50 PRACTICAL EXAMPLES For Perfect Patios to Spend the Summer


Who has a patio in the city, has a treasure. Hidden inside the houses, these outdoor spaces are the perfect place to take refuge from high temperatures, create an outdoor living room or a perfectly decorated outdoor dining room .

Patios are light and fresh, but you have to know how to decorate them.

Decorating patios is not easy and you have to take care of it. The ideal is to look for ideas that resemble the decorative style of the interior of the home.

There are details that raise the tone of the patio and amaze by providing its difference.

In case you don't know very well how to decorate the patio, we will tell you some of those tricks to achieve a beautiful exterior.

We show you more than 45 practical examples of how to decorate patios.

1.An Andalusian style patio

This 18th century home in Baeza  has a beautiful urban patio, which included a summer dining room, dressed with antique garden tables and chairs.

patio decoration ideas

2. Cutting-edge

The architectural approach of the Roman atrium, the central patio around which the house was articulated, has been the starting point to create this central green area in a modern construction.

Stairs and hidden doors connect this patio with different rooms. A very modern landscaping has been created, only with green species and adapted to the orography of the land.

the modernist, a hotel in a renovated building in the algarve in portugal

3. Patio with swimming pool

In this modern Mediterranean-style house in Mallorca, a patio acts as an anteroom to the entrance of the house, with a porch as a transition between the exterior and interior spaces, as well as a charming pool.

Get inspired by these ideas for small pools in patios or rooftops that take advantage of space.

modern mallorca house patio pool

4. Chill out area in the patio

In that urban patio of a house in Barcelona, ​​a living area has been created, with a corner sofa made up of pallets and mats.

Although in appearance it may seem informal due to the worn and raw materials, every last detail has been taken care of, with lamps, decorations, cushions...

house with patio in Barcelona and vintage decoration

5. Glazed and modern patio

In this Cádiz house, designed by architect Pedro Riveiro, a century-old olive tree presides over the glass patio around which the construction revolves.

It is the perfect patio decoration.

patio decoration ideas

6. A patio decorated in red

With the floor and façade of this color, the terrace is the jewel of the house-workshop in Barcelona by the Factotum studio .

They wanted to give it a casual and happy air with furniture found at the Los Encantes market in the city.

patio decoration ideas

7. Parisian style on the patio

The Ramisa Projects & Fun studio gave access to the backyard of this ground floor through fantastic interior glass galleries.

He turned the space into a corner full of charm with several Acapulco armchairs and some wrought iron chairs, all in white.

patio decoration ideas

8. A romantic patio

The interior patio of this two-story home in Madrid is a secluded corner with iron chairs and a table bought in a French antique store, which the interior designer Mónica Bustamante has arranged on the gravel pavement.

This type of furniture is perfect on urban terraces and balconies .

patio decoration ideas

9. A patio invaded by nature

The bamboo pots and the ivy that climbs the wall until it reaches the iron pergola provide shelter to this patio of a house in the Gracia neighborhood .

It has been decorated by the Antique Boutique store with iron garden chairs, fiberglass armchairs and a table with a 1950s stoneware top.

patio decoration ideas

10. A patio with Arab influences

Although newly built, resources from traditional southern houses have been used in this house in Sotogrande.

The patio is proof of this, with the handmade brick pavement and the fountain, from Meridiana. It is a work by Heloísa Málaga.

patio decoration ideas

11. A patio with sun and shade

Lush vegetation brings freshness to this delightful patio with an ancient well.

For outdoor meals, the table has been protected with canvas awnings, one of the best ideas to have shade outside.

patio decoration ideas

12. A chill out on the patio

A Mallorcan town house in the town of Pollença hides this small patio at the back, with a pool to cool off.

Some loungers, with Designers Guild fabrics, invite you to relax. The entire project is by Mestre Paco.

patio decoration ideas

13. A patio with classical sculpture

This house, with interior design by Pablo Paniagua studio, is structured around a large interior patio.

This has been paved with black stone from Calatorao and is presided over by a Roman torso. Patios are also a very good resource to provide more light in dark spaces.

patio decoration ideas

14. Art in the yard

In the house of gallery owner Pepe Pisa, Paco Pepe's sculpture adds strength and expressiveness, resting on the river stone floor.

If you introduce a piece with so much character, you have to take great care of the lighting: write down these ideas to illuminate the terrace, patio or garden.

patio decoration ideas

15. The freshness of the water in the patio

The landscaping studio Benavides Laperche landscaped the patio of this house, renovated by Grupo Cosmic.

A pebble pond next to a bamboo wall cools the adjoining room. Don't miss all the keys to decorating patios and terraces with style.

patio decoration ideas

16. Patio with porch

In this house in the old town of Felanitx (Mallorca), rehabilitated by architect Thomas Wegner, the patio was equipped with a dining area under the porch.

Along with the work benches and the custom-made table with iroco slats, the note of sophistication is provided by the Provençal chandelier, purchased at a flea market.

patio decoration ideas

17. An architectural patio

The patio of this house in Aravaca (Madrid) serves, in addition to providing light to the different rooms, to mark the transition between the entrance area and the living area.

A large automated sliding panel makes the living room independent at will. It is the work of architect Marta Marín and interior designer Lorenzo Castillo.

patio decoration ideas

18. Artistic shadows in the patio

In this space the built-in pergola creates a suggestive play of lights and shadows.

The panoramic window that frames the landscape like a painting stands out on the wall, a luxury for the eye designed by the A-Cero studio, architect of the housing project.

a patio with a modern style pergola

19. A Mexican-style patio

In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, designer Michelle Nussbaumer recovered an old colonial building to turn it into her home .

Among the buildings that make up the house we find interior patios like this one, decorated with vintage Mexican furniture, Indian textiles and an antique fireplace.

the house in mexico of the interior designer michelle nussbaumer

20. A very modern rustic patio

Architect Glòria Duran Torrellas renovated an old barn in Empordà to turn it into a modern house, maintaining the rustic essence.

The great jewel is the patio that she managed to create by removing the roof of an old room, leaving the beams exposed.

a barn rehabilitated to become a house in Girona

21. An outdoor living room

Luis García Fraile has designed a house in Sotogrande with a patio next to the pool that is fun, cheerful and very summery.

What do we like the most? His spectacular outdoor living room. Get inspired by these other ideas to decorate a terrace, porch or patio with style.

patio decoration

22. Brutalist Air Courtyard

The Brazilian architecture studio Ana Bumachar has designed this house in the city of São Paulo with a landscaping project by the K + M Landscape and Architecture studio.

In its patio it has taken advantage of every corner and opted for materials such as cement or stone.

patio decoration

23. Next to the bathroom

This bathroom is part of Villa Roccia , a house of revolutionary architecture created by Mario Campi in the late 60s, in Lugano.

As he was looking for the best light, he took advantage of every nook and cranny to let it into the house, even with patios that give access to the bathroom.

patio decoration

24. In a duplex

Who said that a patio can only be in a house? This is located in a duplex in Brazil .

To achieve this, architect Luciano Dalla Marta installed large windows that completely open the kitchen to the garden and created a gazebo to house the dining room and thus ensure that the outdoor space was used every day. Spectacular.

patio decoration

25. With a good mix

In this house in Vélez Blanco , in Almería, the antique dealer Miguel Arcas has made the patio of his house in Alcarria the nerve center of the house.

He has made it a seating area with plant fiber armchairs from the 70s and Provençal support tables.

patio decoration

26. A patio with a pool

This inviting patio is located at the Hotel Palacio Bucarelli , in Seville. Its pool, hidden from the sun on the porch, is the perfect place to spend the entire summer.

Discover other ideas of houses with beautiful pools.

patio decoration ideas

27. A patio with a pergola

An iron pergola, which will soon be covered with wisteria, protects the summer lounge in the patio of this Balearic house.

It is located in a patio paved with limestone tiles, in keeping with the façade.

The antique iron furniture is from Casa Nativa and the glass lamp is from Gabriel Cortés, which is one of our best ideas for lighting patios and terraces .

patio decoration ideas

28. A hidden patio in the city

With climbing plants, wooden furniture from Teklassic and red chairs from Habitat, on the gravel floor, this garden patio of a semi-detached house is a luxury in the heart of Madrid.

patio decoration ideas

29. Concrete and green in the patio

This patio in a modern and brutalist house in Mérida (Mexico by architect Ludwig Godefroy serves so that all the rooms connect with the outside and merge into one thanks to the similar aesthetic treatment of the entire complex.

concrete house in mexico, architect ludwig godefroy

30. With many plants

From a surprising plant species to a botanical mass of a single color. Ask a landscaper, visit nurseries, look at books... and copy! Look, for example, for the best easy-care plants , so that your patio is always green.

Placing plants is essential, not only to add color, but to give freshness to the environment.

It has been shown that the presence of many greens lowers the temperature by a few degrees. The most practical way to fill your patio with plants is to use large-format pots .

colonial house chalets madrid with patio and colorful decoration

31. Stainless steel or clay

Materials for coverings or furniture also count. The trendiest mix , that of stainless steel and artisanal clay, achieves the dialogue of industrial mass production with the unique work.

Get inspired by the best outdoor furniture trends to get it right.

house in chau doc

Hiroyuki Oki

32. Plants are the best decoration

In this house renovated to create open spaces in an exotic style , the front patio has a seating area with seating delimited thanks to a cozy wooden deck.

Although, without a doubt, the prominence goes to the plants.

We love the idea of ​​placing two large jars of plants to frame the front door.

terrace decorated with plants

33. Vertical garden

Vertical gardens in interior patios can give a fresh touch to the home.

They are easy to install, and we always recommend that they be natural plants, so they will provide a more natural atmosphere to the room.

a mews house in london renovated with design, natural light and nature

34. In good light

Natural light is very important in interior patios, but there are times when it is not enough.

Fill the interior with string lights, or sconces in some strategic areas so that the entire patio is illuminated.

Play with light contrasts and you will get a very relaxing and cozy patio.

restaurant riot in madrid

35. A patio with a covered lounge

In this modern town house in Mallorca decorated with a minimal Mediterranean style , a pool was built in the patio that makes perfect use of the land.

The planter next to the pool allows you to plant trees that will provide shade and the living room next to the patio continues with the same pavement, making this room halfway between the interior and the exterior.

rural house in mallorca modern rustic style buc architecture
Neus Pastor @Interiormallorca

36. A classic patio

They exist and they don't have to be dark or boring.

Get inspired by this classic interior patio of a hotel in Seville with white sofas and art pieces. A dream place to relax.

signature hotel in seville

37. With cacti

According to Feng Shui, cacti are best avoided inside the home to avoid attracting bad energy.

The ideal is always to place them outside, such as in the patio of this hotel in Santo Domingo , whether on the terrace, at the entrance of the home or even in the interior patio.

Fixie Lofts boutique hotel in Santo Domingo with exposed stone walls and a pool in the interior patio

Fixie Lofts Santo Domingo

38. With mirrors to gain spaciousness

If you have doors in the interior patio area, to divide spaces, you can incorporate a mirror in one of them.

Thus, if the patio is small, you can gain meters visually. This is a resource that many interior designers use in a simple way.

a loft with a patio and mezzanines decorated in an industrial style

Courtesy Of The Sibarist

39. With a terracotta dining room

The interior patios can also be used as an outdoor dining room.

If you have space, you can incorporate a large table for several diners. You don't need to incorporate many chairs.

Other somewhat more modern alternatives are benches, stools, or armchairs. This is what we have seen in this old warehouse converted into a house by the work and grace of the YSG studio

a 19th century warehouse converted into a family home with a patio

Prue Ruscoe

40. With plants on the roof

Another way to shade the interior patio from the sun is through a vine of plants, like in this Spanish-inspired patio home in Santa Fe Canyon .

Place an aluminum and wood structure first, and then the plants. You will see how a fresh, cozy and beautiful interior patio remains in the middle of the city.

the patio at sunset

Wendy McEahern Photography

41. In an unexpected color

In this modernist house on the outside and minimalist on the inside in Faro (Portugal), a pink tone has been chosen inside and outside, accompanied by hydraulic tiles, to give color to an interior patio.

Can you imagine yours in blue, green or even yellow tones?

Modernist on the outside and minimalist on the inside, a century-old house in Faro, Portugal

Alexander Bogorodskiy

42. Greenhouse style

The interior patio of this house in Toronto has a glass gable roof that makes it look like a greenhouse.

This solution is ideal if your house is located in the north or in geographically rainy areas with bad weather. You will be able to take full advantage of the light and outdoor space no matter what.

house in toronto

Doublespace / V2com

43. With a tree inside

Sometimes you don't need to have a huge patio with lush vegetation to make it a pleasure to contemplate.

In this prefabricated house in Mallorca, designed by Viraje Arquitectura, a single tree was chosen, an olive tree, which can be seen from throughout the interior of the house and provides visual respite.

prefabricated house in mallorca

German Cabo

44. What if we take a bath in the patio?

We have seen it in several celebrity homes, who take advantage of the outdoor spaces of the rooms to build bathrooms that connect with the garden.

If the structural characteristics of your house allow it, you can gain meters for the interior by building a bathroom in one of these small patios, like in this house in Girona full of good ideas for your terrace .

bathroom with shower terrace

James McDonald

45. Solutions for eating "out" every day

Nowadays, in order to enjoy life outdoors it is important to have outdoor spaces, no matter how small, where you can live both in summer and winter, creating porches or terraces depending on the needs and space.

A good wooden pergola like the one in this house in Key Bisbane (Miami) will protect you from the sun and rain and you can eat "outside" every day of the year.

outdoor dining room with wooden pergola

Denilson Machado


With designer chairs, a platform in light tones and tropical plants; This patio has become pure inspiration.

If you have a modern interior, and you don't know very well what to add to the exterior; This patio of this minimalist house in Mallorca will inspire you.

It is bright, pleasant and perfect to spend the good weather season.

Minimalist white and wood loft in an old theater

Oliver A.I.


In the patio of this apartment in Holland we wanted to give a natural touch with a lot of gravel and plants.

In order not to overload the space, only one chair has been added in the center as a sculpture. It is a metal chair that provides a counterpoint to the green touch of the patio.

modernized classic style house in holland

Mark Souls


In São Paulo, FCStudio designed a cube house with a concrete floor that blooms on a glass floor .

In the patio, thanks to the plants, the wall that delimits the plot almost disappears (and when the vine grows, it will not be seen), giving a lot of privacy and a natural touch to this area with a mini pool and an outdoor dining area.

The perfect place to retreat in summer.

small pool in a patio of a house in sao paulo

Pedro Kok


In this patio of an old garage in Dublin we wanted to opt for tiles combined with stone.

Tiles in blue tones that add a Mediterranean touch to the patio and blend perfectly with the original covering of the home.

urban patios

Barbara Corsica


When the patio is interior and is in the middle of the house, what you are looking for is light and calm.

A good idea is what they have done in this patio of a home in Madrid . It is a project by interior designer Luis Puerta.

The patio stands out for a simple white gravel and two fairly tall bushes.

A house in the Prado Largo urbanization, Madrid, with a central patio that fills everything with light


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