Without a doubt, enjoying peaceful dinners or meals outdoors , with eternal, unhurried after-meals, is one of the indisputable pleasures of summer. 

We dreamed about it for the rest of the year and now, finally, the time has come.

Garden, porch or terrace, any place is good, as long as you prepare everything with care, taste and common sense. The menus are important, the company even more so, but the setting and atmosphere are basic factors for making summer evenings perfect.

Here we tell you the keys to getting a beautiful and comfortable outdoor dining room, in addition to showing you the latest trends:

products that will change your terrace or garden, outdoor furniture for modern or rustic dining rooms, romantic night lighting, chic accessories to set up the table. , textiles with which to cover the environment or the household items that have been most popular in recent years.

Remember that color, natural materials and specific lighting are three essential resources for outdoor dinners and lunches. Everything you need to complete your environment and inspire you.

Dining chairs and tables: beautiful and resistant

To create a pleasant and comfortable outdoor gathering place, it is essential to evaluate the space you have available, what you want to use it for and how the furniture should fit with the rest of the outdoor decoration.

The best thing is that they are of quality and practical but also beautiful. It is very important that you know that the furniture that is outside has to have specific characteristics:

it must be made of resistant materials, withstand countless hours of sun... Therefore, indoor furniture is generally not worth it: look for furniture specific exterior for outdoor use , because that guarantees its durability and maintenance.

a table and chairs on a deck


What furniture do you need for your dining room? Table, of course, and chairs – preferably with cushions – or, best of all, a bench.

There is room for many more people. In addition to the main chairs, look for wild seating for when you have a lot of guests.

It doesn't matter if they have different styles or colors because you will get more personality in the set.

country house in the champagne region, france by mhna studio

Courtesy MNHA Studio

outdoor dining decoration ideas

Via: New Style

Interior design by the Melián Randolph studio.
summer dining room, wooden table, wicker chairs

Javier Bravo

A dining room on the terrace proposed by the Querencia studio. Wood and wicker to achieve a country style.
a house in saint tropez with open air museum

Ambroise Tezenas/Photofoyer

It is part of a country house reinvented by designer India Mahdavi, with a tricolor table.
In the background, sheep created by François-Xavier Lalanne.

The location of the summer dining room

Sun or shade... It all depends on where you are, the time of day, the weather... But most likely there are tastes for all temperatures and that depending on the time of day you have some needs or others.

The best? Prepare umbrellas, awnings or a sail-type canvas. The truth is that you have countless options to have shade in your garden or terrace.

You just have to choose the one that suits you best (you may even want to install a permanent element like a roof) and everyone can sit where they prefer. Take a look at our proposals for covered summer dining rooms.

outdoor dining decoration ideas

Via: New Style

True Ibiza project.
outdoor dining decoration ideas

Via: New Style

Interior designer Christine Leja.

The lighting

It is another basic of outdoor dining rooms that we often forget, but the truth is that lighting is a decisive factor in the success of a dinner.

In this regard, there are many options: luminous garlands to hang on the columns or the gazebo cover; strings of light bulbs to create a festival atmosphere; portable battery- or solar-powered lamps to place on the table or on the floor; candles and more candles surrounding the perimeter of the gazebo; or wooden and glass lanterns in XXL sizes.

As you can see, there are many formulas for lighting porches, terraces and gardens , but the important thing is that you succeed.

There is nothing like creating a magical atmosphere. One piece of advice: avoid overhead lights, unless they are very dim, and try to illuminate the spaces with at least three points of light.

outdoor dining decoration ideas

Via: New Style

Interiorism, Lurdes Calvo.
poolhouse in a house decorated by fawn galli

Richard Powers

In this New Jersey House, the porch houses a dining table covered by paper balloons at different heights.
porch with reed cover and plant fiber lamp


An outdoor dining room designed by the decorator Marta de la Rica.

Ornamental accessories

Since you are outside, let that summer atmosphere be perceived at the table.

To do this, create still lifes or centerpieces with fruit bowls, sculptures, floral decorations, branches, even shells or starfish if you are near the beach.

And, a touch that never fails: jugs of fresh water or flavored glass containers with taps – you can add lemon slices, mint leaves, hibiscus flower... – always available to diners. To enjoy!

outdoor dining decoration ideas

Courtesy Zara Home

outdoor dining decoration ideas

Houses Of The World
tables to eat on the porch or garden dining room with fiber armchairs


Armchairs from the Taller de las Indias and two twin tables, made of iron and wood, an idea by Virginia Nieto.

The kitchenware: bold, artisanal or with color

Take advantage and forget formalities: the outdoor dining room is a place to be much more fun and original.

Mix tableware on the table , but also many colors and materials with a rustic touch... It is time to create a casual and refreshing atmosphere, so give yourself license and give free rein to your imagination.

By the way, if your dining room is in an area with children or something dangerous, you can opt for materials such as melamine, which perfectly imitate ceramics.

outdoor dining decoration ideas

Via: New Style

Interior design, Damián Sánchez.
outdoor dining decoration ideas
Via: Micasa
an outdoor dining room with curtains

Maria Primo De Rivera

Handmade tableware in Mediterranean tones.

bani tableware from el corte Inglés

The English Court

Fabrics in outdoor dining rooms

Dress the dining room with textiles that liven up the scene: colorful tablecloths, with embroidery and natural fabrics; curtains or canopies that limit and give privacy to the table; and mats to cover the seats and make them more comfortable.

In coastal homes, blend the atmosphere with its surroundings by choosing nautical striped fabrics ; and in country houses, choose natural fabrics such as raffia or sackcloth that are reminiscent of the rural world where you are.

porch with iron sofa


A very romantic idea that the interior designer Agustín Martínez Gil proposes to us in his patio in Marbella, with a bench full of gingham cushions.
trendy terraces


A summer dining room dressed with fabrics from the Pacífico series , created by Jaime Beriestain for Les Créations de la Maison.


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