Get Your Burger Fix in Kitchener at These Must-Try Spots

Best Burger in Kitchener

Sometimes, the only thing that will fully satisfy your appetite is a serious burger. Whether it’s a burger piled high with all the fixings or a drive-thru staple with just the right sauce, it simply hits the spot.

Kitchener is home to several delicious eateries, so we thought it was necessary to compile a bucket list that features the best burgers in Kitchener. Check it out:

Best Burger in Kitchener

The WORKS Craft Burgers & Beer

I had an incredible first experience at WORKS ! staff was super helpful and friendly, which made the whole meal even more pleasant.

My family and I went in for lunch, and I can honestly say it was one of the best meals I've had in a while.

I decided to try the "Cheese is the only waygu to go" burger, and it was (seriously) one of the best burgers I've ever had.

The cheese blend was incredible and the kobe style waygu was so juicy.
I can't wait to go back and try another one of their signature burgers, maybe the elk this time. (I'm already looking forward to it!)

The Crazy Canuck Kitchener

My friend & I had a chance to try both the pulled pork on a bun and the quinoa burger, and both were (really) delicious.

The value for money here is excellent – the quality and options are better than other pubs downtown, and at the same (or even better) price point.

The patio is a hidden gem too – it has an amazing laid-back, casual feel with really good comfort food. You really can't go wrong here. (I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!)"

As always, Mel's never disappoints. (I mean, seriously,) the Classic Benedict was absolutely delicious this time around. (I can't get enough of this place!) Plus, our server Baylie was so kind and helpful.

(She really made the experience all the more enjoyable.) I can't wait to come back for another burger night soon.
Thanks again for another amazing meal at Mel's.

Ace Shawarma & Burgers

I have to say, (wow!) this place really knows how to make some delicious food. The shawarma cheese burger with extra garlic sauce was out of this world.

(I mean, seriously,) the combination of the perfectly crafted burger with the perfectly spiced shawarma was absolutely heavenly.

And the fries? (Don't even get me started!) They were so yummy.

All in all, this place never fails to satisfy. (It's always on point!) Plus, the employees are so friendly and amiable.

(It really adds to the overall experience.) I recently tried this place out and I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

And there you have it folks! Our list of where to find the best burger in Kitchener! Let us know if we missed your favorite.



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