The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Fish and Chips in London Ontario

fish & chips London ontario

London, Ontario is known for its charming scenery, bustling downtown, and fantastic cuisine. But when it comes to classic comfort food, nothing quite compares to a hot and crispy serving of fish and chips.

Join me as I take you on a gastronomic journey to discover the best spots in town to savor this iconic dish.

From traditional, old-school pubs to contemporary eateries, let's find out where you can get your hands on the best fish and chips in London, Ontario.

Kipps Lane is a true gem in London, with almost half a century of tradition under continuous family ownership since 1972.

This family-run restaurant prides itself on its secret recipes, family dedication, and friendly service, all of which combine to create an exceptional dining experience.

The quality of the seafood at Kipps Lane is ultra-premium, and the Halibut they serve is no exception.

The fish is wild-caught using sustainable methods, and is skinned and boned on-premises for the ultimate in freshness and quality.

My experience at Kipps Lane was phenomenal. I ordered both the haddock and cod fish and chips and was blown away by the delicious food.

The batter was crispy and the fish was flaky and fresh, and the portion of fries was generous. The tartar sauce was the best I've had at any restaurant.

To top it all off, the staff was incredibly friendly and went above and beyond by bringing the food to my car in the cold.

I am truly impressed with Kipps Lane and cannot wait to go back and try their Halibut. If you're a fan of classic comfort food and want to enjoy a fantastic seafood experience, Kipps Lane is a must-visit. It's a London tradition that you don't want to miss!

Olde London Fish And Chips

fish & chips London ontario

Olde London is a family-run restaurant that has been a local favorite since 1994. Known for their delicious seafood platters, halibut, shrimp, burgers, chicken fingers, and seafood chowder, this restaurant is the perfect place to satisfy your appetite.

The team at Olde London takes pride in their food, taking the time to ensure that only the freshest ingredients are used in every dish. This dedication to quality results in a truly terrific dining experience.

On my visit to Olde London, I was impressed by the fast and delicious food. The restaurant was open and clean, with an endless stream of happy customers coming and going for both dine-in and take-out.

The staff was incredibly efficient, keeping everything clean and fully stocked, which made for an incredibly smooth dining experience.

I was thoroughly impressed with Olde London and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great meal.

I will definitely be back, and I'm already looking forward to my next visit. If you're in the mood for some delicious food and a great dining experience, Olde London is the place to be!

Craklins is a family-owned fish and chips joint that has been proudly serving up the best seafood in town since 2007.

Every time I've ordered from Craklins, I've been thoroughly impressed with the quality of the food and the customer service.

Lina, the owner, is an absolute sweetheart and always goes the extra mile to make sure that everyone who eats at Craklins is happy.

Her commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in everything she does.

The food at Craklins is nothing short of amazing. Their fish and chips is hands down one of the best I've had, and I can't wait to order again.

Whether you're in the mood for a hearty meal or just a quick snack, Craklins has something for everyone.

If you're looking for a casual, easygoing restaurant that serves up delicious English-style fish and chips, look no further than Luan's.

This small but mighty restaurant offers a menu that includes breakfast, beer, cocktails, and, of course, their famous fish and chips.

My husband and I were so impressed with Luan's that we visited two nights in a row! The portions are generous, with huge pieces of fish that are cooked to perfection.

The batter is truly the best in town, and it made our fish and chips experience all the more enjoyable.

If you're in the mood for great seafood and a casual, easygoing atmosphere, head over to Luan's. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed!


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