22 City houses with spectacular green patios THAT BREATHE COUNTRY FLAVOR


We love living in the city, but there are also times when we would like to have a little more green at home. Almost as if we were in the countryside.

The good thing is that within the city there are apartments that hide ideal patios that breathe that ideal country flavor. 

Low floors , small chalets from the classic urban neighborhoods... These houses in the center of the cities have a treasure, usually hidden in the back: secluded spaces and beautiful patios that, despite their size, offer a green respite for its inhabitants.

We show you these oasis corners to inspire you and enjoy their decoration and plants with the healthiest envy.

1.A very British patio

This house is located in Madrid, the work of interior designer Carla Valiente. The surprise is in its well-kept patio with garden that replicates the architectural style of English houses. 100% British.

urban patios

Patricia Gallego

2. Water, a refreshing pleasure

This house in Madrid, renovated by Regina del Campo, has a pool like a swimming pool , covered in tile, in the charming and spacious backyard .

The clay floor matches the walls, painted in a coral red tone, and is protected by a BSB kilim on which a Tolix chair rests.

In the background, the antique camp bed with a striped mattress, which acts as a sofa, is from the decorator's studio, as is the lamp made from a blue demijohn.

house madrid landscaped patio light color

3. A loft-style patio with a retro touch

On the ground floor of a building from 1910, on a pedestrian street in the Barcelona neighborhood of Gracia, there was a jewelry workshop.

Now it is a beautiful house with a backyard decorated with ivy, bamboo... and a wooden slatted floor.

To furnish it, retro treasures have been combined with current pieces: the iron garden chairs and the stoneware tables, from the 1950s, are from Antique Boutique.

In the foreground, fiberglass seats from Lobster's Day.

house with patio in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​vintage style decoration
Montse Garriga

4. Constructions with slabs

The backs of the stately buildings in the Spijkerkwartier neighborhood, the most dynamic, bohemian and cool area of ​​the Dutch city of Arnhem , hide small gardens like the one in this house.

Covered in gravel, vegetation has colonized the patio. In the center, a solitary metal chair, like a sculpture, provides a red counterpoint to the green surroundings.

It is the design “Thinking Man”, by Jasper Morrison for Capellini.

modernized classic style house in holland
Mark Souls

5. A patio with outdoor dining

The patio, directly connected to the living room, houses a table purchased in a French antique shop.

It is a single-family home in the center of Madrid decorated by interior designer Mónica Bustamante.

renovated villa in madrid patio of the house
Maria Primo De Rivera

6. Outdoor living room

This house in the upper part of Barcelona seduces with its eclectic interiors, with a bohemian touch... And for its small outdoor oasis, a backyard.

In it, a chill out area has been organized with sofas made with mats and cushions on some old pallets.

house with patio in Barcelona and vintage decoration

7. A bass with surprise

Furnished with pieces found at the Los Encantes market in Barcelona, ​​the terrace-patio is one of the most used spaces in the house, renovated by the Factotum studio .

house patio terrace decoration eclectic style
Montse Garriga

8. A bohemian mix

This house in the Gothic neighborhood of Barcelona opens to the light of a quiet patio.

A built-in planter runs along the perimeter and adds greenery and freshness to the environment, with a small pool next to the wall.

The vintage furniture was acquired at the famous flea market of l'Isle sur la Sorgue, in Provence.

It provides a decided note of comfort and creates an effective contrast with the Tolix table and stools. The enameled vase is a piece from the 1950s, by the Australian brand Ellis.

apartment in Barcelona with patio and garden
Montse Garriga

9. A patio in blue

This house is located in an old Dublin garage that is now a modern home designed by the Kingston Lafferty Design (KLD) studio.

The patios have been given new life through ceramic coatings with original drawings. We love how its blue tone stands out against the original stone walls of the house.

urban patios

Barbara Corsica

10. A garden with a summer lounge

In the patio of this house in Barcelona renovated by Monte Steva, a refreshing vegetal oasis has been created with pots of aromatic plants, geraniums, oleanders, shrubs and native plants.

Under the iron and canvas pergola, a sofa by Philippe Starck for Driade, stools by Toca Fusta and a rug by Il Magazzino.

single-family house in Barcelona with landscaped patio
Montse Garriga

11. Industrial air patio

This patio is located in an impressive duplex in the center of the city of Sao Paulo, in Brazil.

The shower with geometric prints adds a touch to the patio that replicates the industrial style of the home. You have it in full here.

urban patios

Renato Navarro

12. Many plants in the patio

Also in Madrid is this 1930s semi-detached house . The patio, next to a wall that separates it from another home, is one of the owners' favorite places to be.

The plants, from Los Peñotes, arranged in no apparent order, add an extra wild charm.

urban patios

Pablo Sarabia

13. Tiles that unify interior and exterior

In London is this spectacular house by the Lebanese interior designer Claudia Skaff .

A Victorian house that has been converted into a corner of peace in the middle of the city. The light stands out and above all, the floor with geometric tiles that unify kitchen and exterior.

Renovated house with beautiful landscaped patio

Stephan Julliard

14. Everything in white

In this apartment the patio breathes countryside and also light thanks to the white furniture. From the benches, the side table to the chairs.

Thanks to this tone, the patio breathes peace.

patio with pavers and white furniture

Montse Garriga/Via: New Style

15. Con microcemento

In this Ikea patio, microcement has been used to give uniformity. To continue with this minimalist and clean outdoor style, we wanted to opt for raw tones.

The touch of color is given by some pieces such as plants.

IKEA terrace furniture ideas patio decoration


16. Lots of green

In this interior patio we wanted to make the most of grass. So much so, that it is practically what stands out about the patio.

Other pieces in white have been added to give a touch of contrast.

the modernist, a hotel in a renovated building in the algarve in portugal

Courtesy The Modernist

17. With a classic touch

This patio is something more classic. It can be seen in the art pieces that house this corner and also in the furniture.

The freshest touch is provided by the vertical garden and other plants that surrounded the space.

signature hotel in seville


18. In one of the most beautiful towns in Spain

Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz) is one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. In this corner of the country there is also a very special house decorated by the interior design studio of Ana Tello .

It has a Cádiz essence and a very simple interior patio, but at the same time full of peace and nature. The natural fiber chairs and different types of plants placed in pots stand out.

Charming house in the old town of Vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz

Alessandra Favetto

19. With a dreamy light

This interior patio is magical. Not only because of the lights (what also!), but because of the style.

It has a vine on the roof that adds a fresh and story-like touch to the interior patio. The outdoor table and chairs are very light so as not to overload the space.

the patio at sunset

Wendy McEahern Photography

20. Andalusian style

We have completely fallen in love with this Andalusian style patio. It's small, but full of charm.

It has white walls that add that extra light, plants everywhere and a set of very light black outdoor furniture.

Andalusian style interior patio

21. Around a fountain

Can you imagine going out to the patio of your house and finding a place of peace? It is possible if you add small elements that give it that touch of tranquility.

A fountain in the middle of the patio is one of them. The sound of water will relax you and give that fresh touch to the patio. If you want it to be elegant, cover the fountain with tiles.

exterior of shames residence doorway, interior design by tom callaway looking over fountain to iron doorway

Lisa Romerein

22. With dividers and storage space

One of the best materials to give freshness to the exterior is wood. At Ikea they have a multitude of furniture suitable for adding outdoors.

In the image you can see several pieces of furniture of this type that also perform their dividing function.

IKEA terrace furniture ideas patio decoration


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