23 Stunning pink braids hairstyles – Most popular trending Pink braid styles this year

Most popular trending Pink braid styles this year


Forget boring basics, it’s time to make a pink-tastic splash with braids that shout your name! Pink braids aren’t just a trend, they’re a full-blown beauty revolution, letting you paint your personality onto your hair with endless shades.

Wondering if pink works with your black or brown hair? Absolutely! It’s a match made in vibrant heaven.

And the options don’t stop there! Dive into knotless braids, add some bling with beads, or sprinkle in a touch of glitter for extra sparkle.

This guide is your one-stop shop for jaw-dropping pink braid inspiration. We’ll explore styles from soft pastels to hot neon pinks, share expert tips to keep your braids looking flawless, and give you all the sass you need to rock your pink masterpiece.

Ready to unleash your inner pink braid goddess? Let’s dive in!

What is the latest Pink braid hairstyle?

Some popular trending Pink braid styles this year include Ghana braids, faux locs and braided bantu knots. How can I make my braids last longer and look fresh? To ensure your braids remain fresh, protect them while sleeping by wearing a silk or satin scarf to help prevent friction and frizz.



These beauties use hot pink hair to turn the classic box braid into a head-turning masterpiece.

Creating them is like building tiny pink towers on your head. First, you map out squares (the “boxes”) and braid each one into its own chunky twist.

You can stack these towers straight up for a bold look, or stagger them like bricks for a flatter vibe. Don’t worry, no construction tools needed!

And the best part? You can rock these braids big and bold, or short and sweet.

Knotless or classic, the choice is yours! So unleash your inner artist and paint your mane with these pink-tastic box braids. The world (and your hair) will thank you!


Pairing black with pink is a fantastic way to add depth and dimension to your braided hairstyle while toning down the vibrancy of the pink.

You can blend these two colors to achieve the look you desire.

You can combine black and pink braiding hair for a striking blend, or use braids in each color for a striking contrast.

You also have the freedom to place either color on any side you prefer.

Regardless of how you choose to mix and match these hues, the result of mixing black and pink is guaranteed to be eye-catching and stylish.


let’s talk pink and brown magic! This combo adds instant sass to your hairstyle, but finding the perfect blend is key.

Think yin and yang – pair a soft brown braid with a bolder pink, or flip it! Just remember, choose shades that make your skin tone sing.

Feeling bold? Go all-out with one color, or rock an even mix.

And the patterns? Endless possibilities! Weave them in stripes, swirls, or whatever makes your inner artist happy.

Get ready to turn heads with braids that are uniquely you!


Knotless braids are all the rage, and when done in pink, they’re an absolute showstopper!

Opting for the knotless technique not only offers a modern twist but also minimizes tension on your scalp, providing you with more comfortable and flexible braids.

While it’s true that knotless braids may not have the longevity of traditional knotted styles, they still offer impressive durability, lasting you a considerable amount of time.

So, if you’re looking for a trendy, low-tension option in a striking color, pink knotless braids are your go-to!


Get ready to unleash your inner rockstar with blonde and pink braids – a combo that’s basically fireworks for your head.

Think endless creativity! You can weave in pink highlights like candy stripes, or go full-on technicolor with even stripes of both.

And the pink possibilities? Endless! Want a flirty bubblegum touch? Bam!

Deep fuchsia for a bolder vibe? Done! But hold on, there’s a blonde BFF for every pink shade.

For drama, pair platinum blonde with a deep, dark pink. Or, for something effortlessly cool, the honey-gold of “613” blonde blends with any pink like they were meant to be.

So, grab your braids, pick your pink poison, and get ready to paint your hair with sunshine and sass! Remember, rules are for boring hair, not yours!


For the black braids, keep it classic with color 1 or 2. These shades play nice with any pink you pick, like BFFs on braid duty.

Now, beads are fun, but when it comes to pink and black, less is definitely more.

Two statement colors are already rocking the show, so adding a third might be an applause overload.

My tip? Stick to one bead color for a cohesive look. Clear beads are my go-to – they add sparkle without stealing the spotlight from your gorgeous braids.

So, if you’re after a hairstyle that’s both fierce and polished, pink and black braids with beads are your ticket to braid-tastic fame. Go forth and rock those beauties!


Looking for a standout summer hairstyle? Pink goddess braids are both stylish and durable.

I’ve tried this style, and it’s a solid choice for the season. However, be aware that the attached curls make it a high-maintenance option.

If you’re up for the upkeep, these braids are a great pick for a long-lasting, eye-catching look.


Forget high maintenance, embrace breezy beauty! Light pink braids whisper sweet charm without breaking a sweat.

Sure, they might blush a little easier than their darker cousins, but with a bit of mindful love – think steering clear of mystery puddles and tucking them in for the night – they’ll keep your style on point with minimal fuss.

So go ahead, embrace the delicate pink glow, it’s a low-key look that packs a high-impact punch!


I’ve recommended this style to people concerned about bald spots, as the strategic placement of the braids can offer some coverage.

So, if you’re looking for a style that’s both eye-catching and functional, pink lemonade braids are a great choice.


Want braids with a hidden twist? Peekaboo braids are your new friends!

Pick pink or black as your main color, then weave the other shade in like secret stripes peeking through – usually in the back, but hey, you’re the boss! It’s subtle surprise that turns heads in the best way.

I’ve seen it everywhere, and trust me, it gets people talking. Think of it as a secret message for hair – only for those who pay attention.

So if you’re craving braids with a bit of hidden fun, give pink and black peekaboos a try! ‍♀️


Want to rock pink braids but skip the salon time and cost? A pink braids wig is your new best friend!

They come in tons of styles, from sleek knotless braids to chunky jumbos and even cool Fulani twists, all in shades of pink to make you stand out.

Now, wig types: Full lace wigs look super natural but take more work to put on and blend. For something fast and easy, 2×4 and 4×4 closures are like hats with built-in braids – pop them on and go!

So, pick your pink braids wig style, grab your confidence, and get ready to turn heads!


Pink braids are awesome, but wanna make them extra special? Add beads! Think of them like sparkly sprinkles on a cupcake – they take the whole look up a notch.

Now, shorter braids are my jam with beads. They’re easier to wear and won’t feel heavy after a while.

As for the beads themselves, the world is your oyster! Clear ones add a little shine, wooden ones give a natural vibe, and black or silver make a cool contrast against the pink.

Go wild and have fun with it!


Want braids that turn heads? Try black and pink goddess braids! They mix dark and bright for a cool contrast.

You can add pink with curly extensions (synthetic, human, or a mix), but finding pink curls can be tricky.

Here’s a tip: braid with some of your own hair left out, then curl those strands pink! No hunting needed.

Or, if you have extra time and human hair, you can even dye them pink yourself.

Either way, pink and black goddess braids are a surefire way to stand out. Just be ready for a little extra work if you choose the dyeing route!


Wanna rock braids that are easy-breezy AND gorgeous? Check out pink knotless braids with beads! They start with your own hair, then blend in pink braiding hair as you go.

This makes them super light and comfy, especially if you keep the braiding hair thin. Now, the fun part: beads!

These beauties take your braids from “nice” to “WOW.” Pick any style or color you like, go wild!


Pink ombre braids offer a seamless transition of color that adds depth and dimension to your hairstyle.

These braids use pink ombre braiding extensions, which come pre-colored in a gradient of pink shades, usually transitioning from light to dark or vice versa.

This eliminates the need to manually mix shades, making the braiding process more straightforward. What’s great is that you’re not limited in terms of style.

Pink ombre extensions can achieve your desired look if you’re into box braids, cornrows, or any other braid style.


Pink French curl braids are a versatile choice that can elevate your look for any occasion.

These braids use pre-curled French curl extensions, known for their silky texture.

Given the unique nature of these extensions, it’s crucial to find a braider skilled in handling them to preserve their integrity.

A pro tip for working with French curl extensions is to apply oil to your hands before separating the strands.

This helps maintain the texture and prevents frizz. When it’s time to transition from the braid to the loose curls, tie a secure knot to keep everything in place.

Maintenance is relatively straightforward: a leave-in conditioner or hair mousse will keep those curls bouncy and fresh.


Stand out with a sassy pink braided ponytail! This trendy twist on the classic style puts your face in the spotlight and adds a cool pop of color.

It’s surprisingly easy to do, even if you’re not a braiding pro. Feeling extra bold? Dye your hair pink to match the braid (temporary options work too!). Bonus: this style lasts over a week with some TLC.

Sleep in a silk scarf or bonnet to keep it smooth, and give the front a quick brush-up each day for extra freshness. Pink power, here you come!


Pink hair calling your name but short on time? Jumbo pink braids are your BFF!

These thick beauties, made with fab pink braiding hair, give you instant wow factor in a flash. Choose between comfy knotless braids or classic knotted styles.

Sure, they might not last as long as their tiniest cousins, but you’ll spend way less time getting braided.

And the best part? You’ll still rock a head-turning hairstyle that screams fabulous!


Pink micro braids sound fancy, right? They’re tiny braids made with pink extensions, super durable and you can style them tons of ways!

But heads up, they take a while to put in – like, TV show and snack marathons kinda while. Don’t worry, though!

Once they’re done, you barely have to fuss with them and mornings get way easier. ‍


Short pink braids are a solid pick if you’re looking for a breezy, low-maintenance style, especially for those hot weather months.

Opt for blunt pink braiding hair rather than pre-stretched to get the best results.

You’ll need to cut it to your desired length and feather the ends before getting started, but this ensures a more polished final look.

One of the best parts? These braids are quick to install, saving you time in the braider’s chair.

Plus, their shorter length makes them versatile when it comes to styling.


Adding pink curly braids to your braided style will elevate your look.

You can achieve this look in a couple of ways: either by attaching curly extensions to the ends of your braids or by using flexi rods to curl the braids themselves.

The curls add a voluminous element, making this style a go-to for those who love fuller hair.

Plus, the added texture brings a level of sophistication that makes these braids suitable for any occasion.


Want to take your braids to the next level? Forget plain plaits, it’s time for pink peekaboo braids with shimmer!

Think bright pink braids with hidden pops of another color peeking out the back – like a secret surprise! And to really make them shine, weave in sparkly strands with each braid.

No need to break the bank, glitter strands are easy to find at beauty stores or online.

Get ready for fun, eye-catching braids that won’t cost a fortune!

#23: Poetic Justice Pink Braids With Shaved Sides

Jada Pinkett Smith went for a rockier and edgier way of wearing her hot Poetic Justice braids at the 2010 BET Awards, a half-up and half-down look with the top half twisted and turned into a sort of faux mohawk.

We loved the way it looked, and this is a slightly simpler way of wearing it.

What braided hairstyles make you look younger?

Wearing a cornrow will make you look younger. Box braids are the way to go if you want a long-lasting, simple-to-maintain hairstyle. You may create boho braids or bohemian box braids by adding curly hair to your box braids.


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