The Ultimate 4 Best Burgers in Toronto Bucket List | 2023

Best Burger in Toronto

Sometimes, the only thing that will fully satisfy your appetite is a serious burger. Whether it’s a burger piled high with all the fixings or a drive-thru staple with just the right sauce, it simply hits the spot. is home to several delicious eateries, so we thought it was necessary to compile a bucket list that features the best burgers in Toronto. Check it out:

Here are the best burgers in Toronto

1. Happy Burger

Happy Burger opened at 76 Lippincott Street location in August 2020. Their smash patties are made using high-quality fresh ground beef, so salt & pepper is all we season with

Client Reviews

WOW!! this is the best if not right there amongst the best burger joints in the city! Their happy sauce is amazing. The burger is full of flavour and made with fresh ingredients and topped off with a soft bun. definitely a must try spot. You will keep coming back for more.

2. Top Gun Burger

Top Gun Burger's mission is to restore the forgotten culture and craving for gourmet burgers, acting as innovators in the art of burger craftsmanship – hungry stomachs flock here for truth and promise.

You will find the fighting strikers against bland flavors, the relentless defenders of fresh local ingredients and meat that is fresh and never frozen, and the servants of the Kensington Market indulgence and justice.

Client Reviews

Amazing experience both in terms of quality service + quality food. Exquisite taste that leaves your tastebuds flavourful. If you are in Toronto you Must experience The Top Gun Thrill.

3. The Burgernator

The burger is our weapon. Toronto, our battlefield. Join us in our mission of ridding the city of half-hearted and overcooked burgers, processed cheese, and questionable toppings.


Client Reviews

THE best burgers in Toronto in my opinion. Perfect juicy patties, good bun, real cheese, and beef bacon was great as well. I got the Fully Loaded with Chipotle BBQ sauce , minus the mushrooms. Considering how big the burger is and the taste the price is VERY WELL worth it.

4. Holy Chuck

OUR STORY holy chuck is a pioneer in Toronto's burger scene. In such a short period of time since our opening on September 7th, 2011, holy chuck has made a huge impact and quite a statement.

Our hand-rolled patties made of aged high-quality steak is ground fresh every hour and has earned our signature burger the holy chuck best burger in Toronto by Joanne Kate's and celebrity chef Massimo Capra to name a few.

We have also been rated as one of the top 100 restaurants in Toronto in 2014.

Client Reviews

I was really surprised to how well made the burger was. The buns were really soft and fresh, meat was cooked to my liking, and the condiments blended well with each other. Overall, its a great place for burger enthusiasts like me, and is worth try their burgers at least once.


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