23 Stunning Purple Highlight Ideas: From Subtle to Bold

Purple Highlight Ideas

Purple highlights have become a bold and popular choice for those looking to add a splash of color to their hair.

According to renowned U.S.-based hairstylist John Doe, purple highlights work exceptionally well with both light and dark base colors, offering versatility in styling.

Doe suggests that for a more subtle effect, opt for pastel purple tones, whereas vibrant, deep purple hues can make a striking statement.

He emphasizes the importance of using color-protective hair care products to maintain the vividness and health of the highlighted strands.

This style not only provides an opportunity for creative expression but also adds depth and dimension to your natural hair color.

#1: Vibrant Electric Purple Highlights on Brown Hair

Consider electric purple highlights in brown hair for a striking and vibrant look.

These ultraviolet highlights, especially when paired with soft waves, offer an eclectic and bold style.

Embrace your inner superhero with this Teen Titan Raven-inspired look, and get ready to dazzle the world with your radiant beauty and stunning purple strands.

#2: Deep Violet Balayage Highlights on Black Hair

Experience the allure of dark purple highlights on black hair, achieved through a skilled balayage technique and shadow root application.

In the showcased style, these fashion-forward shades are created using Pravana’s violet, offering a seamless and striking blend of colors that enhance the natural depth and richness of black hair.

#3: Dramatic V-Cut with Purple Accents

Elevate your look with a dark V-cut hairstyle enhanced by purple highlights.

This combination is not only trendy but also a fantastic way to draw attention to your hair.

Whether styled sleek or with waves, these purple accents add a beautiful dimension, making your hairstyle stand out in a crowd.

This style is perfect for those looking to add a touch of flair to their look.

#4: Bold Saturated Purple Highlights


For a striking and playful touch, consider saturated purple highlights.

This vibrant choice not only adds a fashionable flair to your hairstyle but also promises a head-turning effect.

The beauty of these vivid violet tones lies in their graceful fading process, making them an excellent low-commitment option for those who enjoy experimenting with color.

#5: Neon Purple Accents


Add neon purple accents to violet hair, making your overall hair color pop! With dark roots, the hair can grow out without harsh lines.

Nothing is boring about this multi-dimensional hair hue. You will see the gorgeous hues of purple whether you style the short purple hair straight and sleek or by adding some waves.

#6: Chic Purple Lowlights on Blonde Hair


Elevate your blonde hair with the addition of purple lowlights, a perfect choice for those looking to enhance their hairstyle with a touch of color.

The fade-out process for blondes is particularly striking, as the purple gradually transitions to a soft pastel shade before returning to the original blonde.

This technique offers a fun and stylish way to experiment with purple highlights, adding depth and an element of surprise to your blonde locks.

#7: Brunette Bob with Bold Purple Highlights

Brunettes can also enjoy the playful addition of chunky purple highlights, especially in a short bob cut.

Dark lavender highlights surprisingly complement dark brown hair, offering a unique and stylish look.

This hairstyle with purple highlights in a cute bob cut is a testament to the versatility and fun that can be had with color, even on darker hair.

#8: Mystical Gray with Lilac Highlights

For a magical and mysterious look, try incorporating purple highlights into gray hair.

Icy lilac highlights, paired with a smokey gray base, create an enchanting effect perfect for a night out.

This style allows you to enjoy a hint of purple without committing to a full-on purple hair color, maintaining the darker base while adding an ethereal touch with the highlights.

It’s an elegant option that brings a fantastical charm to your hairstyle.

#9: Luxurious Lavender Highlights on Brown Hair

Experience the charm of pastel purple or lavender highlights on brown hair, creating a bluish and luxurious effect that is irresistibly stunning.

These light purple strands are particularly striking on short, straight, or wavy hair, adding a touch of elegance and a pop of color that transforms your hairstyle into something truly special.

#10: Regal Blonde with Lavender and Dark Purple Highlights

Elevate your style to one of royal elegance with a blend of purple highlights in blonde hair.

Illuminate your look with a spectrum of lavender highlights transitioning into darker purple tips.

This color combination is particularly striking on a classic straight bob cut, where the contrast of platinum blonde and purple highlights creates a stunning and sophisticated effect.

This style is perfect for those seeking to add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to their appearance.

#11: Caramel Hair Enriched with Grape Purple Highlights

Infuse light caramel hair with a touch of sophistication by adding gorgeous grape purple highlights.

The subtlety of these purple accents can significantly enhance the hair’s dimension and overall appeal.

For a more natural look, consider blending these highlights into light brown hair.

This gentle infusion of color creates a beautiful, harmonious contrast that elevates the natural beauty of caramel tones.

#12: Vibrant Purple Ombre

Show off a striking purple ombre hair color for a look that’s both fun and eye-catching.

Perfect for those who love vivid shades, this style can be particularly stunning when transitioning from blonde-toned white hair into purple highlights.

California-based stylist Joya Smith recommends this approach for a bold and bright effect that’s sure to turn heads and make a statement.

#13: Light Violet Peekaboo Highlights on Dark Hair

Enhance your natural dark hair with streaks of light violet peekaboo highlights for a gloriously updated style.

These subtle yet impactful highlights are a fantastic way to add a touch of lightness and vibrancy to your hair, creating an intriguing look that reveals flashes of color with movement.

This approach is a great idea for those seeking to subtly brighten their natural hair color without overwhelming it.

#14: Cosmic Ultraviolet Highlights

Transform your hair into a cosmic masterpiece with ultraviolet highlights, blending shades of blue and violet for an otherworldly effect.

This color choice is particularly striking on wavy hair, where the texture adds stunning dimension to your natural color.

Ultraviolet highlights also create a rich and vibrant look on curly hair, enhancing each curl with a burst of deep, mesmerizing color.

This style is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement with their hair.

#15: Dimensional Blonde with Hidden Purple Highlights

Explore the depth and contrast of blonde hair accented with hidden purple highlights underneath.

This dimensional purple-blonde hair color offers an alternative to the traditional purple ombre, providing a subtler yet equally striking effect.

The hidden highlights create a surprise element, revealing vibrant pops of purple that beautifully contrast against the blonde, adding depth and intrigue to your hairstyle.

#16: Indigo Dream: Blue and Purple Balayage Highlights

Embrace the whimsy of indigo dreaming with a blend of various blue and purple shades, creatively applied through balayage techniques.

This unique color combination transforms your hair into a canvas of fun and vibrant hues, perfect for those looking to add an imaginative and playful twist to their hairstyle.

#17: Edgy Black Hair with Subtle Purple Highlights

For a look that’s modern yet understated, try black hair accented with purple highlights.

This style strikes a perfect balance, offering an edgy and spunky vibe without being overly bold.

It’s an ideal choice for those who want to add a hint of color to their dark hair in a sleek and stylish way.

#18: Bold Magenta Highlights on Shoulder-Length Hair

Opt for bright magenta highlights to transform shoulder-length hair into a vibrant, confident statement.

This striking color choice exudes a sense of playfulness and daring, perfect for those looking to stand out with a bold and lively hairstyle.

#19: Amethyst Purple Melt with Highlights

Elevate your hairstyle with dark purple hair featuring a stunning amethyst color melt, enriched with highlights.

This look combines deep, rich purple tones with lighter accents, creating a mesmerizing and luxurious effect reminiscent of the precious gemstone.

#20: Custom Red Hair with Purple Highlights

Experience the unique allure of custom-colored red hair enhanced with purple highlights.

This combination creates a distinctive and vibrant look, perfect for those seeking to personalize their hairstyle with a blend of bold and rich colors.

#21: Pastel Lilac Highlights on Long Fine Hair

Transform long fine hair with delicate lilac, pastel purple highlights.

These soft accents breathe new life into plain blonde hair, adding a touch of whimsy and gentle color that enhances the overall look with a subtle yet impactful change.

#22: Subtle Metallic Purple Highlights

Introduce a natural yet fantastical element to your hair with metallic purple highlights.

These subtle streaks of violet metallic tones are perfect for enhancing your current hairstyle, adding a touch of iridescent color that elevates your look with an understated yet captivating allure.

#23: Professional Silver with a Pop of Purple

Embrace a unique blend of silver hair with purple highlights, a style that proves colorful hair can be both professional and playful.

This combination offers a sophisticated look with just the right amount of color to make a statement in any work environment.


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