natural alternative to the conventional waxing and shaving techniques we've grown accustomed to.

Their product, grounded in an ancient Egyptian recipe, is a harmonious blend of sugar, lemon juice, and water.

Absent of chemicals and with a cruelty-free ethos, it promises a skin-loving experience, free from the grip of allergic reactions.

The experience is only heightened by the careful application of the paste at room temperature.

This gentle approach is a clear departure from the sometimes aggressive and traumatic experiences associated with hot wax, ensuring a less painful session while ensuring smoother, rejuvenated skin.

Central to this experience is Samar, the salon's certified body sugaring specialist.

With a rich history spanning over 30 years, her expertise is palpable. Drawing from her Middle-Eastern roots, sugaring is a familial legacy for Samar, a tradition passed down through generations.

Her personal journey with sugaring began in her teenage years, and today, she stands as its unwavering advocate. Her recommendation of this method for even her own daughters speaks volumes about her trust in its benefits.

Customers echo the salon's praise, often highlighting the meticulous care and professionalism they experience.

Jasmine, another expert at Queen Of The Nile, has received accolades for her precise, pain-free treatments.

The salon's ambiance, combined with easy online bookings and impeccable service, keeps patrons returning.

Lindsay's Body Sugaring and Aesthetics

Lindsay's Body Sugaring and Aesthetics

Balanced Health and Beauty stands as a testament to time-honored practices and the drive for continual growth in the aesthetic industry.

At the heart of this establishment is body sugaring, an age-old Egyptian method that boasts unparalleled gentleness.

Suited for every skin type, even the most sensitive, this technique employs a simple yet effective sugar paste concoction - a blend so natural you could indulge in its sweet taste.

Crafted from sugar, lemon, and water, this paste carries with it the legacy of Cleopatra, promising a hair removal experience that is not only efficient but kind to the skin.

The salon's soul and driving force, Lindsay Feuerstein, brings to the table a decade of refined expertise.

An advanced certified licensed aesthetician and body sugaring practitioner, Lindsay's journey is an impressive tapestry of dedication and passion.

Evolution and adaptability are Lindsay's strengths. Recognizing the changing landscape of aesthetics and the benefits of collaboration, she rebranded in 2019, curating a haven where like-minded businesses could coalesce.

The result? A comprehensive suite of self-care treatments under one roof, with Lindsay's Body Sugaring and Aesthetics as its cornerstone.

Lindsay's commitment to excellence isn't static. An ardent believer in the power of education, she continually updates her repertoire, ensuring her clientele benefits from the latest in aesthetic trends.

Becky's Wax Room

Becky's Wax Room

Navigating the world of waxing specialists can be overwhelming, but every once in a while, one finds a gem.

Becky isn’t just a wax specialist – she’s the embodiment of skill, professionalism, and comfort all in one.

For many, a testament to quality is loyalty, and there's no shortage of it here. Clients, including those who have experienced services from various specialists, seem to find themselves drawn back to Becky, never wishing to explore elsewhere once they've been in her care.

The notion of "the best I’ve ever gone to" reverberates across reviews, painting a picture of unmatched expertise.

What's particularly remarkable about Becky is her innate ability to make her clients feel at ease.

Waxing can be a vulnerable experience, and the ambiance of a salon, coupled with the demeanor of its specialist, can make all the difference.

At Becky's, one can expect not just a professional service, but a soothing experience marked by genuine comfort.

The sentiment of never feeling "out of place" and always being made to "feel comfortable" is echoed by many, highlighting Becky's warm and welcoming approach.

Distance seems to be a trivial matter when it comes to securing an appointment with Becky.

Some clients even drive for hours, emphasizing that the journey is "worth every kilometre." This commitment speaks volumes about the quality of service offered.

It's not just about the end result, but also the process – one that’s described as smooth and pleasant.

Moreover, Becky’s knowledge and meticulous attention to detail stand out. It’s one thing to get the job done, but it’s another to ensure every step is executed perfectly, ensuring clients leave satisfied every single time.

Sugarbush Spa

Sugarbush Spa

The beauty industry is vast and varied, and among the many choices available for hair removal, only a few establishments truly distinguish themselves from the rest.

Sugarbush Spa stands tall as one of these paragons of excellence.

The story of Sugarbush begins with Sara, the driving force behind the spa's unparalleled reputation.

Her journey, starting from working in well-established spas to mastering the meticulous art of body sugaring at Jude’s Spa, is both inspiring and commendable.

With her unmatched skills, Sara has managed to elevate the very experience of sugaring.

Her journey culminates with the establishment of Sugarbush Spa in 2013, which under her vigilant oversight, remains dedicated to providing top-tier services.

Sara’s professional trajectory alone speaks volumes about the quality of service one can expect at Sugarbush.

Yet, it is the testimonials of her loyal clientele that truly capture the essence of the spa.

Words like “best”, “detail-oriented”, and “professional” resonate throughout the feedback, illustrating not just the technical prowess of the team but also their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Beyond technical expertise, the human touch is pivotal in personal care services. Sugarbush shines brilliantly in this regard as well.

The spa isn't just a place where one gets a service – it’s an experience. The recurring mention of the welcoming atmosphere and the genuine interest shown by staff, particularly Sam, towards their clients is testament to the warm environment Sara has fostered.

It's evident that the Sugarbush team, beyond just providing exceptional sugaring services, aims to build relationships.

Clients don't just feel like another appointment in the books; they feel valued, heard, and cared for.

And in an industry where the personal touch often takes a backseat to commercial interests, this is both refreshing and commendable.


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