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wildlife removal

Welcome to the wild side of Burlington! As urban expansion blurs city lines with natural habitats, encounters with our four-legged neighbors—raccoons, skunks, birds, and squirrels—become more frequent.

No need to worry, though. Our comprehensive guide on the best wildlife removal in Burlington has you covered.

Dive in to learn the tips and tricks for effective raccoon, skunk, bird, squirrel removal and other animals ensuring peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife.

wildlife removal

Best Animal Removal in Burlington


Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control in Burlington is a shining example of local business excellence, combining reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with a deep respect for our wildlife.

This company stands tall in the field of animal removal, backed by professional exterminators and a robust insurance policy of $5 million liability.

With numerous years of experience and over 200,000 wildlife removals and exclusions under their belt, their service quality is irrefutable.

What truly sets them apart are the humane, hands-on methods they employ to evict your unwanted guests.

They expertly handle anything from squirrels to skunks, ensuring these creatures and their young are safely removed from your premises.

Furthermore, their lifetime guarantee services affirm their commitment to customer satisfaction and wildlife safety.

For anyone in need of their services, Skedaddle also offers free estimates, which we found particularly convenient.

In a nutshell, if you're looking for a responsible, efficient and ethical solution to your wildlife problems, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control should be your first call.

wildlife removal
Specialty Offered Services
Squirrels Removal, Exclusion & Clean-Up
Raccoons Removal, Exclusion & Clean-Up
Bats Removal, Exclusion & Clean-Up
Birds Removal, Exclusion & Clean-Up
Mice Removal, Exclusion & Clean-Up
Skunks Removal, Exclusion & Clean-Up
Bed Bugs Removal
Ants Removal
Cockroaches Removal
Bees Removal
Wasp Removal
Hornets Removal
Spiders Removal
wildlife removal


Burlington's Wildside Wildlife Removal & Prevention is a full-service operation that's truly committed to resolving your wildlife issues in a humane, professional manner.

As a licensed and insured business, they utilize the latest tools and techniques to both remove wildlife and prevent future incursions.

The technicians at Wildside are not just effective but also deeply considerate of the wildlife they handle.

Their use of a one-way door system—installed at the animal's entry point—is both a testament to their humane approach and a mark of their efficiency. This system enables animals to exit but not re-enter your property, a truly ingenious solution.

Their mission extends beyond simple removal—they strive to protect your property from any damage wildlife might inflict, thereby preserving its value.

With a broad spectrum of expertise that includes everything from rat and squirrel removal to handling dead wildlife, they've got you covered on all fronts.

To top it all off, Wildside offers same-day quotes, making them a highly responsive and customer-friendly service.

For humane, comprehensive, and efficient wildlife removal, Wildside Wildlife Removal & Prevention stands out as an exceptional choice.

Specialty Offered Services
Rat Removal
Squirrel Removal
Skunk Removal
Bird Removal
Raccoon Removal
Bat Removal
Mouse Removal
Dead Wildlife Removal


wildlife removal


Regional Wildlife Services is a shining beacon in the field of animal removal in Burlington.

This locally-owned business has established itself as a leader in the industry, thanks in large part to its commitment to quality and a sterling reputation built on word-of-mouth referrals.

Led by owner Sean Thornton, the company boasts a professional team that's adept at using highly skilled and humane methods to address your wildlife problems.

This commitment to both customer service and animal welfare is further highlighted by their money-back guarantee, ensuring complete satisfaction with their work.

Their rapid response times, same-day exclusion services, and provision of free quotes make them highly accessible. Regional Wildlife Services doesn't just deal with the immediate problem; they also sanitize any areas targeted or damaged by the nuisance animals, helping to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Moreover, their preventative services are a standout feature. By offering to rodent-proof your home or building, they ensure future peace of mind.

In a nutshell, whether you're struggling with bats, raccoons, or a skunk, Regional Wildlife Services is a call away.

And for those living in Milton, Oakville, Watertown & Ancaster Areas, this high-quality service is at your doorstep.

Specialty Offered Services
Bats Removal, Wildlife Damage Repair
Raccoons Removal, Wildlife Damage Repair
Squirrels Removal, Wildlife Damage Repair
Skunks Removal, Wildlife Damage Repair
Opossums Removal, Wildlife Damage Repair
Rodents Removal, Wildlife Damage Repair, Proofing
Birds Removal, Wildlife Damage Repair
Residential Removal, Wildlife Damage Repair, Proofing
Commercial Removal, Wildlife Damage Repair, Proofing
Attics Animal-Proofing, Wildlife Damage Repair
wildlife removal

Frequently Asked Questions on The Topic of Wildlife Removal Services

What is humane wildlife removal and why is it important?

Humane wildlife removal refers to the practice of removing animals from residences or businesses without causing harm or stress to the animal.

It's important because it supports the ethical treatment of animals, preserving biodiversity and preventing unnecessary suffering.

Are wildlife removal services safe for my pets and children?

Yes, professional wildlife removal services prioritize the safety of everyone involved, including pets and children.

However, it's always a good idea to discuss any specific concerns with the service provider before work begins.

What types of animals can professional wildlife removal services handle?

Professional wildlife removal services can handle a wide range of animals, including, but not limited to, bats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, and various rodents.

Some services even deal with insects like bed bugs, ants, and cockroaches.

Apart from removing the animals, what other services do wildlife removal companies provide?

Many wildlife removal companies also offer preventative services, such as wildlife-proofing homes or businesses to prevent future infestations.

They may also provide sanitation services to clean up any damage or mess left behind by the animals, and some offer repair services to fix any damage caused by the animals.

wildlife removal

Navigating the challenges of wildlife removal in Burlington can be daunting. Whether it's raccoon, skunk, bird, or squirrel removal, choosing a trusted service is key.

By considering the expertise of one of the Services , you can ensure a humane, effective solution to your wildlife concerns.

Remember, responsible wildlife removal means a safer home and a healthier environment.

wildlife removal


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