4 Best Waxing Salons in Oakville For 2023

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Nestled within the picturesque confines of Oakville, a haven of beauty and self-care awaits the discerning individual.

Oakville, renowned for its upscale charm and lakeside allure, is also home to some of the premier waxing salons in the province.

These establishments prioritize not just impeccable service and results but also ensure a sanctuary of hygiene, comfort, and confidence.

Whether you're seeking a rejuvenating waxing session or simply wish to explore the pinnacle of pampering in Oakville, this guide introduces you to the crème de la crème of waxing salons in the city.


Best Waxing Salons in Oakville

The Wax Works

The Wax Works

In the bustling heart of Burlington lies a sanctuary dedicated to the art of waxing – The Wax Works.

Led by the passionate and skilled Staceyan, this salon encapsulates more than just a service; it offers an experience.

From her early days of braiding doll hair to mastering the craft of esthetics, Staceyan's journey in the beauty industry is both inspiring and commendable.

With over a decade of experience under her belt, she decided to channel her expertise into her own venture, and thus, The Wax Works was born.

What sets this studio apart? It's not just the top-notch services but also the distinctive approach Staceyan adopts.

Unlike many other esthetic businesses, she has carefully crafted an environment where each client feels valued and understood.

The newly introduced LOYALTY PROGRAM is a testament to her commitment to rewarding her regulars.

With a system that lets clients earn points with each visit, it transforms the usual transactional experience into a more rewarding one.

The more you visit, the more you earn. And for those who've referred friends in the past, Staceyan ensures that their contributions don't go unnoticed – loyalty points will soon adorn their profiles, amplifying the benefits with each referral.

The clientele's reviews speak volumes about the exceptional service quality.

Many highlight their amazing experiences, specifically mentioning the ease and comfort they felt, even during potentially awkward procedures like a Brazilian Wax.

Their words paint a picture of a professional who's not only excellent at her job but also has a knack for making clients feel at ease with her friendly demeanor.

Fuzz Wax Bar

waxing Oakville

In the bustling heart of Oakville, the Fuzz Wax Bar emerges as a sanctuary of unparalleled waxing services and a holistic approach to beauty and care.

Rooted deeply in innovation, client-centricity, and a dedication to results, the bar presents an ambiance that seamlessly fuses professionalism with a genuine warmth.

A standout aspect of Fuzz Wax Bar is its relentless commitment to innovation.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of the beauty industry, they remain consistently at the forefront of offering the latest and best.

This commitment, combined with an unwavering focus on the client experience, differentiates them from the pack.

Whether it's selecting a product or refining a service, one question underpins every decision: how does this elevate the client's experience?

Their results-driven mantra isn’t mere rhetoric; it's the lifeblood of their operations, as validated by the beaming testimonials of their clientele.

The talented Nima has been repeatedly hailed for her expertise, particularly in eyebrow shaping and Brazilian waxes.

Her gentle and patient approach, paired with exceptional skill, is emblematic of Fuzz's philosophy.

But the accolades don't end with her. Shikah, another star in Fuzz's constellation, is especially known for her dedication, even going the extra mile for pregnant clients, underscoring a level of empathy and professionalism that's genuinely commendable.

Cleanliness, a non-negotiable in the waxing industry, is maintained with a rigorous standard at Fuzz.

The added convenience of easy bookings enhances the overall experience, ensuring that every visit is not just smooth but truly enjoyable.

Beauty First Spa

Beauty First Spa

In the diverse tapestry of beauty establishments, Oakville's Beauty First shines as a beacon of excellence and innovation, all thanks to its inspiring founder, Nazia.

Established in 2012, the journey of Beauty First is nothing short of a fairy tale, with brows being its central theme.

Nazia embarked on this venture with a passionate vision: to elevate the beauty of eyes by meticulously crafting their natural frames - the brows.

And oh, did she succeed! Revered as the 'resident brow queen' by her devoted clientele, her magic touch has turned countless brows into captivating artworks, fittingly complementing the individuality of each face.

However, the chronicle of Beauty First doesn’t stop at the perfect brow. From its humble beginnings as a kiosk in Burlington Mall to flourishing as a brand with over 10 outlets across the GTA, Beauty First’s ascendancy is awe-inspiring.

Today, the brand stands tall, offering not just brow-centric services but also an array of facial treatments, lash care, hair removal services, and a curated selection of premium products.

And, for those loyalists, there are membership perks that make each visit even more rewarding.

But what truly sets Beauty First apart, beyond its top-notch services, is Nazia's unwavering commitment to her brand’s growth.

Ensuring every service and product aligns with her impeccable standards, she remains deeply involved in staff training, imbibing her iconic techniques and ethos into her team.

Under Nazia's tutelage, the team, including remarkable professionals like Gunjan, ensures that every client experience is nothing short of spectacular.

A testament to this is the heartwarming feedback from clients like the one who trusted Gunjan for a lash lift/tint.

After a lackluster experience elsewhere, Beauty First not only met but significantly surpassed her expectations, giving her the lashes she had always dreamt of.



In the realm of beauty and self-care, sanitation and safety have always been paramount.

But The Ten Spot in Oakville, Ontario, has elevated these standards, positioning itself as a forerunner in ensuring a clinically clean environment for its clients.

With the unwavering commitment to not just meet, but surpass the industry's stringent safety protocols, this beauty bar confidently stands out as a sanctuary of hygiene and serenity in Oakville.

Yet, what truly distinguishes The Ten Spot isn't just its immaculate surroundings but its core mission: to empower every individual to step out with a strut, radiating the confidence of a 'ten'.

In the world of The Ten Spot, every client is a 'ten' - a testament to their ethos that beauty is all about exuding self-assuredness.

As a patron, one of the most reassuring elements of any service is the professional guiding you through the experience.

At The Ten Spot, professionals like Ana and Erin are the beating heart of the establishment.

With rave reviews from seasoned clients and first-timers alike, their approach is consistently lauded as being calming, informative, and incredibly skilled.

Ana’s technique of talking clients through the process, accompanied by the soothing backdrop of shows like 'Friends', is a masterstroke, offering a delightful distraction from the transient sting of waxing.

For newcomers to the world of waxing, Erin stands out as the quintessential guide. Her ability to demystify the process, combined with her gentle, reassuring demeanor, ensures that clients are at ease.

Moreover, the immaculate waxing rooms, endowed with the luxury of privacy and the entertainment of televisions, further accentuate the unparalleled experience at The Ten Spot.


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